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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

Website of the Week
Daily Local News
August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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Charlestown Government
Elected and Appointed Officials

Note: Phone number area code is (610) unless otherwise stated.
Board or Supervisors (5) Six year elected term
 Kevin R. Kuhn -Chairman  917-9960  (H)
 Charles A. Philips - Vice Chairman  933-4154  (H)
 Paul J. Hogan - Member  484-614-6434  (Cell)
 Michael J. Rodgers - Member  827-7817  (H)
 Hugh D. Willig - Member  933-3539  (H)
 Linda Csete - Secretary / Treasurer  240-0326  (W)
 Jan Bird - Assistant Township Secretary  240-0326  (W)
 Meetings: 7:30 pm Great Valley Middle School   
 1st & 3rd Monday of the month  
Planning Commission (7) Four Year Appointment
 Andrew P. Motel - Chairman  933-4912  (H)
 Michael Allen - Vice Chairman  935-9015  (H)
 Michael Churchill  627-7100  (W)
 June Gorman  647-4601  (H)
 Wendy Leland  983-9032  (H)
 Sarah Peck  933-9701  (H)
 Rick Reis  933-3252  (H)
 Linda Csete - Planning Commission Secretary  240-0326  (W)
 Thomas J. Comitta - Planner  696-3896  (W)
 Ed Theurkauf - Planner  696-3896  (W)
 Meetings: 7:30 pm Great Valley Middle School  
 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month
Historical Commission & Architectural Review Board
 Rosemary Philips - Co-Chair  933-4154  (H)
 Frances Rodgers - Co-Chair  827-7817  (H)
 Mary Ellen Joos - Resident  933-7405  (H)
 Janet Baldwin - Resident  320-8202  (H)
 Ray H. Ott - Resident  933-2039  (H)
 Sheila Klement - Resident  933-1858  (H)
 Wendy Leland - Resident  983-9032  (H)
 John Pittock - Resident  827-1486 (H)
 Linda Appler - Licensed Real Estate Broker  952-5457  (H)
 Surender Kohli - Code Enforcement Officer  644-5591  (W)
 Dale Frens - Consultant  430-7730  (W)
 Meetings: 4:00 pm Great Valley Middle School 3rd Tuesday of the month
Zoning Hearing Board (3) - Three year appointment
 John C. Martin, Jr.  -  Chairman  296-5638 (H)
 Ginny Durkan - Vice Chair  647-3591  (H)
 Michael Bowell  -  member  827-1268  (H)
 Frank Piliero   -  Member  458-1090  (O)
Valley Forge Sewer Authority
 Michael J. Rodgers  Vice Chair  827-7817  (H) 
 Thomas R. Babacz  (9 Member Bd)   933-6571  (H) 
 William F. Hochwind  (6 Member Joint Bd)   935-8783  (H) 
 Fred Alston  656-9315 (cell)
Animal Control Officer
 Mark Cabot   909-6403 (Cell)
 Chester County S.P.C.A.  692-6113
Board of Auditors
 Gerald Moore  935-1934  (H)
 Robert B. Emerson  917-9372  (H)
 Emergency Only 911
 PA State Police  484-340-3241
 (Station Commander Lt. Kevin Pierce)
Fire Companies
 Emergency Only 911
 East Whiteland Fire Company  644-8558
 Kimberton Fire Company  935-1388
 Fire Board - call 644-1224 before burning leaves or
waste papers in approved incinerator.
Ambulance Service
 Emergency Only  911
 East Whiteland Fire Company  644-8558
 West End Fire Company  933-1140
Fire Marshal
 Fred Alston  656-9315 (cell)
Parks & Recreation Board (5) Five Year Appointment
 Robert Jones - Chairman  363-2166  (H)
 Suzanne Riley  725-0848  (H)
 James T. Quay  935-2271  (H)
 Charles Buck  659-5197  (H)
 Chuck McQuiston  933-7913
 Michael Zolovich  (n/a)
 Meetings: 7:30 pm at the Clubhouse, Charlestown Park, 3rd Thursday of the month
Open Space Commission
 David Greer - Chairman  827-2227  (H)
 Bill Andersen  933-0486  (H)
 Alix Coleman  827-1577  (H)
 John Pickering  933-6104  (H)
 Aliena J. Gerhard  636-7292  (Cell)
 Robert Jones - Parks & Rec Liason  363-2166  (H)
 Carolyn DeWilde Casswell  827-1009  (H)
 Rosemary Philips - Historic Comm.   933-4154  (H)
 Marcia Solda  935-2545  (H)
 Sue Staas  933-9766  (H)
 David Greer  827-2227  (H)
 Robert Roggio  935-5678  (H)
 Ed Theurkauf - Twp. Land Planner  696-3896
 Meetings: 7:30 pm Great Valley Middle School, 3rd Wednesday of the month
Brightside Farm Manager
 Alix Coleman   827-1577  (H)
Vacancy Board
 Russ Hanscom  827-7722  (H)
Zoning Officer, Engineer & Building Insp
 Surender S. Kohli, P.E.  644-5591  (W)
Tax Collector
 CENTAX - (RE, EMS, PerCap)  610-497-6030
 James E. McErlane - Township Solicitor  692-3322
 Gary Bender - Alterntate Counsel  363-7570
 William Hagner - Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor  644-6565
C.D. Director/Emergency Services Coordinator
 Fred Alston  656-9315 (cell)
 Dorando Faggioli  647-6529  (H)
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