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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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The Early Days

We have very ambitious plans for the "Early Days" segment of this web site, and we are off to a modest start with the selections below.
In the Beginning....
This is a good place to start, as it tells how our Township came into being. The text is provided to new residents of the Township and was prepared by the Charlestown Historical Society. We have added some images.

Charlestown Village
This section is being started in March, 2004 at the time that stabilization of the Woolen Mill in the village is being planned. Our hope is to grow this section with many more photos and historical data on the history and structures in Charlestown Village. As it is, we're off to a good start with featured sections on old maps of the village, the woolen mill, the store and Post Office, and other structures in the village. I anticipate considerable expansion of each of the existing subsections.

Edith and Bill Smith in Aldham 1940-1960  New!
These photos were provided by Donald Smith, who was raised in Aldham at a residence that no longer exists. Of particular interest to myself and my siblings are the photos of Donald's parents Edith and Bill Smith's restaurant and deli, which I'll always remember as "Edith and Bills". Perhaps other Township "old timers" remember this establishment. My brother and sisters and I will attest to the fact that the best hoagies in the entire world came from Edith and Bills. (For more Aldham area photos, see our Then and Now section below for Tim and Andrea Griffiths' photos of their home.)

Girl Scout Troop 1773 Longwood School Project
Charlestown's Junior Girl Scout Troop 1773 has adopted the Longwood School at the intersection of Valley Hill and Bodine Roads as their Bronze Award service project. We have a section on the girls' projects with background, essays and photos. Many thanks go to troop leaders Betsy Wilson and Wendy Leland for leading these girls and for providing information for this section. (Note that Richard MacNamee, author of Pictures from Memory's Wall [below] once taught at the Longwood School.)

Did you know?....
On 12/30/98, we started a new feature called "Did You Know?" through which we occasionally post interesting facts about the early days in Charlestown and the surrounding community. We created a "References" page where the sources of these historical tidbits are listed by author. We have archived these interesting tidbits in chronological order on a separate page for those who missed earlier postings or simply wish to review them.

Pictures from Memory's Wall
We have posted the web equivalent of the 1905 booklet "Pictures from Memory's Wall" written by Richard MacNamee, then a fifty year old educator and long time resident of Charlestown. The booklet is a marvelous poem in which MacNamee reminisces about the Charlestown he knew, and includes thirteen photographs of our Township at the turn of the century. Allow a few minutes to enjoy this glimpse of our past. We are grateful to the Charlestown Historical Society for authorizing this reproduction of "Pictures from Memory's Wall".

19th Century Mining in Charlestown Township
Building on a presentation given at a meeting of the Charlestown Historical Society, this article briefly covers a range of topics related to the surprisingly large mining operations in the northern part of our Township in the 1850's and 1860's.

Then and Now
This is a special kind of photo album (also accessible via our Photo Album link) in which we post equivalent photos of the same scenes in Charlestown Township, taken over a span of many years. We hope to grow this album to a long list of scenes with the help of the Charlestown Historical Society and the loan of old photos from our visitors.
More to come...

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