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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
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News posted during September 2002

Monday, September 16, 2002  (Provided by Charlestown Green)
Charlestown Township
Board of Supervisors' Regular Meeting
August 19, 2002
This meeting came to order at 7:30 p.m. Present were Supervisors Hugh Willig, Kevin Kuhn, Paul Hogan, and Irene Ewald. Michael Rodgers was absent. Also present was Tom Oeste, Esq., Surender Kohli, and Linda Csete.
Citizens' Forum: John Martin briefed the supervisors on a situation along Howell Road where residents were using a lot of water on their lawns, and this bothered him during this time of drought. The Board thought the county or state would have more enforcement powers, but Mrs. Ewald offered to call Michael Main to discuss the watering of his lawn and soliciting his cooperation to get the others to cut back as well. Mr. Kohli will check with the county regarding enforcement.
Paul Hogan mentioned that some trees along Peake's Pike Road need work.
Russ Hanscom, of the Brightside Farm Committee, reported that the group met on Wednesday and formed a plan for a gate to close the road to the park, which plan he was now presenting to the Board for approval. He also asked for $1,000 out of the Committee budget to fund refreshments for the event planned in October to further introduce the proposed ideas to the public for Brightside Farm. This was approved by the Board. Russ also advised that seeding of a portion of the park's fields is also planned.
The Board approved the official minutes of the August 5 meeting.
Mr. John Young made a presentation on behalf of PennDOT in regard to the township taking back some of the roads now managed by the State. Mr. Young advised that there is a one-time payment to the township of $70,000 per mile of road taken back . A Resolution would be required from the township. The township would have three years to use the funds, or request a one-year extension. Instead of current Liquid fuel dollars of $1,900 per mile, the township would receive $2,500 per mile per road. He advised that the state pays more money as incentive to take the road back to township level, and this would result in better care. Mrs. Ewald asked if PennDOT would ever require widening of these roads once taken back, and he responded "no." Mrs.Ewald inquired about roads that had been taken back, then returned to the state (Mr. Young stated this has happened, but no discussion ensued.) Mr. Kuhn asked about liability on such roads, which would be the same as for present township roads. Bridges can be taken back. This idea would add more liability to the township, as well as maintenance and upkeep. It was noted that some of the state roads in Charlestown are currently snowplowed by the township via a contract with the state. Mr. Young said that normally the entire road within the township is taken back, and permission is required to take only a portion. Charlie Phillips asked about the cost of increased liability, but that information was not known.
The Altemose Conditional Use Application hearing was changed to October 28 after a continuance request from Mr. Ryan due to unavailability of his witness.
Impervious Surface Coverage ordinance changes -- Tom Comitta presented pertinent details regarding the changes, which would apply to lots with steep slopes, wetlands, etc. He stated normally building and impervious coverage are measured as to amount of space the building footprint and paved surfaces consume on the entire lot area. The new definition would be calculated on the NET lot area. He suggested appropriate wording changes to reflect net lot areas in the ordinance.
Ordinance regarding demolition of historic structures - a proposed ordinance would cover any historic structure noted on the township map. Currently, only Charlestown Historic District is protected by ordinance. The proposal would create a new section 1809. The Board accepted this ordinance.
Mr. van Vliet came before the Board regarding proposed additions to his home at State Road and Union Hill. On July 26, the Zoning Hearing Board okayed his plan contingent upon DEP approval. On August 1, the DEP permit was received. Mr. van Vliet asked the Board to concur with the DEP that building can occur within 50 feet of the waterway. He said the Zoning Hearing Board had concerns about adding a bathroom in the flood hazard district. Mr. Oeste reported that he checked the law and found that the township insurance program would not be affected if the applicant followed all applicable rules. The Board approved Mr. van Vliet's request subject to all laws and rules being followed.
Matsiras request for driveway setback waiver - This property is at 104 Beaufort Court in Charlestown Hunt. The Board decided to hear the matter, rather than send it to Zoning Hearing Board. This matter comes before the township because the Hunt is a PRD. PRD's, once approved, supersede the Zoning rules. The Board will advertise this matter for public hearing. The applicant granted the Board an extension of time for scheduling purposes. The Board requested the applicant to properly notify all residents within 250 feet regarding his proposed plan and that the Board of Supervisors would be hearing the matter. The question here relates to building within the 10-foot setback requirement. Both the Architectural Review Committee for the single family homes and the Hunt's Board of Directors have been involved in this application and questioned whether the proposed plan complied with township ordinances. Mr. Oeste recommended that the Hunt's Board could approve the homeowner's request subject to meeting township regulations or ordinances.
Tree Removal Policy - Tabled due to no review of this matter by supervisors.
Dixon Preliminary Plan. The deadline is August 31 for approval of the plan for the property on Pikeland Road; however, Joseph Ryan, Esq., attorney for the applicants, granted a 30-day extension to September 30. A revised plan is expected from the applicants.
A suggestion to prepare the Township payroll for 9/1/02 Board signatures was agreed to; the Board will ratify this action at their next meeting. The September 9 meeting of the Board (in lieu of Sept 2, Labor Day) was changed to September 16.
Other business:
Mrs. Ewald brought up the issue of West Nile Virus and the possibility of the townships joining in on spraying for mosquitoes. The county will be contacted for information.
Increase of escrow by builder Al Emma was deemed necessary. Mr. Kuhn asked if the money could be used to repair the damaged culvert on Black Berry Lane.
Mr. Phillips brought to the Board's attention and action a downed tree on Hollow Road.
Adjournment at 9:38. Reported by Loretta Watson
Continued in Archives

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