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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
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Past news of events in and around Charlestown
News posted during September 2001

Friday, September 14, 2001  (Provided by Charlestown Green)
Charlestown Township
Board of Supervisors' Regular Meeting
September 10, 2001
Chairman Hugh Willig called the meeting to order at 7:38 p.m. Present were Mr. Willig, Mr. Kuhn, Mr. Hogan, Mrs. Ewald and Mr. Rodgers along with Mr. Oeste, Mr. Kohli, and Mrs. Csete.
The Board presented several announcements:

  1. A mailing is being sent to residents announcing the Comprehensive Plan Review.
  2. Hugh Willig and Irene Ewald attended the PMYC 10th season opening ceremony Sept. 9th.
  3. Hugh Willig attended (as a parent) the opening of the local soccer season, which was also attended by Representative Carol Rubley and Senator Jim Gerlach.
  4. Irene Ewald advised that the State Police continue in their investigation of the extensive vandalism of last October and have made a round of arrests with more to follow. They feel the rounds of interviews have resulted in a solid criminal case. . Mrs. Ewald commended the State Police for their hard work on our behalf and added that enforcement of speed limits around the township continues.
  5. Kevin Kuhn said that a Regional Plan is being discussed by representatives of Charlestown Township and surrounding townships, with the next meeting on September 25 at 7:15 PM at the East Pikeland Township offices on Rapps Dam Road.
For the Citizens' Forum, the Board stated a resident has complained about another resident on Dickson Drive who is conducting business and classes from home and causing parking problems. The Board thought this was resolved, but will look into this matter further.
PMYC representatives asked the Board about the trimming of trees that are interfering with lights on the football field. Charlestown Park maintenance will be consulted.
Geoffrey Crowell stated that traffic has been speeding along Charlestown Road in the vicinity of the Play House. The police have been watching this area for speeders.
Mrs. Ewald took a moment to thank the Charlestown Historical Society for the work involved in presenting their Patrons' Dinner on Saturday night, where Catherine Jenkins was honored for her contributions. She is a founder and current treasurer of the Civic Association and is also active in the local Townwatch effort and Charlestown Historical Society.
The Board approved the Minutes of the previous meetings dated August 6 and August 20, 2001. The August 6 minutes were amended to correct a statement of Mr. Theurkauf to show he had endorsed the installation of a three-way stop at Benberg and Mary Hill and not a crosswalk.
The Board approved the Accounts Payable reports for both the General and State Funds and the Treasurer's Report for August.
Zoning: Mr. Kohli submitted his report and added that PennDOT has denied the "no left turn" sign from Route 29 to Union Hill. The Board will consider making Union Hill one way in the morning and one way in the afternoon to thwart peak hour commuter traffic. A request is also being considered to have PennDOT hold off on bridge repair until Spring.
A resident asked the Board to check on the riding trail through the Zeigler property to be sure it is passable.
Planning Commission: Meeting was held on August 28. A review was made of the proposed plan for Commons of Great Valley Lot 18. The Township's Comprehensive Plan was also reviewed. Residents from the Union Hill and White Horse Development area came to voice concerns about traffic.
Historical Commission: Meeting was held on August 21, where the woolen mill at Charlestown was discussed. A hearing regarding the destruction of the mill will be held at Great Valley Middle School, Choral Room, at 4:00 on September 18. Architect Dale Frens is preparing a report on the buildings at Brightside Farm. The supervisors and Historic Commission members have received an invitation to view the Charlestown Village General Store on September 18. The Commission is still working on obtaining the historic marker for the Dr. Samuel Kennedy grave at the Revolutionary War Cemetery on Charlestown Road.
Roadmaster: Report was received.
Fire Marshal: Rain is 4 inches low for the season. Reporting for July and August when complete reports were not received, Mr. Alston stated that among other calls there were 10 fire alarms (mostly false alarms) and 7 vehicle accidents. He is continuing to work with Surender Kohli on the installation of the emergency remote control of the traffic light on Route 401 and Valley Hill Road. The proposed Hazardous Materials ordinance is undergoing a final review.
Parks & Recreation: Brightside: Woodchips are on the trail and weed whacking is continuing. The left-over asphalt pile will be flattened. Straw will be removed from the barn. A work party will take place on September 22 starting at 8:30 a.m. Bring weed whackers or any tools you will use.
VFSA: Mike Rodgers reported that the Chief Engineer for the Authority did an analysis of the control center and saved expenditures of $200,000. The Authority has come in under their budget for operating expenses and over the budget in revenues. He said that 2001 would bring additional excess revenue. Plant expansion is necessary due to the many new homes in the area and a proposed development at Route 724 and 23, for which East Pikeland has requested 400,000 gallon extension of capacity. Since a plant addition will take 4-5 years to complete, this project should be started immediately. Mike reported that the next meeting would cover discussion of payment options for the additional capacity requested by East Pikeland.
Hugh Willig noted that the minutes coming from the VFSA do not carry any detail of the proceedings. Mrs. Ewald and Mr. Rodgers suggested that an objective person be obtained to take the minutes, and Mr. Rodgers will present the idea to the VFSA.
Turnpike/Citizens' Action Committee: Mr. Kuhn reported seeing a memo stating traffic studies have not been received yet. The Board questioned whether the vegetation and trees removed from the turnpike slopes would be replanted after the bridge is widened.
Valley Forge Christian College: Bill Werkheiser of VFCC and Vic Kelly of Commonwealth Engineers, showing existing and proposed buildings, roads and parking areas, presented a master plan of the College. The College has been demolishing old buildings (27 of them) and grading the surface to resemble the farmland that once was there. There are 104 new students attending this Fall, and the goal is to have new student housing ready for use in August 2002. Plans for Campus renovation include the swimming pool, redoing a pond, and eventually replacing one-by-one the older buildings on campus. The student residence proposed to the Board this night is a two-story, 30,000-square-foot structure with student quarters, some amenities, and a full-time resident manager's apartment. No new parking areas are proposed since there are over 1100 existing spots, 985 of which are for students. A sports complex is also contemplated, but housing is the urgent requirement. The college will devise rules to restrict driving through the campus, requiring students to walk more, and a parking fee will help to provide funds for various improvements.
Brightside Farm: Mark Connelly presented a list of recommendations devised by the Brightside Farm Committee covering the homestead, barn and outbuildings, field management, security, and maps and drawings. Cost estimates have been solicited for the general cleanup and repair of the house. After a lengthy discussion of the situation, the Board felt that a caretaker would have the job of providing some security, deal with the public as the park grows in use, and possibly do some handiwork. However, the Board felt the park could not be ready for public use for at least nine months. The idea was favored for using a general contractor as opposed to the Park Committee trying to schedule all the contractors and work. This would mean that many decisions would have to be made before any work started. The environmental conditions in the house are a concern, therefore, a consultant will be found to evaluate whether any harmful substances are present. Motions were approved to remove junk from the house and to obtain an environmental review immediately. Future direction, and scheduling of the house cleaning, can be determined upon the result of the environmental review.
The Board authorized $2,000 for expenses in connection with the September 22 work party to clean up the property. The Board authorized $1,000 toward bringing all the interior and exterior doors to good working condition. A meeting regarding soil conservation and condition at Brightside Farm will be held September 11. Mr. Theurkauf reports that he has developed a map indicating where signs should be placed on the property. Also an effort will be made to obtain previously prepared maps and drawings from the school district and Chester Valley Engineers.
Mr. Connelly stated that some money remains from the Round X grants which could be used for placing benches, trash containers and some landscaping along the trails (at Charlestown Park), the estimate of which is $5,000 for design and implementation of a plan. Mr. Connelly also reported that the soccer club has about $30,000 that they would like to put towards some aluminum bleachers, which would be installed when the ground has been properly prepared.
Paving Projects 2001 - Mrs. Csete said that reports should to be filed with PennDOT for the paving work that has been completed this year. All the money that was in the Liquid Fuels account was used for paving along with the budgeted paving amount, therefore, if any more paving is to be done, a budget adjustment will be necessary. The Board discussed the merits of paving parts of Yellow Springs and Pickering Roads, which will be examined and a decision made. Also, Mine Road is in need of resurfacing and will be a priority for next year.
Bill Davison was present regarding his 8/31/01 request for easement on Blackberry Lane, which was approved.
The ordinance was approved to set the speed limit at 15 MPH on F Street and 5th Avenue.
The Board also approved the extension of the Melchiorre contract to June 30, 2002.
Commons at Great Valley Escrow Release #4 was approved.
Mr. Oeste advised he received a request to continue the Altemose issue to October 1, 2002. Decision was made to open the hearing on that evening, but to take testimony on October 15.
A resident at Mine and Whitehorse road received a letter from a company requesting permission to erect a large antenna for transmission on 6,000 sq. ft. of their property. The residents are not in favor of the idea, and the Board stated they had no plan to respond to the company.
Adjourned 10:42 p.m.
The next business meeting for the Board of Supervisors is scheduled for September 17, 2001, at 7:30 P.M. at the Great Valley Middle School, Room 154.
Reported for Charlestown Green by Loretta Watson

Continued in Archives

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