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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
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Past news of events in and around Charlestown
News posted during July 2002

Friday, July 12, 2002  (Provided by Charlestown Green)
Charlestown Township
Board of Supervisors' Regular Meeting
July 1, 2002
The July 1st meeting was brought to order by Chairman Hugh Willig at 7:30 p.m. In attendance were Mr. Willig, Kevin Kuhn, Mike Rogers, Irene Ewald, and Paul Hogan. Also present were Surender Kohli, Tom Oeste, Esq. and Linda Csete.
Mr. Kuhn announced that he had attended an Open Space Committee meeting and that a regional planning meeting was coming up in the near future.
A resident asked the Board to look into the volume for the sirens for Limerick Nuclear Station warnings since he has trouble hearing them during the tests on the first Monday of the month. The board advised that the Fire Marshal, Fred Alston, will be asked to contact Exelon to see if anything can be done to make them louder.
Another resident asked about the evacuation instructions in the event of a disaster. Mr. Kuhn said that residents in the Charlestown area would be directed to the Stetson Middle School on Route 202 South of West Chester. He added that evacuees would include the supervisors, except for Mr. Willig, who is must go down with the ship. After a good laugh, the board got back to business.
Minutes of June 17, the current Treasurer's Report, and the Accounts Payable for July 1 were approved.
Zoning: Mr. Kohli handed each member of the board a 2-page report of issues at Charlestown Oaks and said he is working to resolve them with the parties. Mrs. Ewald asked if recreational improvements should be installed by now, since Phase I is complete. Mr. Kohli said that the tennis courts require the underground basins to be built first.
As far as the dedication of the roads in Charlestown Hunt, the supervisors will make an inspection of them and will await documentation and traffic report in order to set the speed limit. The Traffic Study will be done in September when the traffic is back to normal.
Mr. Kohli stated that the traffic light at Yellow Springs Road and Phoenixville Pike will need to be on flash for a week before it goes "active."
Planning Commission: At the June 11 meeting, the Planning Commission reviewed the following:

  1. two lots on Rapps Run Drive;
  2. a Preliminary Plan for Scipione (Pikeland Road at Hollow Road) where the driveway has been realigned to meet the Dixon subdivision driveway across the street;
  3. a two-lot subdivision on Howell Road where the issue is sand mound septic systems; and,
  4. the proposed development on Sycamore Lane where a 23-lot sketch plan was submitted, which is the same one as submitted many years ago.
The Planning Commission gave approval to the official map of Charlestown and passed it to the Supervisors for approval at their July 15 meeting. Future subjects for review by the Planning Commission are Spring Oaks and the Ordinance Review. A suggestion was offered to have the current ordinances retyped to incorporate all the various footnotes and changes and make them easier to read and review.
Historical Commission - no verbal report.
Roadmaster: A written report was submitted. The Board was informed that Dominick Faggioli was injured in a motor cycle accident recently.
Fire Marshal: Mr. Alston submitted his report to the Board, which covered, among other things, a number of auto accidents in the township, most of which involved Charlestown Road at the various intersections. Mr. Alston reported that the local EOC team scored well in the formal review by FEMA and PEMA authorities. Mrs. Ewald asked about the number of accidents occurring on Coldstream Road, and Mr. Alston reported that there were five, year to date.
Parks and Recreation: Mr. Hogan advised the final plan is for two basketball courts. The Board has not yet approved the plan of two basketball courts, having approved one court previously. Several trees will have to be removed to make room, but new trees will be planted in a line to replace them. Mrs. Ewald remarked that the mature trees were one of the attractions at the park and was troubled to see them go, and felt that a replacement "line" of young trees would not make up for the mighty old trees that are being taken down.
Pyle Farm: Removal of the trash that was left along the woods is estimated to take 7 or 8 dumpsters. Mr. Hogan added that PECO is dropping off old phone poles. He announced that the public could come inspect the farm on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.
A resident asked about a rumor he heard that there was "contaminated" matter at the Farm. The supervisors were puzzled and asked him what material he was referring to, and supposedly it was an old manure pile. Mr. Kuhn stated that the required studies were done at the time of purchase of the farm and no contamination was found to exist from any source. The Board asked again exactly where and what the complaint covered and who was stating this. Mrs. Ewald said that the driveway gravel /aggregate is crushed brick, plastic, and etc. and is not a contaminated material. Jacob Merriwether advised that the only pile of dirt is behind the barn and came from bulldozing the area of the manure pile. This is covered with thistles and will be covered with plastic to kill the weeks. Mrs. Ewald assured everyone that the "due diligence" studies were performed to inspect the property and be sure there were no contaminants on the property when it was purchased.
In regard to Yellow Springs Road, Jacob Merriwether advised that some shoulder areas are now deep ruts which could endanger a car and these should be filled.
Mike Rogers pointed out an area near Black Berry and Hollow Roads which he says needs leveling and reseeding due to heavy equipment being parked there.
Farm Committee - no verbal report.
Valley Forge Sewer Authority: Mr. Rogers advised that a resident has been complaining since 1976 about sewage backing up on his property. They will give him a settlement option. Mr. Rogers also advised that the authority formed several committees, which will meet quarterly to discuss community, employee, and public relations issues. He added that the employees have form a Union and the Sewer Authority will await the result in order to start negotiations.
Altemose Conditional Use Application for Assisted Living Facility: Joseph Ryan, Esquire, on behalf of the applicant, requested and was granted a continuance to a future date.
Major/Minor Subdivision Ordinances: Tom Comitta advised that the County has reviewed the proposed ordinance and has suggested some rewording. He reviewed the proposed changes. The Planning Commission has completed their review and the Board is able to go ahead and advertise for a public hearing on this Ordinance. The Board approved a motion to advertise hearings that would start on August 5, 2002.
Dixon Subdivision Conditional Use (Pikeland Road) Mr. Oeste presented the proposed decision of the Board of Supervisors and reviewed the 18 conditions which included the following:
  • property would be developed in accordance with the plan marked "A10"
  • applicant must comply with recommendations of board consultants
  • steep slope area shall be as designated on the plan
  • stormwater management is to be under ground.
  • existing hedge rows shall be preserved and deeds shall provide for no disturbance of the hedge rows. Supplementary buffering shall be placed between Three Ponds and the subject property and on the northern boundary line.
  • trees shall be deed restricted.
  • houses will be built as shown on applicant's plan; however a minimum 100-foot setback shall be allotted for principle dwellings on lots 1 to 4, with a 50-foot setback for amenities such as a pool.
  • lots will have conventional in-ground septic systems, except for lot one, which may require drip system.
  • trails shall be established for general public use.
  • density and open space shall comply with ordinances.
  • ownership of open space shall be decided by the Board of Supervisors.
  • applicant will prepare homeowners' documents covering maintenance and preservation of the common areas.
  • a condition also provides for the style of houses, as well as compliance with ordinances.
Road Bids: Glasgow provided the lowest bids for bituminous and stone at FOB prices. The township usually picks the material up rather than pay for delivery. Labor & Material bids: The bidder qualification last year required a PennDOT certification or five years of satisfactory operation. Apparently, this year the low bidder did not have certification, so the Board broke for an executive session to discuss the two bids, which had a large difference in the bid amount. No decision was announced at this time and the matter was tabled. The current contract will be extended one month to cover the interim period.
The Norfolk Southern Rail Road grade crossing will be required on the section of Warner Lane between Morehall Road and Phoenixville Pike. Mr. Oeste explained that the work contract is between the Railroad and the Township, but Trammel Crow will be funding the project. Trammel Crow will place the required dollars with an escrow agent. This money will be used to pay Norfolk Southern in the event that Trammel Crow fails to cover the bill. Agreement is needed between the Township and the Escrow Agent. A motion was passed to approve the work to be done and approve entering into an agreement with the Escrow Agent.
SPCA contract. Research was performed to see if help could be obtained regarding the pack of doberman's that roam a section of the township. The SPCA offers more assistance in this issue than the State Warden assigned to this County. Motion was made to sign a contract for animal control with the SPCA for $750 for the calendar year.
Brooklands escrow release: (Bodine Road) Mr. Kohli advised release of $21,000 and the Board approved a motion to do so.
Other issues:
Hollow Road: The Board decided that PennDOT should be contacted and discussions started regarding the Township taking over Hollow Road from Route 29 to Charlestown Road. Once in their possession, controls could be used to limit the speed of commuter traffic. One-way traffic during rush hour is prohibited due to traffic entering off a State Road (Rt 29). Any changes in road direction would require justification and approval from PennDOT. A supervisor suggested that the township ask PennDOT to skip improvements to Hollow Road and allow the Township to take ownership if an agreement can be reached. Township will research what steps can be taken once the road is taken over. In this vein, Mrs. Ewald felt it may be good to approach PennDOT on a general level, without stating the township wants a particular road.
The Board requested an executive session in order to discuss the Norfolk Southern right of way and road improvements.
The township is inquiring which records need to be available to the public and which records need protection. Bob Flick is sending a copy of the new Act for review.
Adjournment to executive session at 9:30 p.m.
Reported by Loretta Watson.

Continued in Archives

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