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March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
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News for July 2000

Tuesday, July 25, 2000  (From Loretta Watson, Charlestown Green)
Charlestown Township
Board of Supervisors' Meeting
July 17, 2000
The July 17, 2000, meeting was called to order by Chairman, Irene Ewald, at 7:45 p.m. at the Valley Forge Christian College, Memorial Chapel. Present for the Township was Irene Ewald, Hugh Willig, Paul Hogan, and Mike Rodgers. Absent was supervisor Kevin Kuhn. Also present were Surender Kohli, Tom Oeste, Esq., and Leah Campion.
The first announcement was by Mike Rodgers who warned everyone that State Troopers are patrolling the area and enforcing stop signs and speed limits. Mr. Kohli offered information that the design engineers for PennDOT projects, Pennoni Associates, has requested a meeting with Charlestown Township to review the design of the lights for Route 401 and Newcomen Road and 401 and Valley Hill Road. West Pikeland is expected to send a rep or two to this 7/25 meeting.
The Breakdown in the bid regarding the Newcomen Road cul-de-sac improvements was not clear and a contractor has requested a clarification of terms. The Board will meet in executive session after tonight's meeting to discuss the issue.
Citizens' Forum for Non-Agenda Items. Diane Leslie appeared about her request for public water hookup, stating that according to the suggestion of the Board at the last meeting, she consulted the American Society of Dowsers. A local dowser, Allan Harrison, reported that there was no sufficient source of water on the property. A second opinion, independent from the first, was made by the VP of the Dowser Society who reported there is no site on the property that would support sufficient potable water for a residence. Mike Rodgers suggested that a next step would be to have a geological report prepared by a geologist at the University of Pennsylvania.
There were no other Forum issues, so the Board moved on to the Toll Bros. Charlestown Meadows matter.
Mr. Oeste opened the hearing and asked if anyone present wished to become a party to the action. In response Bernice Zaby, Anthony McCarley, Elaine Harrington, Michael Skoveria, John Nitsche, John Miller, Dennis & Peggy Gagliardi, Glenn and Denise Boekell and Jane Josephson were accepted as parties. Citizens for West Pikeland's Future, Inc. asked for party status and sent a letter per the Board's request stating the officers and other details regarding the organization. Mr. Schubert raised objections on behalf of Toll Bros since he could not identify who the parties were in the organization who resided near the proposed development site.
Per Mr. Schubert, both West Pikeland and Charlestown Township will be provided with all pertinent information in this matter. Mr. Schubert advised his testimony would be presented tonight and during three more hearings. The testimony would be shorter this time since there is no need for Mr. Tatman to present testimony on a drip irrigation system. He also inquired as to when the "review letters" would be forthcoming from the Township consultants regarding the new plan of Charlestown Meadows.
Mr. Oeste advised everyone that the Board of Supervisors hears the matter as a "neutral body" and must decide if the applicant has met all requirements of the zoning, planning and other considerations. He advised that the hearings for conditional use and the PRD application will run together.
Mr. Schubert requested that testimony that is duplicative from the previous round of hearings be simply incorporated into this record without the witnesses appearing before the Board. Mr. Oeste said this would be inadvisable since there are new parties who did not hear the witnesses in the last hearings and there could be no cross-examination. The proceedings would be confusing. After a five-minute break, the Board returned to ask that all witness appear and testify regarding the new plan. Mr. Schubert then presented for the record a letter of July 11 sent from his office to the Planning Commission.
Toll Bros witness, Bruce Panzner, project manager for the Charlestown Meadows development, pointed out some of the changes in the new plan. Since there is no drip irrigation sewage system, the storage tank, filtration equipment and drip irrigation tubing has been eliminated. A pump station will be included to handle effluent going into the public system. The recreation center has been slightly rearranged and moved closer to the entrance. The number of units has been reduced to 191 because the loop road off Newcomen road has been modified to a cul-de-sac and renamed Christopher Court. Some parking lot paving changes will assist the water flow. Houses have been reconfigured on Jacqueline Drive.
On behalf of the Planning Commission, Roger Bender, Esq., questioned the witness regarding the pump station located in the open space area. A second pump station is planned by the Sewer Authority, but it will be located off the site. Mr. Bender also questioned the road improvements that were discussed at previous hearings, and also asked about the design and tree conservation efforts. The witness reported that all homes would have two-car garages, some not facing the street.
Mr. Oeste opened the questioning to the parties of record. Mr. Eppleman asked if the applicant had consulted with the Planning Commission during the revision of the Charlestown Meadows plan. It was determined that the Planning Commission reviewed the Plan only after it was filed with the Township. No variances are involved, but conditional uses are requested to place certain items in the open space. There was no answer provided by the witness to the question of whether sidewalks are included in this plan. Mr. Skerchock asked the dimensions of the pump station - approximately 30' x 30' - and if there is a back-up pump. The Sewer Authority has a good number of pumping stations in the area to back up this one. A question as to whether the homes are identical to the last plan resulted in a positive response, stating they are stone, stucco, and siding with variances in colors with a target price of "$275,000 to upper $200,000's." Mr. Gambol of Toll Bros will testify on these issues later. Mr. Boekell also inquired about the stone and siding, which brought an answer that the stone is a type of stone veneer. There was also a question relating to a conservation area that the witness could not answer.
Mr. Hahn asked if the property will be fenced or gated, to which the witness said no perimeter fences or entry gates are planned. To a question of what are the benefits to surrounding property owners, the witness responded that one was the high price tag. Mr. Nimerfroh stated he had seen an aerial view showing him that 20-25% of the trees would be removed and he wanted to know why, and what is the philosophy of Toll Bros in this regard? Mr. Schubert raised an objection due to the unproven figures of 20-25%, but would allow the latter part of the question. The party did not present the question in a manner that the witness could answer, but it was generally thought that the trees were being removed to build the houses. The witness stated no landscaping is planned on the western border between neighboring owners and the site other than existing trees. Mrs. Curtain inquired whether right and left turns would be allowed onto Route 401, and the response was "yes." A question regarding the target market for these homes resulted in an answer that it is "empty nesters and step-down buyers." The closest similar Toll Bros community is Cobblestones, Delaware County, and Blue Bell Country Club, Montgomery County, which includes a golf course. As to a question regarding the number of school-aged children, response was that this subject would be covered by the fiscal impact witness. The witness testified that the number of units planned with first floor bedrooms and handicap accessible was unknown, but the rec center will be ADA accessible.
Mr. Schubert posed a few questions in redirect covering such things as technicalities of filing the application and dimensions of the pump station (which will be a typical one-story structure with landscaping to buffer it).
Mr. David Fehr, civil engineer with Chester Valley Engineers, with extensive experience in residential design, was sworn as the next witness. He briefly reviewed the previously submitted plans stating they involved various configurations of town homes, apartments, and clusters. The current layout proposed focuses on complying with open space requirements and elimination of the sanitary sewer (drip irrigation) system. The rec center was placed closer to the main entrance, among other changes.
Mr. Schubert reviewed the mailing of notification to the surrounding residents, and the witness stated some notices were returned unclaimed to Toll Bros.
A map was presented showing the site, surrounding roads, properties, and township lines. Another plan was shown of "existing vegetation" showing boundaries and surveyed trees (6" diameter or larger) which is a PRD application requirement. A third sketch showed topography and soils of the site. A mylar overlay from a Del Val Soils study showed matching results to the Chester Valley study. Next presented was a "steep slope plan" showing the steep slopes in the site's central section. Last, the witness presented a plan of the homes as currently submitted, showing open space, roads, relocated basins, the pump station, and other Charlestown Meadows components.
Direct questioning by Mr. Schubert resulted in the following facts: density allowed is 3.5 units/acre or 268 units. Toll Bros is using 2.49 units/acres or 191 units, which is a reduction from the previous plan. A 100-foot setback requirement is met. Open space areas can include roads as well as idle land. The private drives (to the two-car garages) are 50 feet wide with units set 30 feet away and 30 feet (minimum) from each other. The open space complies with the ordinance. Total impervious surface is 26% of the site, the balance being green area. The green area percentage is more than previously submitted. Fifty-two parking spaces will be provided in lots around the site. Sixty-six percent of the units have direct frontage to the open space and all units are at least 150 feet from the peripheral boundary. Public sewer and water as well as utilities will be provided underground. Storm water management will be provided in the roadways. Fire hydrants will be installed according to stated requirements. Lighting will be provided at the three interior intersections with nine lights at the parking areas and four at the rec center. There will be five total at other parking areas. The witness feels this will provide safety for pedestrians and motorists and the lights will be "down facing." Curbing and sidewalks will be on all internal roads, with none along the township roads. Width of roads will be minimum 24 feet curb to curb (26 feet at interior intersections) and these roads will not be dedicated to the township, ultimately falling to the care of the Homeowners' Association. The three detention basins will be along Conestoga Road. The depths are Basin A 1/3 acre and 7 1/2 feet; Basin B 1/5 acre and 6 1/2 feet; and Basin C 5/10 (or 9/10?) acre and 7 1/2 feet. The storm water report produced relied on the Del Val calculations of high ground water areas. The overall conservation plan showed sediment and detention basins and the building phases of the project. The phases are planned to help eliminate erosion on site.
At 10:20 p.m. with an additional hour of "direct" engineering testimony to cover, this hearing was continued to July 24, 2000, at 7:30 p.m.
Resuming its agenda for the evening, the Board approved its Minutes from July 10, 2000. The matter regarding advertising of the ordinance to reduce the speed on Buckwalter Road and to place stop signs at the Rees and Howell intersection was set for hearing on August 7, 2000. The Board noted that Tredyffrin Township has passed an ordinance for a stop sign at Green and Howells. The River Conservation plan was tabled to an August meeting.
The meeting was adjourned.
Note: The following two reports were submitted by Loretta Watson in her ususal timely fashion. Since I was on vacation, their posting has been delayed until July 18.
Tuesday, July 18, 2000  (From Loretta Watson, Charlestown Green)
Charlestown Township
Board of Supervisors' Meeting
July 10, 2000
The meeting was called to order by Chairman Irene Ewald at 7:35 p.m. on July 10, 2000, in lieu of the regular first Monday meeting date, which was Independence Day. The place of the meeting was changed to the Administrative Building due to another group using the Chapel.
The first announcement covered Resolutions created by the Townships of Charlestown, Tredyffrin and East Whiteland in regard to the proposed turnpike interchange, summarized as follows: The Board of Supervisors of Charlestown Township oppose efforts to construct the interchange without providing information requested by the Planning Commission and the Citizens' Action Committee and others, and open hearings shall be conducted. Resolved the 10th day of July, 2000. Similar resolutions are being adopted by East Whiteland and Tredyffrin, and Schuylkill Township has written a letter to Governor Ridge stating that the impact to the area is not being considered along with other concerns. A motion to accept the Resolution was made and seconded by the Board.
The Citizens' Forum for Non-Agenda Items was opened. Roman Koropey, Esq. representing the homeowners at the Four Oaks Farm subdivision came before the Board regarding their request for public water connection. The applicants received a letter from the Board on July 10 denying permission to allow PSW to hook them up to public water, and Mr. Koropey asked the Board to reconsider. Tom Oeste, Esq., counsel for the Board, explained that the majority of the Board felt that a second well should be attempted before the Board considers the request for Philadelphia Suburban Water hookup. Supervisor Kuhn disagreed with the majority of the Board and felt no harm would be done to allow the applicants request. Mr. Oeste explained that a quick approval could lead to a dangerous precedent, and that in subdividing the property, the subdivider and the applicants took a risk that water would be available. Mr. Kohli advised that the water line along White Horse Road is meant for transmission of water to specific parcels and not to a region of parcels. After Board discussion of pros and cons, Mr. Koropey suggested that this is a resolution could be made tonight covering this special case and it would not necessarily set a precedent. The applicant reviewed the Board's letter and questioned why the applicable amended resolution was not included. The Board took a break to discuss the matter and returned with a three-to-two vote denying the request.
In the matter of a homeowner's quest for a right of way to a property in the area of Sycamore Lane and Moses Way, Attorney Castaldo reported that an agreement had been reached between the applicants and the concerned residents and an easement agreement will be presented to the Board soon.
The next Agenda item was approval of the Board's Minutes of June 19, 2000, along with the Treasurer's Report and Accounts Payable, as amended.
Reports: Zoning Officer: In addition to the report submitted, Mr. Kohli advised that after investigation, it was discovered that two lots, on Pine Road and Charlestown Road, were being cleared in preparation for further construction. Mr. Faggioli, Roadmaster, inquired why a builder working on Blackberry Lane has been granted permission to widen a side of the road by 18 inches when in the past the homeowners were order to widen 10 feet on both sides. The Board will look into the issue. Janet Baldwin inquired as to why there was clearing going on at a property at 401 and Newcomen. Mr. Alston answered that every year the owner gives permission for a fireworks display, and the area was being prepared. He reassured the Board that they are "in compliance."
Planning Commission: Mr. Kling added no additional comments to the report submitted, but reported that the group is busy working on the Comprehensive Plan and, with permission of the Governor, will involve the surrounding townships in regard to impact considerations.
Historical Commission: Mrs Baldwin thanked the Board for their assistance in resolving the Commission's budgetary problem
Roadmaster: Mr. Faggioli reported that road repairs are in jeopardy since the contractor will not cooperate with the Roadmaster. A letter from Mr. Oeste has prompted the contractor to consider abandoning the contract. The Board reassured Mr. Faggioli that he has their full support and is doing a good job for the Township. Mr. Faggioli stated that most roads are repaired with only a few remaining on the list.
Fire Marshall: Mr. Alston warned everyone to watch for children and observe speed limits. He went over a lengthy list of false alarms and local auto accidents, including the recent one on the Route 29 curve near the Nature Center where a tractor trailer rolled over the barrier and down the embankment. The driver was not seriously injured and reported that he had been having some trouble with the trailer. Mr. Alston urged the Township to speed up its work on the new hazmat and fire ordinances due to existing problems and the need for updated regulations. Mr. Oeste said a draft would be forthcoming in August.
Parks and Recreation Board: Mr. Hogan advised that he was obtaining from the Government about 25 copies of a booklet for distribution to builders, the Planning Commission, Mr. Comitta's office, and other appropriate parties in the area entitled "Handbook for Public Playground Safety."
Valley Forge Sewer Authority: There was no representative present to give additional comments.
Turnpike Commission Citizens' Action Committee: No representative input was offered.
The Board announced that Dale Frens, architectural consultant, has met with John Panizza of General Residential Properties in regard to the historic Cornog-Supplee house at Yellow Springs Road and Phoenixville Pike. The meeting concerned efforts to restore the building and the Board is encouraging this effort.
A traffic study will be ordered for White Horse Road and a reduction of speed for its entire length will be recommended.
Late Spring Developers appeared regarding their project at Phoenixville Pike and Spring Mill Drive. A hearing was opened by Mr. Oeste. Mr. Ted Cogent of Oxford Engineers was sworn in and noted that he has no proof that the adjacent property owners were notified of the applicants' proposed action. Mr. Oeste advised that this must be done. Mr. William Santor, a partner of Late Spring Development, was also sworn in to present testimony, Mr. Cogent leading the questioning. This Conditional Use Application is for construction of an office building on the center, flattest part of the parcel. Existing surrounding uses are industrial/commercial. Conditional use is requested because access to the property is gained via Spring Mill Drive on a slope. The alternative route of access would be from Phoenixville Pike. Mr. Oeste asked about the area of steep slope disturbance, which would e approximately 800 square feet. The lineal distance is 50 feet of driveway off Spring Mill Drive. The applicant stated that Section 1202 covers conditional use approval for utilities, streets and driveways in steep slopes; and, additionally, the Planning Commission has recommended using Spring Mill rather than Phoenixville Pike. An alternate entrance to the parking areas would be via Phoenixville Pike near the Spring Lane intersection. Construction plans have been submitted to Charlestown Township. Applicants have applied for zoning relief because no parking is permitted in part of the designated parking area due to an encroachment of approximately 10 feet. Water studies will be sent to the Township, and traffic studies have been completed. Applicant agrees to comply with all comments in the review letters which have been designated Exhibits.
Mr. Vincent Kling of the Planning Commission commented that (1) the site is an open, green area with heavy landfall and water runoff. (2) A subterranean drainage system is contemplated, and (3) the Planning Commission has suggested that trees be saved but it is unknown how many trees are at risk.
The applicant responded that the existing stand of trees will remain. Additionally, Mr. Kling requested that any utilities on the roof be incorporated into the building to protect the view. Mrs. Ewald inquired as to whether the project is being built on limestone, to which the applicant responded a geology report is forthcoming. Mr. Kuhn asked about control of the water, and this will be accomplished via pipes. Attorney Oeste continued the hearing until August 7, 2000.
Spring Lane Farms hearing was continued by request of the applicant, General Residential Properties, to August 7, 2000. At this point, Mrs. Ewald asked that some hearings be moved to the second meeting in August to avoid overcrowding the agenda.
Conditional Use Hearing of Daniel Stoudt was called, but due to no parties in attendance, the hearing was continued to August 7, 2000.
The Township's proposed amendment to the Zoning Ordinance for the Open Space Option for Historic Properties of 25 acres or more was continued to August 21, 2000. Mr. Oeste asked that the Board review the proposal again due to a few changes.
Document Solutions Group, application to build a 20,000 square foot building on Lot 4 of the Commons of Great Valley, 23 General Warren Boulevard. Conditional use is requested. There were no parties from adjacent properties present, and applicant did not notify them. Mr. Oeste advised that testimony will be heard tonight, but hearing will also be held on August 7, 2000, to allow for notification and response. The exhibits were reviewed, and a plan of the project was presented showing the area bounded by Turnpike, Route 29, and Phoenixville Pike, known as the Commons of Great Valley. Then a plan of the proposed building was shown, which is to be 33% office and 66% warehouse. Document Solutions Co. presently leases space in the Great Valley Corporate Center and wishes to have a building of its own. Their business is duplication of documents for large corporate accounts. Access to the site will be by shared driveway with another company. Two parking areas are planned to avoid paving over wetlands. Water management will be via an existing basin off the proposed lot. The requested change is to have 33% office space rather than 50%, and a deed restriction is planned to avoid future increase in the 33%. Planning Commission has approved the plan as shown. A traffic light is in East Whiteland Township at the present GV Commons entrance, and an alternate entrance is contemplated on Phoenixville Pike in the area of Chuck's Wagon. Per the applicant, revised plans, which are in agreement with three review letters, will be submitted soon. Mr. Oeste continued this hearing until August 7, 2000.
The next hearing involved a Conditional Use Application of Pebble Pools on behalf of Bernard & Catherine Francis of Three Ponds Lane. This property is in Farm Residential zoning and involves a steep slope. Hearing was commenced and exhibits were reviewed. When it was determined that the property owners within 250 feet of the project were not notified, the hearing was continued to August 21, 2000.
The next matter was for the Conditional Use Application of Emma Builders. Since no parties were present, the hearing was continued to September 11 (since the regular meeting date falls on September 4, Labor Day).
Hearing was commenced to consider the application of Toll Bros. for Conditional Use Application and the Tentative Plan for Charlestown Meadows, a 199 home development on 76 acres at Route 401 at Newcomen Road. Mr. Oeste began by reviewing exhibits. West Pikeland Township, Mr. and Mrs. Curtain, Mr. and Mrs. Skerchock, Joe Nimerfroh, Dick Eppleman, the Township Planning Commission through attorney Roger Bender, and a group named Citizens for West Pikeland's Future, Inc. asked to be included as parties to the matter. Mrs. Ewald asked for a list of the officers and a copy of the minutes relating to formal incorporation of Citizens for West Pikeland's Future. Mr. Schubert offered to continue the matter to a future date. After some discussion, it was determined that witnesses may be the same, essentially, as in the round of hearings on the previous application and plan which was submitted, and a request was made that redundant testimony be incorporated from the last hearings. The new plan was submitted because of testimony and letters from Valley Forge Sewer Authority regarding available capacity for sewage disposal. This hearing is continued to July 17, 2000.
Mrs. Ewald adjourned this meeting at 10:15 p.m.
Tuesday, July 18, 2000  (From Loretta Watson, Charlestown Green)
Charlestown Township
Board of Supervisors' Meeting
June 19, 2000
Present for the Township: Irene Ewald, Chairman, Paul Hogan, Hugh Willig, Mike Rodgers, and Kevin Kuhn, Supervisors, Jim MacErlane, Esq., Roger Bender, Esq., Surrender Kohli, and Linda Csete. and Leah Campion.
This meeting was held at the Valley Forge Christian College Memorial Chapel on June 19, 2000, and was called to order by Chairman Irene Ewald at approximately 7:45 p.m.
Supervisor Paul Hogan made an announcement regarding the possible re-establishment of an auto collection, museum and workshop. Mrs. Ewald reported her attendance at Wednesday's Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce Annual Forum at which current issues in the local municipalities were reviewed.
At the Citizens' Forum on Non-Agenda Items, a resident, asked for a ruling on a water issue. Mrs. Ewald responded that the township solicitor will advise the Board so a decision can be given on July 10. The resident stated that PSW is willing to hook their property up to public water. Although a well was attempted, drilling to 400 feet produced no water.
An update was provided regarding a matter in the Sycamore lane vicinity where a new residence is planned but clear title for ingress and egress to the property has not been established. The Board requested that the parties meet with the neighbors to attempt to work out a solution. This meeting is planned for next week.
Returning to the Agenda, the Board approved the Minutes of their previous meeting on June 5, 2000, and the Accounts Payable for June 19.
Bids for road paving work are ready for public advertisement. The level of paving experience required was discussed briefly, and all bids received by the Board will be opened at the July 24 Supervisors' Meeting.
Charlestown Park Plan: Ed Theurkaupf presented the plan as developed by Comitta and Associates showing proposed changes including improved restroom facilities, a snack center, soccer field lights, an educational area, an outdoor theater, and playground and road improvements. Proposed landscaping includes flowers, natural grasses and lawn areas. The F Street entrance may be supplemented by an additional entrance from Township Line Road. Although more refining and clarification will be done, grant money has been applied for, and the basic plan of improvement was approved by the Board of Supervisors. The next step is to organize Phase I costs which covers soccer field lighting, walking trail and playground improvements. As background information, Mrs. Ewald said that the park land was obtained by the township in 1977 and at the time was deed restricted for educational and recreational purposes.
Charlestown Meadows: The application of Toll Bros. for tentative approval of a PRD, using a drip irrigation sewage system, on Route 401 was denied due to the Boards dissatisfaction with community integration with the township, lack of open space in the Plan, the traffic figures submitted, and the proposed fiscal impact report. The conditional use application relating to this Plan was also denied. There were no comments from the public except one to laud the Board for its decision with respect to the existing traffic problems on Route 401.
Great Valley Nature Center - The conditional use application to build a "maple sugar house" in a steep slope area was considered by the Board but no decision was given due to a lack of clarity as to exactly what structure is being built. The plan had undergone some revisions, so the Nature Center agreed to give the Board an extension to July 25 for further review and to allow time for the Nature Center to submit a plan that would meet the specifications requested.
SPCA Contract: The Board noted that the contract offered by the SPCA covers stray dogs and cats, but the township has more animal issues than this agreement would cover. The SPCA will be advised of the inadequacy of the agreement, and the neighboring townships will be consulted regarding services that can be offered to help with animal control.
Mrs. Ewald took a few minutes to comment on the successful efforts of citizens in locating the owners of two lost dogs.
Metricom, Inc. conditional use application - Hearing should be opened by August 4. An issue is an additional antenna to be placed on an existing tower.
Pebble Pools conditional use application; Document Solutions (Commons at Great Valley, Lot 4) conditional use application; and Dobs Lane Construction, application to build on steep slope -- these matters will begin hearings on July 10.
The Altemose Curative Amendment Application - This hearing is a continuation of the hearing of 2/21/00. Several continuances have been honored in the interim. Joseph Peter Ryan, Esq. represented the applicant and presented exhibit packets to the Board. Mr. Robert Rimer, an expert in comprehensive zoning matters, was sworn as a witness and described his educational and professional accomplishments. Mr. Rimer explained that the proposed housing for seniors would also include facilities for the disabled of all ages. It would have independent living areas and skilled nursing care along with limited assisted living facilities. The witness offered that the township contains about 10% residents aged 65 and older, and that Charlestown is a rural township but becoming suburbanized due to the major traffic corridors in the area. The proposed building site is surrounded by residential areas and a golf course. 1875 units are planned covering independent living, assisted living, and nursing care units. There would also be religious facilities, limited commercial space, and administrative offices.
A proposed ordinance was prepared by the witness, which he felt was necessary in order to have a "body of regulations" covering assisted living in the farm/residential district. He explained that the first section covers amendments to the present ordinance, and the second section amends the list of principal uses for farm/residential districts. The ordinance, among other things, provides for a minimum area of 40 acres and a requirement for open space. This drafted ordinance agrees with the plan submitted by Ted Modulewsky, and sets a buffer area around the site. A revised site plan was submitted to the Board.
Benefits to the township would be that there are no school-aged children generated by this use; the site will maintain itself and its roads; typical residents are widows in their 80's; and other residents are 75-plus in age and not many of them would be automobile drivers. Also, tax revenues would benefit the township.
The witness feels that due to Federal law, the township cannot discriminate against a protected group of disabled or elderly.
Mr. MacErlane inquired about the need in a township of 3,500 residents for such a facility, and the witness responded that maybe not in the township, but in the region. He commented that there has been a decline in the number of children who care for their aged parents. Mr. MacErlane referenced a recent New York Times article which talked about overbuilding in this industry. The witness felt that the market segment will grow in the coming years. Mr. Bender noted that personal care and nursing facilities are licensed in Pennsylvania, and the witness said that the proposed facility would require such licensing. Mr. Bender also pointed out that the institutional ordinances now in the township cover similar facilities.
The witness noted that the facility would not be age-restricted for assisted living or nursing care, and that parking standards in the proposed ordinance may lessen the proposed number of parking spaces.
Mr. Bender asked that, since the proposed ordinance received this evening differs from the proposed ordinance in the original plan submitted, the witness be available for additional hearings on the issues.
The proposed site plan provides for building coverage of 20% maximum; and lot coverage of 55% (which includes buildings, roads and parking).
When questioned regarding mental health services, the witness said that the applicant has not indicated an intention to apply for a license for any form of mental health care.
The Chester County Planning Commission has recommended that the township adopt an ordinance covering assisted living and in their letter recommended a number of points to be covered by such an ordinance. The witness drafted such an ordinance for the township's review, which he feels is an improvement over the original proposed ordinance attached to the applicant's plan, as filed.
Mr. MacElane ended this hearing. The next hearing date will be determined.
Applicants for Late Spring Developers offered to postpone their hearing until July 10 or 24 due to the late hour. An extension will be granted by the applicant. Therefore, hearing was opened, the continuance to July 10 was placed on the record, and the hearing was closed.
A three-way stop at Charlestown and Church Roads has been requested by a township resident, which will be considered by the Board.
A matter regarding river conservation was received.
Speed limits on Buckwalter Road will be addressed July 10, and a question has arisen regarding the exact location of the township line in the area of Rees, Green Lane and Howells Roads
Continued in Archives

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