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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
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News posted during March 2001

Monday, March 12, 2001  (Provided by Charlestown Green)
Charlestown Township
Board of Supervisors' Regular Meeting
February 26, 2001
This meeting was called to order by Chairman Hugh Willig at 7:30 p.m. at the Great Valley Middle School. Present for the Township was Mr. Willig, Mr. Kuhn, Mr. Rodgers, Mr. Hogan, and Mrs. Ewald, and also Mr. Oeste, Mr. Kohli and Mrs. Csete.
Announcement from Mr. Willig concerned dealings with PennDOT regarding the Ice Dam Bridge on Route 29. The bid is to be awarded on 3/9 for repair work. Road is tentatively scheduled to close on June 16 with completion set for July 25. Detours will be on State roads, same as previously set during the recent closing of this bridge.
Mrs. Ewald gave several announcements: The Board had an executive session on real estate matters in the township office prior to this meeting. She mentioned that in East Whiteland, Greg Davis was appointed as a new supervisor and Terry Woodman is the new manager. Tax collection work is outsourced. Mrs. Ewald noted that on March 19 the Pennsylvania State Police will visit and address the issue of vandalism which occurred in October in this township.
Paul Hogan asked who is responsible for plowing the Schuylkill side of Tinker Hill, and the response was that Schuylkill Township is responsible through an agreement with Charlestown Township.
Mrs. Behrle spoke at the Citizens' Forum on Non-Agenda items. She asked for help in locating the spreader attachment that came off one of their trucks while pitching in to help the State plow White Horse Road. A question to the Board concerned the recent Myers issue and whether a building permit has been issued. The Myers and Attorney Clemm are in the process of drafting required documents. Mrs. Behrle also announced that she is interested in applying for the opening of Tax Collector, and requested endorsement of the supervisors.
Mr. Kohli advised that PennDOT is working on the traffic light at 401 and Valley Hill Road. Loops need to be placed in the roadway, and patching needs to be done over them. Township will assist in this project since PennDOT cannot do this small paving job.
Clarification was made regarding an issue concerning a diseased tree on Oak Lane. The owner will have it removed. This point was discussed as it related to the minutes of the last meeting, and afterward, the minutes of February 5 were approved.
The Sycamore lane property owned by the Korean Church is the focus of an improvement proposal being worked on by Paul Hogan.
Old Business:
Commons at Great Valley, Lots 13, 14, 15. These lots back up to the quarry on Morehall Road and will be Class A office space. Lot to the west of these will be used for a 60,000 sq.ft , 2-story office building Lot to east of them will be a 40,000 sq. ft. building. Request was made by Mr. Theurkauf for the approximate number of trees six to twelve inches in diameter that will be removed. Lot No. 14 will need fill to assist drainage and trees will be removed. In cooperation with township request, the applicant will cut the trees into 18" lengths for firewood to township residents. The Day Care Center is still working with Tom Comitta's office to obtain the Use & Occupancy permit, the lighting problem has been corrected, but landscape is still an issue. Belief is that the center has been taken over by new corporate management. The township will check in to real estate transfers to determine the new owner. Landscaping for Lots 13, 14, 15 will be shrubbery to buffer the parking lots. Mr. Theurkauf states the plan submitted is in landscaping compliance. The Board moved to approve the applicants' plan subject to acceptance by East Whiteland, as the property spans both townships.
Spring Oak, along White Horse Road, will have a 120,000 sq. ft. office building for prospective client Hartford Insurance Company. The detention basin will be located near the Quigley house and the Devault Post Office. Per Mr. Kohli, the township granted an indefinite extension to the applicant in 1997. Mrs. Ewald took note that the property is "sensitive" because of wetlands and the stream leading to the Pickering (a Commonwealth waterway). She mentioned that an oil spill of a few years ago was cleaned up by the DEP, and care should be exercised to protect the water. An environmental impact study was performed a few years ago.
Mr. Rodgers recommended that the township pick up half the tab for work done on Newcomen Road, the other half to go to West Pikeland.
The Road Equipment Rental Contract for 2000-2001 included plowing and paving, but no mowing or tree work. Barrett Tree gave a bid for tree work previously. Paving and snow removal was awarded to Melchiorre with mowing and tree work to be bid later. A question arose as to whether mowing was included in the paving and plowing bid given by Melchiorre and if it was awarded by default. Mr. Oeste interpreted the appropriate previous minutes to read that an award to Melchiorre was given by the Board only for snow and paving. A motion was seconded to rebid the mowing and tree work - 4 in favor and 1 against. Mrs. Behrle cautioned the Board that a "full" bid from Melchiorre for snow, paving and mowing could have resulted from a fear of the bid being rejected due to incompleteness.
Horstmann application before the Zoning Hearing Board. Mr. Horstmann, of Buckwalter Road, has a proposal to replace an existing shed near his house with a larger outbuilding in a different location on his property. The Board moved that the old shed must be removed after the new structure is finished, and that the neighbors must be notified of his intent to build. Zoning Hearing Board must be consulted.
Route 29 Bridge facade. A stone facing is contemplated, and the Board must decide how the stones should look. Mention was made of the original date stone and that it should be included in the new bridge along with the present identification plate.
Emma Builders, Lot #6, Burch Subdivision - hearing is scheduled for March 19. Emma Builders Escrow Release #3, Burch Subdivision. Mr. Kohli advised that this release pertains to work on the retaining wall; the Board approved the release.
Great Valley School District, conditional use. Applicant requested continuance of hearing to March 5. Township agreed.
Altemose application - Applicant's attorney, Joseph Ryan, Esq., requested an additional continuance to March 19. Township agreed.
Zoning Ordinance Amendment regarding Open Space Option. This would amend 404B(3) of the Zoning Ordinance to provide potentially more parcels that would qualify for the open space option. It would allow adjacent lots of 25 acres or more to be added to the historic parcels which already qualify under the existing ordinance. After discussion, the motion to approve was voted 4 in favor and one against.
Other Business: Kevin and Mike were in touch with the Delaware Valley Transportation Commission. The officials offered to come to Charlestown and speak about what they are doing. Board will aim for April 2 or 16 meeting. Planning Commission will be invited to attend.
Procedure to establish an Open Space Committee is still under investigation by Mr. Oeste.
Alternate for the Zoning Hearing Board is needed. Interviews will be scheduled with applicants.
Resolution similar to East Whiteland's regarding "Professional Code of Conduct, Civility...." has been suggested and Board must decide if this is needed. Will be on agenda for 3/5/01 meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 9:25 pm.
Reported for Charlestown Green by Loretta Watson.
Continued in Archives

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