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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
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News posted during February 2001

Saturday, February 24, 2001  (Provided by Charlestown Green)
Charlestown Township
Board of Supervisors' Regular Meeting
February 12, 2001
Chairman Hugh Willig called this meeting to order at 7:34. Present for the Township were Mr. Willig, Mr. Kuhn, Mr. Rodgers, and Mr. Hogan. Mrs. Ewald was unable to attend this evening. Also present were Mrs. Csete, Mr. Kohli and Mr. Oeste.
Announcements: Mike Rodgers attended a Regional Planning Commission meeting (inter-municipal planning) with Kevin Kuhn. Among the topics discussed were transportation development rights and transportation. In particular, they discussed plans for a metroliner service from Pottstown to Phoenixville to Philadelphia, which is part of a 15-year plan. Mr. Kuhn mentioned that the committee also talked of widening Routes 202, 23, 100, 41, among others. Also the railroad line through Devault was a topic.
No topics were presented at the Citizens' Forum.
The Board proceeded to approve its Minutes of January 22, the Accounts Payable for February 5, 2001, and the Treasurer's Report for January. Brief discussion ensued regarding (1) the $32,000 spent so far this year on road cleanup efforts and (2) the work done by the tree trimmers employed by the Township.
Reports were filed with the Board. Additional to his report, Mr. Kohli, mentioned that Hough-Loew needs to file formal plans for its proposed Spring Oak development, approval having been granted several years ago.
Paul Hogan brought to the Board's attention the unkempt property owned by the Korean Church on Sycamore Lane. Investigation will be made towards an attempt to have the owners improve the appearance.
Additional to their report, the Board was advised that the Planning Commission met to discuss the Dixon property on Pikeland Road, Saddlebrook, Deerfield, Spring Oaks, and a few others. Open space issues still are not resolved in regard to development of the Dixon property. A by-right plan has been filed for Deerfield on Yellow Springs Road, although an open space plan was hoped for. The Board granted conditional approval to Deerfield about one year ago. The vacancy has not yet been filled on the Planning Commission.
Supplemental to the Historic Commission report, Mr. Phillips informed the Board the Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB) is opposing the plan to demolish a mill in the area.
Advertising is required for a proposed ordinance to reduce the Planning Commission from 8 to 7 members, and the Board will decide whether or not to do this in late March.
Paul Hogan and the Roadmaster Durando Faggioli met to discuss tree trimming. Trees on Yellow Springs and Hollow Road have been flagged, and PECO will be contacted to find out if they marked the trees and what work is planned.
Fire Marshall Fred Alston reviewed the incidents that occurred during January. Fires have resulted from improperly disposing of fireplace ashes. He advised that hot ashes should be placed in a metal bucket and stored outside for at least two weeks before dumping. He advised that the Fire Ordinance is ready for review and approval by Mr. Oeste.
Mr. Hogan has noted that Coldstream Road has had some serious accidents in the area of Charlestown Park. He suggested a flashing sign to warn of the dangerous roadway ahead. Apparently, a previous action request to PennDOT for this area is still pending.
Parks & Recreation – Mr. Hogan spoke with the lighting contractors and expects a bid to be forthcoming. Mr. Theurkauf has been working on the trail system with the thought of its becoming part of a recreation program. Mark Connelly is interested in becoming more active in the planning of Brightside (Pyle Farm).
A report was received from the Pyles that the numerous barn cats are no longer in residence at the Pyle Farm. New Parks & Recreation committee person Marge Crawford asked for approval of a study of all the owners adjacent to the Horseshoe Trail, with the intention of eventually connecting the other trails to it. Kevin Kuhn suggested that she contact the Horseshoe Trail Association.
Valley Forge Sewer Authority – Mike Rodgers (Board liaison) distributed the Minutes of the last VFSA meeting, which concentrated on Reorganization and contract approvals. He said that Mr. McAvoy is suing the Authority for additional funds in connection with the sale of his property a few years ago.
Turnpike Commission CAC – There is no news to report; however, mass transit is being discussed more as an alternative to the slip ramp. There is no future Turnpike Advisory Council meeting date set.
Old Business: Lots 13, 14 & 15 at Commons at Great Valley. The Board will place this matter on the next agenda.
Charlestown Elementary School has requested hook up to the public water main along Phoenixville Pike. Hugh Willig recommended approval in light of the amount of water needed in the event the school's fire sprinklers are activated. The zoning along Phoenixville Pike is LI, and the school is not included in this zoning. A feasibility study done by the school district showed an 8" water line would be required along Charlestown Road along with booster pumps at the school. The PUC application is expected to take several months to process. A motion to allow the school to connect to public water, with a view toward safety, was approved.
Glen Diehl, Esquire, was nominated to fill the spot of Board Counsel in the matter of the Great Valley School District Conditional Use hearing. Gary Bender (representing the Planning Commission), Mr. Oeste, and Mr. McElree have conflicts of interest, therefore the Board has the option to secure new counsel. Mrs. Ewald expressed interest in another nominee, but has not presented the name yet to the Board. Mr. Willig proposed that the Board meet the nominees before deciding. This motion was approved.
Budget Amendments for 2001. Mrs. Csete outlined a few changes which included allowing some additional funds to pay for two defribillators that have been requested. (Township will receive a matching grant of $6,000.) The Board was undecided as to the best location for the machines. Mr. Kuhn suggested that the fire companies may have a need. Administrative salaries were underestimated by $10,000 and employee benefits (Pension Plan) by $3,000. Also, the $200,000 donation offered by Charlestown Oaks was not included in the Budget. The Open Space Improvement Fund interest of $6,000 should be posted. A $56,000 note carried over was not posted by the bank to 2000, is posted to 2001. Motion to amend the budget was approved.
A household waste disposal program will cost the township about $150 per year. The Board supported joining up and publicizing it to Charlestown residents.
CCATO Convention on March 1 – Supervisors must decide whether they will attend. Mr. Rodgers will attend PSATS, Hershey, April 22 to 25.
Amendment to ordinance regarding definitions of Building Coverage and Impervious Surface Coverage. This will need county approval. Mr. Kohli urged adoption in order to make Township definitions clearer.
Mr. Oeste suggested that a resolution may be all that is required to establish an Open Space Commission. He will prepare a draft resolution.
Mr. Rodgers suggested that the township examine the open space plan in use in New Britain Township, which says, basically, that 20 to 25-acre plots must devote half the area to open space.
Mr. Hogan distributed an article to the Board regarding trends in assisted living.
Mr. Oeste asked the Board to ratify their action with regard to approval of private criminal compensation for defiant trespass.
Articles for the Township Newsletter are due by February 26. Meeting adjourned 9:00 P.M.
Reported for Charlestown Green by Loretta Watson
Continued in Archives

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