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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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Past news of events in and around Charlestown
News posted during January 2002

Monday, January 14, 2002  (Provided by Charlestown Green)
Charlestown Township
Board of Supervisors' Reorganization Meeting
January 7, 2002
The meeting came to order at 7:30. Present were Chairman, Hugh Willig, Vice Chairman Kevin Kuhn, and Supervisors Irene Ewald and Paul Hogan. Supervisor Mike Rodgers was not present. Also present were Linda Csete and Surender Kohli. Tom Oeste, Esq. arrived later in the evening.
Citizens' Forum: Russ Hanscom requested the Supervisors' permission to reinstall a wood stove in the kitchen of the Pyle farmhouse at Brightside Farm as a second source of heat. Mr. Kuhn voiced objection due to safety concerns, while Paul Hogan had no objections since there was already a brick pad in place. Mr. Willig asked for a report of the condition of the chimney before a decision was rendered.
Mr. Hanscom also asked the Board's advice regarding the Historical Commission sharing the cost of the Charlestown Historical Society's photocopier at the Rapp House, which they use frequently. Linda Csete said the past practice was to pay part of the bill, but she has not seen the bills for a while. Mr. Hanscom, Treasurer of Charlestown Historical Society, will submit a bill.
The supervisors approved nominations for offices as follows: Chairman, Board of Supervisors, Hugh Willig (on Motion of Kevin Kuhn); Vice Chairman Board of Supervisors Paul Hogan. (on Motion of Irene Ewald).
Appointments for 2002: Township Administrator and Township Secretary/Treasurer Linda Csete; Assistant Township Secretary Jan Bird; Planning Commission Secretary, Leah Campion; Roadmaster Durando Faggioli; Parks & Recreation Maintenance and Animal Control Officer Mark Cabot; Township Engineer, Zoning Officer, and Building Inspector Surender Kohli; Fire Marshal and Emergency Services Coordinator Fred Alston; Township Solicitor/Lead Counsel Jim McErlane, Esq.; Alternate Counsels Gary Bender, Esq. and Glen Diehl, Esq.; Historical Architectural consultant Dale Frens; Independent Auditor for FY 2001 Emory Todd (Resolution #585 of 2002); Tax Collector for Delinquent Taxes Ellen Behrle.
Supervisor Liaisons: Roads (no liaison); Parks & Rec.(Paul Hogan); Planning Commission (no liaison) Historical Comm/HARB (no liaison); Zoning Hearing Board (no liaison); Administration (none appointed?); Great Valley School District (Kevin Kuhn); Valley Forge Sewer Authority (Mike Rodgers); Neighboring Townships: Kevin Kuhn Tredyffrin; Hugh Willig East Pikeland; Irene Ewald West Pikeland and East Whiteland; Mike Rodgers Schuylkill
Planning Commission: William Davison
Open Space Commission: The list presented to the Board of Supervisors was approved as amended (Tom Korber will replace Pam Smith).
Historical Commission/HARB: List approved: Bill Anderson, Elise Coleman, Frank Corcoran, Priscilla Crowell, E. Gerhart, Robert Jones, Mary Ellen Joos, Tom Korber, Kevin Kuhn, Saul Kun, Andy Motel, Rosemary Philips, B.Losier, Suzanne Staas, and Ed Theurkauf as consultant. Planning Commissioner Charlie Philips; Code Enforcement Officer Surender Kohli.
Zoning Hearing Board: Chairman Harry Nagle has declined to serve again. Michael Bowell will move from Alternate member to Regular member. (John Martin and Cathyann DiFilippo are still serving as Regular members.) Chairman and a new alternate member are needed.
Parks and Recreation Board: Jim Quay (?) was reappointed.
Valley Forge Sewer Authority: no appointments needed.
Vacancy Board: Mr.Russ Hanscom was reappointed.
Establish Rates of Pay for 2002: Twp. Secretary/Treasurer $40,000 per year; Asst. Twp. Secretary $12.50/hour; Planning Commission Secretary $15.00/hour; Roadmaster $10,000 per year; Animal Control Officer $15.00/hour; Fire Marshal/EOC $8,400/year.
Establish Mileage Rate for 2002: $0.345 per mile approved.
Establish Holiday Schedule for 2002: Same as present schedule: 1/1 New Years' Day; 1/21 Martin Luther King Day; 5/27 Memorial Day; 7/4 Independence Day; 9/2 Labor Day; 11/28-29 Thanksgiving; 12/24-25 Christmas; 12/31 New Years' Eve.
Annual Resolutions:

  • Resolution #586 of 2002 Setting depositories for township accounts.
  • Resolution #587 of 2002 Naming Ambulance Service: N.E. section of township: West End Fire Co. and the balance of the township: East Whiteland Township Vol. Fire Assn. Police coverage will be provided by the Embreeville Barracks of the Pa. State Police. Emergency services will be provided by the Chester County Dept. of Emergency Services and the surrounding fire companies.
Mrs. Ewald suggested an ordinance to provide for $1,875 or the ordinance maximum to be paid to the supervisors annually to defray expenses and pay for their services. Discussion of the pros and cons of submitting expenses resulted in no vote. The general feeling of the Board was that there were few expenses that were not already covered by the township.
Scheduling of the Date, Time, and Location of 2002 business meetings:
The Board set the first and third Mondays of the month as Board of Supervisors' meeting nights. Special scheduling for Monday holidays will be on an individual basis. Scheduling for days when the school building is not available is as follows:
  • Martin Luther King Day, January 21, Supervisors will meet on January 28, 2002
  • President's Day, February 18, Supervisors will meet on February 25, 2002
  • Labor Day, September 2, Supervisors will meet on September 9, 2002.
The Reorganization Meeting adjourned at 8:43 p.m.

Monday, January 14, 2002  (Provided by Charlestown Green)
Charlestown Township
Board of Supervisors' Regular Meeting
January 7, 2002
The regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors was called to order by Chairman Hugh Willig at 8:43 p.m. Present were Hugh Willig, Kevin Kuhn, Irene Ewald, Paul Hogan (Mike Rodgers was absent), Linda Csete, and Surender Kohli. Tom Oeste, Esquire, arrived at 9:16 p.m.
An announcement was made by Mr. Willig that Lt. Tucker of the Pennsylvania State Police and two of his sergeants will attend the January 28 Board of Supervisors' meeting to give their annual report of activity in Charlestown and participate in a discussion. The township will send a postcard to all residents inviting them to this meeting. The Board indicated that if enough interest was shown at the 1/28 meeting another visit would be scheduled for the benefit of all township residents.
The January 7 snowfall presented serious problems on township roads. The supervisors felt that the contractor (Melchiorre) should be notified that the services rendered were below expectations. The question arose as to whether the contractor is "spread too thin" over the townships. The Board will document the icy conditions that existed as of Monday evening, January 7. Reportedly, none of the 10 contact numbers given for reaching the contractor answered. An accident on Bodine Road occurred at 5 PM and the ambulance, fire marshal, and state police were unable to drive to the accident scene because of ice. The injured driver had to be taken to the waiting ambulance. Mr. Oeste will be advised of the issue, and the Roadmaster will be consulted for his input.
Philip Staas recalled a fatal accident (years ago) on Route 29 where a car and a school bus collided on a bridge, and made a suggestion that we take the initiative and pre-salt the areas known to be dangerous prior the state's salting and cindering.
Bill Davison complained that Asplundh's many vehicles had Charlestown Road tied up all day today, even though they were aware that a major traffic artery, Route 29, was closed. The Board advised that a letter would be sent.
The Board reviewed and approved their Minutes from the December 17, 2001 meeting. The Accounts Payable of 1/7/2002 was approved after clarification of a check that did not have an invoice attached. Internet charges will be reviewed in light of a $99 annual charge and individual mailbox charges to the township. Mrs. Ewald said that she also pays mailbox charges so there may be duplication in payments. Another question arose as to an $86.00 electric bill for power to run a pump at the farm. The charge may be at the higher commercial rate rather than residential.. The Farm Committee will be asked to look at the billing and the efficiency of the pump.
Zoning: Additional to his report, Mr. Kohli reported that no contractor's estimates have been received yet for the planned traffic light at Sidley Road (Yellow Springs) and Phoenixville Pike. Mr. Kuhn advised that he had received a call regarding the Horseshoe Trail reporting that trail markers have been moved and signs defaced. Mrs. Ewald offered to call Mr. Moskowitz regarding the situation. An alternative would be to run the trail down Union Hill Road and continue through the Markley (CHS) property; however, this is not good due to the dangerous conditions for riding on Union Hill. Documents are being sought which would show the actual location of the trail at this time.
Planning Commission: Their last meeting on December 11 featured approval of the Spring Meadows lot line changes as requested by Michael Main, and a review of the new Ordinance with Fire Marshal Fred Alston. Mr. Panizza was also at the meeting to discuss his Spring Lane Farm project.
Historic Commission - Charles Philips reported that the Commission is interested in stabilizing the Charlestown mill for winter. Any such work would be done through Mr. Kohli and the owner, Mrs. Bumeder. No bid process would be required. Since the work is urgently needed, Mrs. Ewald asked whether there was any way a super structure could be built over the mill to protect it from further weather damage.
Roadmaster - discussed previously.
Fire Marshal - in addition to his report, Mr. Alston stated he had attended several professional meetings on Emergency Management and Planning. The burning ban is still in effect in the township. His report stated that 157 incidents occurred in 2001 (159 in 2000), which included 52 automatic alarms and approximately 59 auto accidents. The remaining incidents were of a miscellaneous nature.
Mrs. Ewald stated that ordinance prohibits parking along township roads; however, several others commented they could not find such a provision in the ordinance. Mrs. Ewald was concerned that hazardous conditions or blocking of the snow plows could result if people parked on the roads. Mr. Kohli stated that signs must be posted if a no parking rule was to be enforced. Mr. Philips asked that the board consider the conditions along Hollow Road and allow residents to park their cars off the road way in storms since their driveways are steep.
Parks and Recreation: The Fox Hunt proceeded at Brightside Farm. Mr. Hogan advised that lots of trash was also found on the property. He noted further that the old foundation wall discovered in a digging project several weeks ago is now recovered with soil.
Mr. Hogan stated that an old sycamore tree had fallen along Sycamore Lane and the clean up took three days. He stated that 18 new trees had been planted recently and four more are planned. He asked if the township would fund the four new trees, but this question was left undecided. Mr. Oeste said that the board could make a policy decision regarding the trees, but thought it should not be directed only at Sycamore Lane. Mrs. Ewald proposed that Sycamore Lane be designated as a "township treasure" because of its beauty.
Mr. Hogan asked the Board if they would approve spending $10,000 to repair Charlestown Park fencing. This spurred Mrs. Ewald's advice that the township's fencing along Pickering Dam Road should be repaired for safety reasons.
A letter will be sent to the appropriate parties regarding approval of the work needed to remove the trees that are causing damage to the ice dam at Route 29.
Brightside Farm Committee: no report.
Valley Forge Sewer Authority: no report.
Turnpike Commission, Citizens' Action Committee: Mr. Kuhn gave a quick overview of the proposed new route for the slip ramp. This route would exit the westbound turnpike and run in the vicinity of Flat Road, terminating in the Great Valley Corporate Center. He reported that installation of EZ Pass lanes at Valley Forge has facilitated movement though the interchange. However, the EZ Pass lines back up excessively during rush hours and are virtually non-existent during other hours of the day. Charlie Philips commented that the most threatening traffic is arriving in the township from the west (Swedesford Road, for instance) and it would be unaffected by the proposed slip ramp or the EZ Pass system. A motion was approved to enable Mr. Kohli to arrange a township-wide traffic study.
A Howell Road resident received approval for a new private road "Wheelock Lane."
The township's contract with Signal Service, Inc. for traffic signal maintenance received approval.
Brooklands Sewage Facilities Planning Module Resolution. The documents presented by the applicant were reviewed previously by Mr. Kohli, who, in turn, recommended approval. Resolution #588 of 2002 was adopted enabling the Board's approval.
A discussion opened regarding tax increase. Mr. Kuhn advised investigation of various methods of raising revenue. Earned Income Tax is being considered as one method, however, Mrs. Ewald is strongly opposed to this tax in Charlestown. Mr. Willig and Mr. Kuhn also objected to this tax. Mr. Willig requested that the Board determine the amount of revenue needed and the reason it is needed before any tax is considered. Mr. Kuhn advocated checking all areas where township expenses could be cut in order to possibly avoid the need for additional revenue collection.
Mr. Willig said that the new Route 29 bridge stone veneer must be approved by the Board. The choice is between a lighter color stone and a ‘blue toned" stone. The board would like to have the stone as close in color to the ice dam as possible. According to Mr. Kuhn, the work is progressing and is ahead of schedule. PennDOT would like to continue to take advantage of the good weather, and predicts end of May completion if the weather cooperates.
Executive sessions will be required to review the proposed agreement for the Charlestown Woolen Mill, also known as "Baughman's Mill," as well as a review of the Trammel Crow/Hough Lowe improvements at Yellow Springs and Route 29.
Meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.
(This date is in lieu of January 21, 2002, which is Martin Luther King Day.)
Reported for Charlestown Green by Loretta Watson

Continued in Archives

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