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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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Archived Home Pages - November 1998

A Happy and Safe Thanksgiving to All!
11/25/98 (afternoon)
New Feature - I have finally completed the preparation and posting of a series of maps and map-key that locate and identify subdivision plans currently in some stage of processing in Charlestown, as well as those that are essentially completed. I owe a great deal of thanks to Al VanBrunt who prepared the corresponding map and key that was printed in the October issue of the Charlestown Green Newsletter.
The subdivision plans section is linked from our General Info page as well as from the Charlestown Green October Newsletter cover page. I suggest you read the first page of the Subdivision Plans section to get the most benefit from the material presented. With the help of the Township Secretary, Linda Csete, I will keep this material current by updating the maps and map-key as new plans are submitted to the Planning Commission and as the status of existing plans change. The individual subdivisions are color coded on both the plan maps and the map-key. You may easily find the map location of a subdivision from the map-key page, or find the subdivision on the map-key page based on it's map location. In order to provide sufficiently large and detailed maps, I have split the Township map into three zones, with the appropriate zone map linked from each subdivision in the map-key page.
In addition to these maps being appropriate material for this web site, I intend to provide a link to the appropriate map page for each reference to a subdivision in our reports and official minutes of Township meetings. I suspect that many of you are like myself in that on reading the reports or minutes of meetings, I am often puzzled as to the location of a particular subdivision under discussion. In the future, you will be able to click a link within the report or minutes to see the appropriate map containing the subdivision. Then click the "Back" button to return to the report or minutes.
As I indicate on the "cover" page that introduces the subdivision maps, the maps and/or key undoubtedly contain errors. I solicit your corrections as well as comments on the presentation of this material. Send me your thoughts by clicking the Contact Us link in the left menu column.
Check out this new section by clicking here.
11/25/98 (morning)
Charlestown's Erik Churchill is praised and quoted in two articles by Ira Josephs in today's Philadelphia Inquirer, which named Great Valley student Erik and his teammate Mark Stallings "Chester County Runners of the Year". The boy's coach, Paul Gring, was named "Chester County Coach of the Year". According to the article on Erik and Mark, "Duo led Great Valley to wins", Erik is also a guard on the school's basketball team, a member of the National Honor Society, and the founder of Great Valley's Outdoor Club. Congratulations Erik! The two articles are given top billing on the paper's Chester County Sports page, available by clicking here, and separately here and here.
I have posted a new entry in the Open Space section of our Neighborhood Issues page. It is a reference to and quote from an article in the Lancaster Farming paper regarding the success of the Lancaster Farmland Trust in preserving 100 farms in 10 years.
Phyllis Nathans, who wrote to this web site in an email posted to our home page on 11/03/98, has sent the following letter to the Board of Supervisors. Phyllis, who can be reached at, asked that I post that letter for our visitors to read. I welcome the thoughts of our visitors on this issue.
Dear John Sauser/Chairman:
Several weeks ago I contacted the state police, the Charlestown Township and Jacob Merriwether in reference to what I have observed and experienced along with many others as mounting serious driving problems within this township. The police said they are willing to set up speed traps, etc. I have not seen anything posted as of yet on this site nor have I received any confirmation on my letter and there are of course have been no indications of cracking down on these illegal driving problems.
As I mentioned in my letter, since motorists have no monitoring & enforcment of traffic rules from police, these drivers have become so aggressive and inconsiderate as to completely ignore signs, lights and rules. Just a few examples; many do not simply choose to stop at the stop sign on Pikeland/Charlestown Road, the intersection of Hollow and Pikeland is highly dangerous and people plow through at high speeds. The average speed on Route # 113 is closer to 70 then 45 and drivers are always passing in no pass zones! Tailgating with high beams has become the norm.
I want to know where are the authorities on traffic control and enforcement? This township is growing not shrinking in population and automobiles. Why is this mass breaking of our rules of the roads tolorated? Now since the township has been made aware of these illegal driving patterns and do not seem to be acting to prevent or control this, they must be held responsible just like these mortorists. Let's get this under control soon. Remember that our laws must not be ignored but enforced for the good & safety of all.
I have posted the Proposed Budget for 1999 for Charlestown Township. It is linked from the Official Minutes page, or you can click here. The Approved 1998 budget is still posted.
A follow up article by Angela Galloway in today's Philadelphia Inquirer reports on the supervisors' meeting in Thornbury where a particular interpretation of cluster zoning resulted in about 250 residents attending the meeting. One of the issues that came up is whether areas of a property that are not available for development due to flood plain or steep slope conditions should be included in the acreage used to compute the percent of "open space" resulting from the plan. The article is available on-line from the paper's web site by clicking here.
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Several articles in today's local newspapers may be of interest to Charlestown residents:
Chester County real estate tax rates are to stay the same next year, according to an article by Kyle Ashinhurst in today's Daily Local. The article is available on-line for today only by clicking here.
Charlestown resident and noted architect Vincent Kling has offered his services at no charge to design an addition for the county library in Exton. This is reported in another article by Kyle Ashinhurst in the Daily Local, available for today only by clicking here, and another article in the Philadelphia Inquirer by Peter Smolowitz, available at that paper's web site by clicking here.
Finally, an example of a township's residences becoming involved in land development is exemplified by an article by Angela Galloway titled "Residents against 124 houses to get say" in today's Philadelphia Inquirer, available by clicking here.
11/17/98 I have posted the detailed Site Statistics for 10/16 - 11/15. As usual, the list of countries from which people visit (stumble upon?) us and the search strings that lead people here are intriguing.
Today's Philadelphia Inquirer has an article by Lubna Khan titled "Another option for teens - Great Valley may send troubled students to an alternative high school." The school board is expected to reserve six slots at Chester County High School for troubled teens. The article is available from the paper's web site by clicking here.
I have posted the Official Minutes of the October meeting of the Planning Commission.
If you voted at the last election you know that the Township's Democratic Committee and Republican Committee have joined forces to fight the proposed Turnpike Slip Ramp in Charlestown and were seeking signatures for a petition at the election. The committees have written a letter to the Board of Supervisors regarding this petition and their desire to present the petition to the Board at the Board's December 7 meeting. They have asked me to post the letter on our web site. It is linked from the Republican Committee's page, or you may simply click here.
Today's Daily Local has an article by Gina Cappello titled "District mulling wellness center pilot program" regarding the possible provision of various medical services to students of the Great Valley School District. The article is available from the paper's web site for today only by clicking here.
Charlestown Issues on TV - Tonight the 11:00 P.M. Channel 6 News will feature a short segment on Development in Chester County including interviews with Earnest Pyle, whose dairy farm on Yellow Springs Rd. was recently sold, supervisor Irene Ewald, several developers and others.
Phoenixville Pike To Be Closed - The following press release was forwarded to us by Irene Ewald.
News Release from Philadelphia Suburban Water Company
PSW To Begin $1 Million Main Installation In Charlestown Township

Phoenixville Pike is to be closed to all but local traffic during construction

Bryn Mawr, November 10 - Philadelphia Suburban Water Company (PSW) will begin the first phase of a major main installation project in Charlestown Township Monday, November 16, that will lay 8,000 feet of 24-inch transmission main along Phoenixville Pike between Yellow Springs Road and Morehall Roads. Throughout the three-month construction project, which is scheduled to take place Monday through Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Phoenixville Pike will be closed to all but local traffic between Yellow Springs (and Sidley) Road and Morehall Roads. Westbound traffic on Phoenixville Pike will be detoured south on Route 29, south on Route 202, north on Route 401 back to Phoenixville Pike. Eastbound traffic on Phoenixville Pike will be detoured south on Route 401, north on Route 202, north on Route 29 back to Phoenixville Pike. Detours will be lifted each day after the completion of construction. The main installation is the first of a four-phase project scheduled for completion in 1999 that will bring additional water into the eastern part of Chester County, further reducing its dependence on groundwater. The project is one of $14 million of capital improvements PSW has planned for Chester County this year.
Development Plans - At last night's meeting of the Planning Commission, John E. Panizza presented two "Flexible Sketch Plans" for the Deerfield development south of Yellow Springs Rd. and east of Valley Hill Road. There was considerable discussion of the plans and their implications for traffic, safety and viewsheds. No action was taken on these plans and none can be taken until a new cluster ordinance has been approved by the Township.
The plans are shown below and as larger images on separate pages. The right edge of the development is on Yellow Springs Road, with a full crossroad intersection at Hollow Road. The top edge of the development is Valley Hill Road, with another entrance on Valley Hill, north of the Green Lane intersection. The bottom edge is the PA Turnpike. Plan 1, on the left, has about 800 feet of open space south of Yellow Springs Road, including the Pyle farmhouse and barn, while Plan 2, on the right, has about 600 feet of open space south of Yellow Springs Road.

Deerfield Flex Plan 1 Click on photo to see larger image. Deerfield Flex Plan 2

County Taxes - Today's Daily Local has an article by Kyle Ashinhurst titled "County won't cut '99 taxes". The article is available from the paper's web site (for today only) by clicking here.
This from the Great Valley Cross Country coach, Paul Gring, regarding Charlestown's Erik Churchill -

"I have one more bit of news to add to the website concerning Erik Churchill. On Sat. Nov. 7th Erik earned a State Cross Country medal and All State honors by placing 10th in the AAA race at the State Championship meet held at Penn State University. His fine finish along with the outstanding effort of his teammates earned the Great Valley Cross Country team a 3rd place finish at the state championship meet."
Linda Csete, Township Secretary, took me on a "tour" of the new Township Office above the Devault Post Office. For those of you who have not yet seen the new facilities, here are two photos taken last week.

Township Office w/Linda Csete Click on photo to see larger image. Township Office

We have received an updated list of some of the items to be auctioned at the Great Valley Nature Center's legendary fall fund-raiser, a combination silent auction, live auction and festive community party on Saturday, November 14th from 5 to 9 p.m.  Ten percent of the profits from the auction will go to the Charlestown Historical Society. We have more on this event linked to our Special Events Calendar.
This is a partial list of items to be auctioned -

  • Peter Schulthorpe print, framed and numbered
  • Sandra Giangiulio print of the Kimberton Post Office, framed and numbered
  • Wetlands Blue, a beautiful print of a Blue Heron framed and numbered (dontated by the Lippencott Gallery)
  • Original "Cinderella" storyboard sketches
  • Antique Walnut Dining Room Table
  • Kestrel Nestbox
  • "Princess" Beanie Baby
  • Full family membership from the YMCA in Phoenixville
  • Gold Watch donated by Testa's Jewelers of Paoli
  • Three "Safe Prom Rides" in a beautiful antique automobile, chauffeur driven to the prom and after prom party
  • Brunch for 2 at the Epicurian Restaurant
  • Lunch for 2 at the Herb Garden Restaurant
  • Authentic wood carving of a chicadee, mounted
  • Dinner for 2 at the Cedar Hollow Inn
  • Four Eagles tickets
  • Several sets of 2 Flyers tickets
  • A horse drawn carriage ride through Chester County, including lunch, courtesy of Dr. Donald Rosato
  • Wash, cut and style courtesy of Deb's Salon on Yellow Springs Road
  • Basket of honey and bees wax items
  • Ride through Charlestown in an antique Cadillac with lunch at the Nature Center, courtesy of Dorando Faggioli
  • Gift Baskets from Creative Cooking
  • Two 1 year rentals of safe deposit boxes courtesy of Royal Bank
  • Two rounds of golf at the Kimberton Golf Club
  • Dinner for 2 at La Taverna Restaurant
  • $25 Gift Certificate for the Sly Fox Restaurant
  • Brunch for 2 at the Kimberton Inn
The Great Valley School district is considering the development of a health center for teens through the district's partnership with Paoli Memorial Hospital. An article titled "For health, Great Valley is looking beyond the classroom" by Lubna Khan appears in today's Philadelphia Inquirer.
I recently received email from Charlestown resident Daniel McIntyre who seeks suggestions as to sources of information on environmental issues facing Charlestown. If you have any suggestions for Daniel, whose query is posted below, you can contact him at
My name is Dan McIntyre and I am looking for some helpful information. I am a student at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. I also live with my parents, Francis and Noreen McIntyre, in Devault on 17 Fieldstone Lane. I am doing a paper for my Environmental Issues and Choices class that requires me to write about an environmental issue that has impact on, or is currently happening im my local community. I have gotten some leads from the web site, but I am always in search of any other information that I can get my hands on. I would greatly appreciate a reply to my request. If anyone can give me more information about any current environmental topic that is effecting Charlestown locally, I am sure I could include it in my paper.
    Thank You,
    Daniel McIntyre
I have posted the Preliminary Agenda for next Tuesday's meeting of the Planning Commission.
For those who would like to peruse election results on the internet, the Chester County Election Results page is here and the Philadelphia Inquirer's election page is here.
This announcement was received this afternoon from Kelley H. Kelly :  The board of directors for Charlestown Hunt Association will meet Thursday, November 12, 1998. The meeting will be held in Ambler, PA.
Those who attended the Charlestown Historical Society gathering last night enjoyed a fascinating look at the Schuylkill Heritage Corridor project, now in it infancy, but destined to have a major impact on the celebration of the history of 130 miles of the Schuylkill Valley extending from Philadelphia to Pottsville. Jane Davidson, renowned for her several decades of work furthering the discovery, study and preservation of history in Chester County, showed maps and slides related to the new project, to Phoenixville's wonderful architectures, and the planned conversion of the Phoenix Steel building as one of four Schuylkill Heritage Corridor Visitor Centers.
I have posted the Official Minutes of the regular October meeting of the Board of Supervisors as well as the Annual Budget meeting.
Today's Philadelphia Inquirer has an article titled "Township votes to add two officials" by Michael Rothfeld discussing the results of Tuesday's referendums in Charlestown, Kennett and East Fallowfield. The article is available from the paper's web site by clicking here.
According to the unofficial results posted on the County's web site as well as an article in the Daily Local, our Board of Supervisors will be increased to five members. Similar measures in Kennett and East Fallowfield were voted down, but passed in Charlestown by 556 to 395.
A reminder for the Township history buffs among us, the Charlestown Historical Society holds its second fall meeting tonight (8:00 PM at the Charlestown Playhouse) with the following program:
The brightest star in Chester County's historic preservation community will be our speaker on November 4th. Jane Davidson, who in 1982 created the county's Office of Historic Preservation just in time to organize the Tri-Centennial celebrations, now works under Bill Mineo in the Department of Parks and Recreation. Because of her thirty years of dedication to county local history, she is the one to whom everyone turns with historical questions. She knows the people, the historic places and the problems all over the county. She initiated the Chester County Historic Preservation Network (now 400 members of local historic commissions, known as "Jane's army , and has prepared hundreds of National Register nominations. By serving tirelessly on many state and national historic preservation groups she has made Chester County a model among historically responsible communities. For the National Park Service she is compiling a list of all Chester County sites which played a role in the Revolution. For the state of Pennsylvania she is working on "Heritage Tourism" and "The Schuylkill Heritage Corridor" topics of her talk next Wednesday one which will be a great follow-up to Neal Thorpe's report at our October 7th meeting about the Schuylkill Canal Association. Don't miss this meeting. Her enthusiasm is contagious! At the preceding business meeting we'll select the nominating committee to find a slate for our 1999 officers.
11/03/98 (Evening)
I have posted Kevin Kuhn's report on last night's combined meeting of the Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission. The report is on our Neighborhood News page. As you read it, be thankful that Kevin puts in his own time to both attend these meetings and then write his reports so the rest of us can be informed in a timely manner.
The common thread throughout all of the comments and "position papers" we have received regarding the issue of three vs five supervisors is to encourage everyone to vote, whatever your feelings on this issue.
Republican Committeewoman Sue Staas has added a posting to our Three vs Five Bulletin Board.
I have posted the Fire Marshal's report for the month of October.
The email quoted below was received from Phyllis Nathans ( I suggested she express her concerns to the Board of Supervisors and encourage other residents to respond as well.
"I have recently spoken with the state police and Charlestown Township concerning what I believe a serious concern about the way many people in this area do not respect the rules of the road such as speed limits, tailgating, stop signs and lights. There seems to be unlimited freedom for drivers around here since there is no enforcement to be found. Very few drivers stay within designated speed limits and have subsequently become relentless tailgaters causing endless problems. If there were at least police observing these actions, drivers would hopefully get the message that this township does not condone sloppy and reckless driving habits. If the tickets on tailgaters were steep & people got hit with these fees regularly, word would travel quickly and the lesson would be learned before major problems occurred. In addition, there are no lights for safety on these well traved roads which is unsafe, dangerous and even contributes to deer crossings. Charlestown is growing and families want improved conditions not outdated unsafe ones. I would like to come to a meeting of the superviors which discusses this urgent topic. Please let me know what can be done to control this potentially dangerous situation for everyone."
I have received an update from his coach on the achievements of Charlestown's Erik Churchill following last Friday's track meet at Lehigh University. It's in our Neighbors of Note page.
With the exception of the Development Map, the entire October issue of the Charlestown Green's newsletter is now posted. It is linked from The Green's home page as well as from here.
Reminder: This monday's meeting of the Board of Supervisors is a joint meeting with the Planning Commission. The agenda is posted here.

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