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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

Website of the Week
Daily Local News
August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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Archived Home Pages - November 1997

We have posted quite a few additions to the Neighborhood Links page. All are marked as "New".
11/27/97  W E' R E   B A C K  !
There was a network outage today that took us offline approximately 1:30 this afternoon. Being a holiday, we were unable to talk directly with our service provider, so we do not know what the problem was, but our connection came alive again about 9:30 this evening. We apologize to anyone who was inconvenienced by this.
We have posted two more pages (four photos each) of Barns of Charlestown Township as well as our first set of Spring Houses of Charlestown Township. All are available by clicking on Photo Albums at the left, or here.
We have changed the format of these and all photo albums posted in the future. At the top of each selection page (showing four small images), you may see a hand pointing left and/or a hand pointing right.

Left Pointing HandA left pointing hand is a button that links you to the previous album page (of four photos) for that topic. In the case of Barns and Wild Flowers, there are currently three pages of four photos each for each category. If you are looking at the first page in a category, there will be no previous page hand on which to click.

Right pointing handA right pointing hand is a button that links you to the next album page. If you are looking at the last page in the category, there will be no next page hand on which to click.
In addition, don't forget that clicking on a small picture on these pages or the caption below it links you to a much larger image of the photo on which you clicked. Finally, remember that setting your pc's or mac's monitor control panel to "thousands of colors" or "16-bit color" results in much nicer photographic images on your screen.
We have posted the First Draft of the Proposed 1998 Budget for Charlestown Township. This draft was introduced at the November 17 meeting of the Board of Supervisors and is scheduled for discussion and ultimately a vote for approval at a December meeting.
We have also posted the December 2, 1996 official minutes of the Board of Supervisors, which were missing from yesterday's otherwise full year 1996 posting.
We have posted the official minutes of all 1996 meetings of the Board of Supervisors, with the exception of the December 2, 1996 meeting (which will be posted soon). These minutes are fully indexed and will be searched when you use the Search feature.
In addition, we have added an "Official Minutes" link to the row of links that appears at the top of all pages. You no longer have to go to the Neighborhood News page to get to the list of official minutes.
We have posted the official minutes of the October 14, 1997 meeting of the Planning Commission. Topics covered include: Ferguson - Preliminary/Final Subdivision Plan; Derkas - Subdivision Sketch Plan; Campbell - Subdivision Sketch Plan; Sprint/Spectrum - Conditional Use Application; J. Loew & Associates - Zoning Ordinance Amendment to the NC District; Water Resources Ordinance. These and official minutes other meetings are always available from a link near the top of the Neighborhood News page.
We have posted a report on last evening's meeting of the Board of Supervisors in Neighborhood News.
I have "tweaked" the Mining article so that visitors who arrive at a mining page via the new Search facility can easily jump to any of the other six pages via a "menu bar" across the top of each page in the Mining article.
My apologies to those who accessed the "Images of Mining" page posted early this morning and found that it took forever to load the page. One of the images was ridiculously large and has been made much smaller.
We have completed our most ambitious "content project" to date. It is an article titled 19th Century Mining in Charlestown Township, and is available in our Early Days section.
New Search Facility
We have added a new (basic) Search Facility available in the left column menu that appears on every page of our web site. Click there to go to the new Search page where you may enter one or more words to be searched. Our new Search Facility will quickly list all pages anywhere in the Charlestown Township Web Site (with a brief description) that contain the entered word(s). You may click on a listed page to go directly to that page and see your search words in context.
As an example, it ease to quickly get a list of linked pages containing references to "Rees Road" or "Henry Soulen" or most any other names or terms in which you are interested. As this web site grows, this feature will increase in value.
We have plans to provide an "Enhanced Search" facility with more controls over the search, and we plan to implement a separate search that will only search the official minutes of the meetings of the Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission.
Please read the Search Help and the Search Hints on the Search page to learn more about this new feature.
The Philadelphia Inquirer reports the Region 1 Great Valley School District election results as ("*" = incumbent) -
Eugene Twardowski (R) 1,271 (elected)
Katherine A. Pettiss* (D) 1,168 (elected)
Jerry Moore (R) 1,116
Constance Ferris Meyer* (D) 1,086
On another note, we had a record 65 visitors yesterday and have had many additions to our automatic notification list in the past week.
Of the three newspapers we received this morning, the Philadelphia Inquirer, The Mercury and The Phoenix, only The Phoenix had unofficial results of the Township's Supervisor race between incumbent Irene Ewald and write-in candidate Robert Wert. The unofficial results reported by Daniel Griffin in The Phoenix are
Irene Ewald - 545
Write-In -   333  (Presumably most or all are for Robert Wert)
We have posted the Official Minutes of the two October meetings of the Board of Supervisors. These are always available via the link at the top of the Neighborhood News page.
We have posted a report on last evening's meeting of the Board of Supervisors in Neighborhood News.

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