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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

Website of the Week
Daily Local News
August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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Archived Home Pages - October 1997

We opened our doors on June 2, 1997, though no one but family knew it back then, and today we had our 1,000th visitor to this home page. We are especially happy that many visitors have returned often because they find this site worth their time. To date, seventeen visitors have signed up to be notified via email whenever we make significant changes to the site. You can sign up too by clicking here.
We want to thank those of you who have supported and encouraged our efforts to grow this web site into a useful, educational and entertaining resource for Charlestown residents. We appreciate the "word of mouth advertising" that many of you have done by telling friends and neighbors about this site. We especially thank those who have contributed information and reports that we have posted. This web site has grown to 130 pages, but we have only begun the journey and have a lot more to do. We hope to gather in more Charlestown organizations for whom this site can be a useful tool for making announcements and seeking support. Don't hesitate to send in suggestions, corrections and comments using Contact Us on the left column menu.
In case you missed it, there is a visitor counter at the bottom of this home page (which excludes visits from our own computers).
We received this email yesterday -
"The number of real estate and other illegal signs on route 29 near Charlestown Rd. is terrible. It gives a poor appearance to a main entrance to our township. Can we get enforcement of our township sign ordinances?"
        Signs on Rt 29
We agree. The three signs shown here are on Rt 29 approaching the intersection from the north. They are repeated from other directions approaching the same intersection at the foot of Charlestown School hill.
The fall Newsletter from Charlestown Green, Inc. has been mailed to members of the organization. This very informative issue includes in-depth reports on major topics including
  • The Township's pending acquisition of a portion of the Pyle farm
  • A breakdown and look at the trends of the taxes paid by Township residents
  • The 19 acre Swiss Pines Japanese gardens
  • The Charlestown Agricultural Security Area
  • The Landscapes program being promoted by the County
  • The Great Valley School Board
  • The noise and ground shock problems associated with Devault Crushed Stone
  • The proposed Sprint/Spectrum communications tower
as well as several short articles on topics of interest to Township residents.
If you would like to receive a copy of this and future news letters from Charlestown Green, join the organization for $25 (tax deductible) by mailing your check to
 Charlestown Green, Inc.
 P.O. Box 469
 Devault, PA 19432-0469
We have posted a report on last Monday's (Oct 20) meeting of the Board of Supervisors in the Neighborhood News section.
We have also updated Neighbors of Note to reflect the recent achievements of residents Neila Kun and Dr. Carol Armstrong.
There are three state constitution amendment questions on our November 4 ballot, one of which is pretty confusing on first reading. Click here to see the details and explanations.
We extend our apologies to anyone who was unable to visit this site during the day of Oct 22nd.
Michael Bowell at the Orchid Congress
Michael Bowell of Bodine Road will participate in the 42nd Eastern Orchid Congress and S.E.P.O.S. 50th Anniversary. Click here for details in our Neighbors of Note section.
We have posted a report by Ellen Behrle on last Tuesday's meeting of the Planning Commission. The report is in Neighborhood News.
The official minutes of the September 9 meeting of the Planning Commission have been posted. As always, all posted official minutes of Township government meetings are available from the link at the top of the Neighborhood News page.
We received the above Fire Marshal notice to all Charlestown Township Residents from Township Secretary Linda Csete about noon on the 14th. In addition to the ban on burning, the Fire Marshall issued a reminder about the regulations associated with the 9-1-1 system, which we have posted in Neighborhood News.
We have posted a report in Neighborhood News by Kevin Kuhn on last Monday's (Oct 6) meeting of the Board of Supervisors. The official minutes of the two September meetings are also available.
We have posted the official minutes of the September 8 and 15 meetings of the Board of Supervisors. As usual, these will always be available from the Meetings link at the top of the Neighborhood News page. We hope to have the Planning Commission September 9 minutes posted next week.
OOPS! Our posting in Neighborhood News regarding the Pyle family accepting the Township and School District's offers to purchase a portion of their farm incorrectly proclaimed (in the heading, no less) that the Township was purchasing the Rapp House. In fact, the Rapp House is owned by the Charlestown Historical Society. The corrected posting can be viewed by clicking here. Our thanks to Loretta Watson for bringing this to our attention.
We have added the remaining 1997 major Saturday events of the Great Valley Nature Center to our Special Events Calendar.
Did you know that at one time as many as 400 were employed in mines in Charlestown Township, or that mines here have produced silver, lead, quartz, granite, limestone and kaolin? Check out our report on Irene Ewald's excellent presentation on the Mines of Charlestown at last Wednesday's meeting of the Charlestown Historical Society.
We also have a brief report with photo of the Commemorative Ceremony at the Revolutionary War Cemetery on August 20th. These reports are also linked from our Neighborhood News page.
We have added information in the General Info section (under "About Charlestown"), and we have reorganized the Neighborhood Links page, providing an index by type of link. We have also added several interesting new neighborhood links, including a new Phoenixville Online web site.
As usual, new topics are indicated by a red "New" tag.

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