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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

Website of the Week
Daily Local News
August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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Archived Home Pages - August 1997

Many residents of Charlestown Township have had some form of association with Charlestown Playhouse, on Charlestown Road, across from the Revolutionary War Cemetery. Many of us have attended ourselves, or have children or grandchildren attending.
For the first time since 1936, when the school was founded, they are turning to their friends and supporters for funds to renovate the school building (actually a former 18th century church). We have added Charlestown Playhouse to our Neighborhood Organizations page, and set up their own page with details about the Preservation Fund. We encourage you to help preserve the Playhouse.
We've had an update on the coyote from Cathy DiFilippo this evening. (see Neighborhood News).
We have added a report on last Monday's (Aug 18th) Board of Supervisors meeting (see Neighborhood News).
(About Us) If you attended the last Board of Supervisors meeting, or read the report published today in our Neighborhood News page, you will know that board members expressed concern that the Township might incur liability because of the content of this web site. In fact, since the Township has nothing to do with publishing this web site and provides no direction for this web site, the Township is no more liable than if we had written a book (or song, or play) about life in the Township titled "Charlestown Township". The only direct link between this web site and the township as a legal entity is the fact that we publish some of the same information that is available to any resident who stops by the Township Office and requests that information (i.e. approved minutes of meetings, names of elected officials, etc.). To that end, we feel we are providing a public service by offering an additional medium (other than printed copy) to publish "official" information. We hope the supervisors come to view this web site as a useful tool for disseminating information in a timely and cost effective manner.
For those who haven't read the material in the About this site section, perhaps this would be a good time to explain that this web site is published by two long-time residents of Charlestown Township as a private, volunteer effort to both have some fun (ourselves and our visitors) and provide a public service. We are determined to keep politics out of this site, but still provide reports about issues of interest to our residents. You will see no election campaigning or any form of commercial advertising here.
This web site is not affiliated with any government or organization, anywhere, but is strictly a personal endeavor. Some people have been under the mistaken impression that this site was started by or is maintained by Charlestown Green, Inc. In fact, we knew no one from and were not members of Charlestown Green when this web site was developed and went on-line in June. However, we want to emphasize that we are extremely grateful for help in the form of news reports (such as those generously provided by some members of Charlestown Green), historical information (such as we will be publishing based on information offered by the Charlestown Historical Society), and other information received from other organizations and individual residents. This is not only a "volunteer effort" on our part, but the members of various township organizations who have and will contribute to this site are also volunteers, contributing their own time to help the community.
We welcome the opportunity to make available through this medium timely information from and about various Township organizations and our fellow residents, and we hope that as this site gets more recognition and more visitors (we have had almost 100 visitors in the past week), that we will be able to provide a great deal more useful information to township residents. Organizations that do not publish a newsletter, or who do so quarterly, will find this web site a useful means to communicate with their members and the public in general at no cost (paper, printing, postage, etc.) and in a very timely manner. We appreciate the encouragement we have received from both Charlestown Green and the Charlestown Historical Society, and we feel that as more residents tune in to this site, we can be of great help to churches, schools, parents organizations, fund-raising efforts, and anyone else who could use some free help in "getting the word out".
We should point out that anyone can create additional web sites about our township, and name their sites any name they wish, including "Charlestown Township". Unfortunately, the internet address "" is already registered by an internet access provider in Rhode Island, but "" (usable by government organizations only) is still available. By the way, we are not the only "Charlestown Township" in Pennsylvania (see Tioga County), much less the US. Other states (among them Indiana, Michigan and Ohio) also have municipalities named "Charlestown Township", and we are proud of the fact that if someone uses many of the "search engines" available on the internet to find "Charlestown Township", they are generally led to our township first.
Finally, we must emphasize that this web site is not just about current events and organizations. Our primary, long run goal is to showcase the beauty, fascinating history and noteworthy citizens of Charlestown Township. There is much to be done in these areas, but we are confident that they will ultimately be the most valuable components of this web site.
At the urging of a resident, Cathy Difilippo, who has first hand experience with the matter, we have posted a brief report in Neighborhood News on the coyote that has killed chickens and threatened other domestic animals in Charlestown.
We wish to thank Ann Merriwether (from Michigan, Aug 18th) and Cathy Difilippo (Aug 21st) for identifying the large mysterious insect on our impatiens (see Aug 12 entry below and here) as a Hummingbird Moth.
For those who have asked about our having no entry on our Organizations page for the Charlestown Civic Association, we have written them for information to include on that page and have received no response.
We have posted more information (including images of two paintings) about Barbara Grant, who has a solo painting show opening in September (see 08/16 entry below).
We have added a People are saying.. page to the About this site section (at the bottom of the left menu column). This is where we will post some comments received from visitors to this site and from area publications.
If you ever forget our URL (i.e., "Address" or "Location" in most browsers), you can easily find us via most of the major web search engines. We are the first entry listed if you search on "Charlestown Township" in Yahoo, Lycos, WebCrawler, or InfoPeek. We are the 6th entry in HotBot, and 22nd in AltaVista (the only one that doesn't rank the results by applicability). We do not yet appear in AOL's search page.
Finally, we have improved the quality of our three map pages (accessed from General Info) when viewed from browsers with only 256 colors.
Barbara Grant, a Charlestown artist living on Wells Road, has a solo painting show opening in September at the F.A.N. Gallery in Philadelphia. Read about it in Neighbors of Note. If you have any candidates for the Neighbors of Note page, let us know by clicking here.
We know it's not in Charlestown Township, but if you have never experienced the Rough and Tumble Engineers' Historical Association's Annual Threshermen's Reunion, you can't imgine what you have been missing in past summers.
We have put together a brief report on this year's 49th Annual Threshermen's Reunion, with a separate photo essay on the highlights. The Rough and Tumble group actually sponsors events from early May until late October (see our Special Events calendar), and their museum is open Friday and Saturday from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
We are getting desperate for a correct answer to our quiz. Therefore, we are providing this very strong hint - the road in the quiz photo is a dead-end road! The first person to submit the correct answer wins $10 from Charlestown Green. Please try the quiz by clicking the quiz image above or here.
We just won an award!  No kidding. Ronald Martin, author of the Bits 'n Bytes column in the weekly (every Wednesday) TechTimes section of the Daily Local News has named this web site the "World Wide Web Pick of the Week". Thanks Ronald and thanks to Ellen Berhle of Charlestown Green for helping to get us noticed.
We have just added a page on one of our Township's "natural resources", specifically Swiss Pines. This Japanese garden and wildlife preserve on Charlestown Road deserves our support. If you haven't passed through the gates in a while, take advantage of the summer weather and treat yourself to a visit.
Can anyone identify a large bee-like insect we had supping on pink impatiens on our porch today? We have never seen anything like it. (Note, the "bee page" has three images totalling about 100 kb, and will require a little extra time to appear on your screen.)
We have had a number of responses to our current quiz, but still no correct answer to win the $10 prize. If you have already answered the quiz, give it another go. If you haven't tried to answer it, there is no harm in guessing. It's pretty tough, so if we don't get a correct answer soon, we'll give a hint.
We just returned from a long weekend to find this site was given a very nice mention by Inquirer columnist John Corr in Sunday's The Scene column in the Neighbors section.
We have had some nice comments on our wild flower photos from last weekend. If you have never seen a Smooth Ground Cherry up close and personal , with "bladder", then take a look at this. It's larger than life. Or, if you missed out on the Butterfly Weed this year, here is one with and without a butterfly. Check out our other photos in the Photo Albums section. (As always, our photos look best if you can set your computer's monitor to "thousands" of colors, or more. At the more common 256 color setting, they are much lower quality.)
Our report on Monday's Board Meeting (published yesterday) mistakenly indicated that the next meeting is September 8. In fact, the next meeting is Monday, August 18. We have corrected the report (see Neighborhood News) and added the preliminary agenda for the August 18 meeting.
We have a report on Monday night's Board of Supervisors meeting in Neighborhood News, including the vote on the purchase of 20 acres of the Pyle farm on Yellow Springs Road. We have also added the minutes to the July 7th meeting of the Board.
Lend A Helping Hand
A woman visiting our web site from Mission Viejo, California just sent us the following request.
My fiance and I are moving to Phoenixville in the next month and would like information sent to us on the following: dog kennels, veterinarians, storage places, and recreational activities.
If you have any suggestions, please email her at . If you send her any recommendations, we would appreciate it if you would send a copy of your response to us at .
For those of you who missed it, The Mercury (Southeastern Region Edition) published a very nice front page article (by Laura Catalano) about this web site on July 31. We want to thank Charlestown Green for getting the word out.
Charlestown Township has a number of noted artists, past and present. We recently obtained a 1944 magazine cover illustrated by Henry Soulen, and created a page on this artist. As information becomes available, we will be adding more material on Henry Soulen as well as other artists who make Charlestown their home.
We have been busy with the digital camera and wild flower books. Three photo album pages have been added, one of insects and two of wild flowers, totalling 16 individual photos. Note that we now have three separate pages of wild flower photos. These pages are linked together by "previous" and "next" buttons at the bottom of each page.
We have added five new Neighborhood Links. Did you know that some first graders at Charlestown Elementary School have their poems published on the internet?

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