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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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Archived Home Pages - June 2006

Libby Pyle (from Irene Ewald) - Libby Pyle, wife of Harold Pyle and matriarch of the Brightside Farm Pyle family passed away this morning. A longtime and active member of the Charlestown Historical Society and former Township Secretary, Libby and Harold donated the Jacob Wisner (Rapp) House to the Charlestown Historical Society in 1977. Over the years many developers kept offering to purchase the farm but Libby and Harold resisted. After Harold's death, Libby put Charlestown Township first and preferred to sell the whole farm to the Township rather than have it developed. Charlestown Township now owns 75 of the original 132 acres. Libby was well known to many who stopped at the summer fruit and vegetable roadside stand at her former home on Yellow Springs Road (across the road from the now Township-owned Brightside Farm). Artist Geraldine M. Berg's painting "Pyle's Last Stand" (shown here with a larger image here) depicts the wide selection available from the Pyle's garden and hen houses. Libby's stand used the "honor system" in which the buyer often made his/her own change in the cash box, but most certainly under the watchful eye of one or more of the family's many cats. When I learn of the funeral arrangements, I will post them here.
The Lovebirds are Back (from Kate Woodworth - see 06/28 entry below)
Wanted to let you know that both of Eric's lovebirds have returned to the roost! We are so relieved! They're in the house now, flying around (we don't have the heart to slam their cage door quite yet, not after their joyous "free in the world" vacation). Eric tells me he has turned off the ceiling fan. So hopefully we will return to reading about the misadventures of other neighborhood critters. Thank you so much for posting for us.
ATT.NET Accounts - I believe the problems I have had reaching update notice subscribers with accounts have been resolved. If you subscribe, and if you have an account, please let me know if you are not receiving update notices as of June 30, 2006.
06/28/06  (10:45 am)
Township Office Closed (from Linda Csete) - The Township Office will be closed Monday and Tuesday, July 3 and 4.
Is Your Well Flooded? - The Chester County Health Department has issued a press release regarding "Flooded Private Water Supply Wells" which details the dangers of using well water if you well area is under water, and what to do about it. Linda Csete reports that well test kits are still available from the Township Office. Click here for the press release.
"Paoli Hospital planning $145 million expansion" by Gretchen Metz in yesterday's Daily Local News reports on the planned doubling in size of Paoli Hospital by the time the expansion project is completed in 2009. The article is available on-line from the paper's web site by clicking here.
06/28/06  (early edition)
Missing Lovebirds (from Kate Woodworth) -
(Note - Kate's husband Eric is the pastor of Charlestown United Methodist Church on Church Rd. in the Village.)
Today Eric's two Masked Lovebirds escaped from their cage and are flying around in the real world somewhere. (Eric had the cage on the back porch so the birds could get a breath of fresh air, and he neglected to close the door after giving them a willow branch to gnaw on.) There are two lovebirds, and they both look the same - black heads, yellow chests, green bodies, and red beaks. They're parakeet-sized. We're ill over this. The kids gave Eric the birds for Father's Day. Keeping the porch light on and the cage door open, in case they can get back to their food.
TreeVitalize LogoBecome a Tree Tender! (from Linda Csete) - Become part of the "growing" TreeVitalize program designed by Pennsylvania's Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) to increase Southeast Pennsylvania's tree cover and the benefits that trees offer us all. Join us for nine hours of hands-on training that will cover tree biology, identification, planting, proper care and working within your community. This training course was developed by staff from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) and Penn State Cooperative Extension. It is based on PHS's Tree Tenders project which, since 1993, has trained over 1900 community volunteers from 150 Southeast Pennsylvania neighborhoods. The course is being offered on weekday evenings at three different locations each spring and fall, and is designed for lay people and experts alike. Become one of the Tree Tenders who are expanding (or creating) and tending your part of the forest. The course is free but registration is required. The Chester County training will be at the Great Valley Middle School on Wednesday, October 18 and 25, and November 1, from 6 to 9 pm. Click here for a brochure with registration form in pdf format (72 kb).
Peacocks in the News - The large cover photo on today's Neighbors section of the Philadelphia Inquirer shows Charlestown resident Michael Bowell holding Phillip, his peacock whose escapades have recently been reported on this web site. The photo relates to the section's feature article "Local voices just a blog away" by Matt Sandy, which reports on some area community web sites and blogs. The article quotes both Michael and yours truly regarding The article is available on-line from the paper's web site by clicking here.
The Preliminary Agenda for the June 27 meeting of the Planning Commission has been posted.
Meeting Calendar Posted (from Linda Csete) - The Township Meeting Calendar for July - December 2006 has been posted. Use the "Meeting Calendar" button in the green button panel at the top of the page.
"Route 202 project on track" by Anne Pickering in this week's Suburban Advertiser reports on the planned widening of Route 202 to six lanes in the stretch from North Valley Rd (where the last widening project ended) through the Rt. 29 and Rt 401 exits to the Route 30 Bypass. The article is available on-line from the paper's web site by clicking here.
Canal Day 2006 - The Schuylkill Canal Association will be holding another of its very entertaining annual Canal Days event Saturday night and all day Sunday. Complete information including pdf brochures on each day's events is available from the association's web site.
The Official Minutes of the June 5, 2006 meeting of the Board of Supervisors have been posted.
"A Baby's Mind", a poem by Charlestown Elementary fifth grade student Kirsten Hale, was published in Sunday's Philadelphia Inquirer. The poem is available on-line from the paper's web site by clicking here.
"Residents protest board's decision to seize land" by Michael Crist in today's Daily Local News reports on discussion at Monday's Great Valley School District's board meeting regarding the board's decision to acquire a home adjacent to the high school for athletic fields. The article is available on-line from the paper's web site by clicking here.
The Preliminary Agenda for the June 19 meeting of the Board of Supervisors has been posted.
Rambo the CatCat needs home (from Linda Csete)-
A home is needed for a fine feline that the good people working at the Pulte trailer in our new Deerfield development have been caring for for some time. This is a young adult female cat they dubbed "Rambo" due to her snazzy camouflaged appearance. Rambo is a round mound of pleasingly vibrating sound who is extremely sweet, friendly and deserving of a permanent home. If you are interested in starting a purr monster collection, or adding to your existing one, please call the township office at 610-240-0326.
The Preliminary Agenda for the June 13 meeting of the Planning Commission has been posted.
One July Board Meeting (from Linda Csete)-
The Board of Supervisors will only meet one time in July, on July 10th.
The Official Minutes of the May 15, 2006 meeting of the Board of Supervisors have been posted.
"State agency takes deer-control steps" by Don Sapatkin in today's Philadelphia Inquirer reports on state Game Commission actions aimed at giving municipalities more tools to fight the "deer explosion". The article is available on-line from the paper's web site by clicking here.
"Old barns now need sheltering" by Walter F. Naedele in Tuesday's Philadelphia Inquirer reports on efforts to preserve old barns that are near or in new housing developments. The article is available on-line from the paper's web site by clicking here.
The Preliminary Agenda for the June 5 meeting of the Board of Supervisors has been posted.
Schuylkill Springtime Stunners House and Garden Tour -
In it's second year to benefit the Phoenixville Community Education Foundation, this year's tour on Sunday, June 4 includes seven private homes and gardens that will be open to the public, rain or shine. Three are historic estates, three are newer homes in pristine Schuylkill Township, and the seventh sits atop a hill cascading down French Creek in Kimberton. All are beautiful, yet reflect very different decorating tastes and diverse collections. (I understand from Laurie Williams that next year's tour will include Charlestown homes as well.) Click here for details and a link to the pdf ordering form.

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