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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

Website of the Week
Daily Local News
August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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Archived Home Pages - June, July 1997

(Scroll to bottom to see our first day's page.)
We changed the "About Charlestown" section of the left menu. Notice the new General Info section, followed by the previously implemented Organizations and Early Days sections.
The "General Info" section is not completed, but it does contain maps showing "out of town" visitors just where we are, a list of elected and appointed township officials ( also available under "Organizations"), and a map showing which areas of the township are covered by which fire company. We have plans for several other items within the "General Info" section.
As a standard feature, we hope to have the agenda for the next meeting of the Board of Supervisors accessible from the Regular Meetings Calendar. The preliminary agenda for next Monday's meeting is now available.
We also have the agenda for the fall Annual Meeting of Charlestown Green Inc. accessible from the Special Events Calendar as well as from the Green's own page.
Check Neighborhood News for recent additions.
We have finally begun the "Early Days" segment of this site (on menu at left), which we expect over a lengthy period of time will grow to be one of the best resources of this site. We start with a very brief summary of how Charlestown Township came about, titled "In the Beginning...", courtesy of the Charlestown Historical Society.
We have also reported on meeting cancellations in Neighborhood News. If you haven't taken a stab at it yet (it's still worth $10 from Charlestown Green), please try the Current Quiz.
We have added a short Neighborhood News item (with photos) about the Pyle's farm, which is for sale with the Township a possible buyer of a portion of the property.
We have also added the minutes of the June 10 meeting of the Planning Commission.
We have added the minutes to all Board of Supervisors meetings from January through June, and the Planning Commission meetings from January through May. Click here to see meeting minutes (or access them through Neighborhood News).
Several events have been added to the Special Events Calendar. (Let us know if of special events we should include in this calendar.)
We have updated the Neighborhood Organizations page and provided considerably more information on the Charlestown Historical Society. We hope to soon tap the incredible resources of CHS to create an exciting and informative "Early Days" section for this web site.
Finally, we have added five new Neighborhood Links to other web sites that we think our visitors will enjoy. We will soon implement the Other Areas of Interest section in which we will identify what we think are worthwhile places to visit in our area, places for which no web site is currently available.
Cash Prizes! We have a new quiz, with a $10 prize to the first visitor who can identify the entrance to the Township shown in the quiz photograph. Click the image to the right and answer the quiz.
You may look at our prior quizzes (with answers) by clicking here.
If you have visited us before, you will notice that we are blatently soliciting content from any visitors who have useful or interesting information for our residents. If you know of an organization that would like to be represented on this web site, please click the large green message box above on this page. If you would like to receive email when we update this site, with a brief description of the changes, click the small green message box above.
Finally, we have begun archiving the old "What's New" text from this home page. At the bottom of this page, you will find a new link to "Continue" in the archives.
The minutes of the two May meetings of the Charlestown Township Board of Supervisors and the monthly meeting of the Planning Commission have been entered and are now available. Click here to view our new section where you can select the meeting in which you are interested. The meeting-selection page is always available from the Neighborhood News page. We will be adding to this section whenever minutes of meetings become available to us. If your organization has public meetings and you would like to have the minutes of your meetings available on this web site, please contact us.
We've made a number of internal design changes to this web site since our last update. Please report any broken links or errors by clicking here. Ourwardly, we've added some events to the Special Events Calendar and added some information on the French and Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust, an organization about which we will soon have more information.
We've been busy since our last update. We met with Kevin Kuhn and Ellen Behrle of Charlestown Green, Inc. and were delighted to find them excited about our web site and anxious to use our site as a vehicle for publishing their township news on a more frequent and timely basis than that afforded by their excellent quarterly Newsletter. The Newsletter will continue to provide feature articles on topics of interest to township residents as well as news of township events.
Notice the three new links at the top of every page. They all relate to current or recent news pertaining to Charlestown Township. Neighborhood News will contain reports on various township and area meetings of interest to our residents, as well as articles on various current issues within Charlestown. Neighbors of Note provides articles on our residents who have distinguished themselves in various ways. We start this section off with several items from the May 1997 issue of the Charlestown Green, Inc. newsletter. The Community Calendars link takes you to a new page which gives you the choice of viewing a list of upcoming special events or a separate list of regular repeating events, typically monthly meetings of various organizations in our area. Please tell us if you know of an event that should be on either calendar.
Charlestown Green, Inc. has offered to award a $10 prize once a month to the first visitor to this site to correctly answer a specified quiz question. In order to accommodate this, we have provided an email address and a name field on the quiz answering pages. Note that this prize is NOT being offered for either of our First Quiz questions shown above, both of which have already been answered correctly. (If you have not yet answered our current quiz, please do so soon, even if your's is a wild guess.)
We have added information on Charlestown Townwatch to the Charlestown Organizations page. We have also added four new Neighborhood Links.
Several visitors have asked if they could receive email whenever we update the Charlestown Township web site. We have added a Notify Me of Updates form whereby you may specify that you would like to receive email from this site whenever we make significant updates. The email we will send will include a summary of what's new in the update. If you would like to receive these notices, click here. Note that you may have yourself removed from this mailing list by contacting us and requesting that you be removed.
Our first quiz (above) is the most obvious addition to our site today. We hope all residents who visit our site and enjoy the quiz will submit answers.
Since we need the room, we took the "Construction" sign down, but we will be hammering away for a long time. Notice we have added another photo album, this one covers an unusual topic, Trees and Wires of Charlestown Township. Anyone who is aware of some other unusual cases of trees encountering and generally "absorbing" wires and other forms of metal, we would appreciate some mail informing us where we can take a photo for a future edition.
Finally, we have added two new Neighborhood Links (see the "New" tags on the latest additions.)
We will have some new information and our first "quiz" soon, but we are pleased to announce today that doing a search on "Charlestown Township" in Yahoo lists our web site first. We are also indexed by AltaVista, where an "Advanced Search" of "Charlestown near Township" yields 38 sites, including ours."
The Charlestown Organizations section has been enhanced by the addition of a directory of all township officials, courtesy of Charlestown Green. In additon, Charlestown Green now has its own email address which you can use to contact them from their page or any email program.
The Charlestown Organizations section has been started, but has a long way to go. We are in the process of contacting various organizations to determine the extent to which they wish to be represented on this web site.
The Neighborhood Links facility has been started. (No, this is not a list of neighborhood golf courses.) This section provides links to other web sites associated with our township and region.
The Community Calendar section has also been started. This page provides a chronological list of events of interest to Charlestown residents.
A minor change implemented today is the ability to click on one of the small photo images itself (in the photo album "collections" pages) in order to display the larger images and additional information. We have also implemented a page footer to all pages and a "Number of times served" counter to this home page.

The Contact Us facility has now been implemented.

06/02/97 (First Day)
Actually, everything is new at this point.  We're still very wet behind the ears, and you are one of our first visitors, a "charter member", so to speak.  Please look over all of the working links and you'll learn more about what we're all about.
This site is the result of efforts by two long-time residents of Charlestown Township who hope that some residents of the township will enjoy our web publishing efforts.  We assume that some visitors will find this site entertaining, some will appreciate it as a source of useful information, some may reference it to others living far away as a view of our neighborhood, and others will quickly conclude that we are crazy to think anyone will be interested.
At this point, the menu to the left contains a good many inoperative links.  However, we do have some features in place, and expect to add more every week for quite some time.  Over the long run, we hope to keep township residents coming back (an ongoing challenge for web publishers) by frequently running new Charlestown related "contests", photo essays, and perhaps some useful literary efforts provided by some of our talented and knowledgable residents.
Please check out this "Premier Issue", and if you are so inclined, use the Contacting us link to give us your feedback.

Jacob and Linda Merriwether

PS: If your computer supports more than 256 colors, we highly recommend that you set your monitor to display "Thousands" (16 bit) or "Millions" (24 bit) of colors. There is a very significant improvement in the quality of our photographs when displayed at more than 256 colors.

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