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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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Archived Home Pages - May 2006

Fowl and Coyote(?) Update (from Michael Bowell) -
Peafowl are well. Three eggs now reside in their well hidden nest. Turkey (Wild Type Eastern Native) hatched 10 chicks on Friday.
On Sunday evening at about 8:15, I saw a 'HUGE Fox' crossing Bodine Rd. in an area where I see them quite frequently. It was much larger than any I had seen before. After some thought I decided to do an internet search for photos and descriptions. I am convinced now that what I saw was a coyote. I have heard from others in the township that they have seen or heard coyotes. Also, Coyotes are suspected of taking out goats (both young and mature gaots) on Charlestown Rd. I now wonder if a coyote, not a fox, took out my gobbler in mid April.
Lost Dog (from Robert Breiling) -
The dog is a medium (45 lb) size dog with a very shaggy grey coat. He answers to the name: "Pepe". He was lost Sunday 5/21 from our home at 510 Clothier Spring Road. We are on the north side of Diamond Rock. He was sighted Monday 5/22 & Tuesday along White Deer Trail on the south side of Diamond Rock. No sightings reported since. Please contact me by email or phone 610-933-7066. Robert Breiling
Peafowl Romance and other news (from Michael Bowell) -
Hey All, Phillip is courting Phyllis now. He is showing his magnificent tail feathers and making quite the racket. I have not seen any eggs yet. On another note, Tomasina turkey is sitting on a clutch of a dozen eggs. She has been on them for almost four weeks. Her hubby was taken by the fox (or coyote) about a week before she began sitting. Hopefully, many of her eggs will be fertile. And to whom it may concern, it would be great if the road cleaning could wait until the daylilies have finished flowering (only when safe, of course). Some years they are cut down just prior to flowering. Thanks, Michael Bowell on Bodine Rd.
Children Golf Lessons - "PAL offering summer golf lessons" by Dennis J. Wright in today's The Phoenix reports on a one-week golf clinic for 7 to 13 year olds at the Pickering Valley Golf Club for $30, sponsored by PAL. The article (with registration information) is available on-line from the paper's web site by clicking here.
Brightside Farm Trail System - Early this year, the Board of Supervisors directed the Parks and Recreation Committee to develop a proposal for enhancements to the trail system at Brightside Farm. After much discussion, which included participation of a consultant, a system of trails involving segments with different widths and surfaces was proposed by Thomas Comitta Associates, Inc. The diagram of Brightside Farm and the color-coded trail layout from the proposal is posted on this site. Click here to select a viewing option. If you wish to comment on the proposed trail layout, please email Parks and Rec. Committee Chairman Bob Jones at
Open Space (from Sarah Peck via Kevin Kuhn) -
The West Pikeland Land Trust is sponsoring a "lecture" by Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk on Wednesday night, May 31 at 7:30 at Downingtown East High School. It's Free. She's the author of "Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream". She's an internationally known architect, currently residing in Florida, and was featured on cover of Time Magazine for her work. She has ties to West Pikeland and Paoli, living here when her family first came from Poland as Displaced Persons after WW II. Her mother, who had a shade garden nursery for years, lived on Pikeland Rd. and died a few years ago. Her brother, Bob, still lives here. Her urban projects have received accolades and she also focuses on the other side - how to handle suburban sprawl - which will be her topic. We are fortunate to get someone of her stature to present a program for us.
"Officials working out voting process" by Andrew Cannarsa in today's Daily Local News reports on the ballot tabulation process Tuesday night using two new ballot systems. There will likely be further changes in the November general elections. The article is available on-line from the paper's web site by clicking here.
"Board wisely agrees $15 is good deal for less traffic, pollution", an editorial in today's Daily Local News, comments on the decision by the Great Valley School Board to continue noontime bussing of kindergartners. The article is available on-line from the paper's web site by clicking here.
The Official Minutes of the May 1, 2006 meeting of the Board of Supervisors have been posted.
The Official Minutes of the April 11 and April 25, 2005 meetings of the Planning Commission have been posted.
"Great Valley board votes to keep busing" by Michael Crist in today's Daily Local News reports on the decision to continue noontime busing of kindergarten students in the Great Valley School District. The article is available on-line from the paper's web site by clicking here.
Two articles in today's papers report on several area townships' approvals for funding open space preservation.
  • "Open-space initiatives get voters' approval" by Dana Reddington in today's Philadelphia Inquirer is available on-line from the paper's web site by clicking here.
  • "Chesco townships say yes to preserving farmland" by Anne Pickering in today's The Mercury is available on-line from the paper's web site by clicking here.
At the Polls (from Michael Churchill) -
Analysis of the Charlestown election showed 687 voter turned out, with 57 percent of them Republican, the same as their percentage of the total registration. Independents were six percent of the turnout, instead of their 16 percent registration, and Democrats were 37 percent of the turn out instead of their 27 percent of the registration. Many independents apparently did not know they could vote in the special election.
In the special election for state senate, Andy Dinniman received 56 percent of the Charlestown vote, the same as his winning percentage in the entire district. This victory by the Democratic candidate happened with approximately a quarter of the Republicans crossing over to vote for the Democratic candidate. Dinniman has been a county commissioner for 16 years and was well known to many Charlestown voters for his support of the township.
Charlestown has been represented in the state house of representatives by Robert Flick who decided not to run this year. The contest in the fall will be between Republican Daune Milne who received 64 percent of the primary vote in both the township and district and Democrat Ann Crowley who received a 76 percent support level in Charlestown and 64 percent in the district. In the Congressional seat the fall campaign will feature Democrat Lois Murphy challenging incumbent Republican Jim Gerlach.
Bob Jones ran a very smooth election at the Charlestown Elementary School with a large crew of Charlestown residents serving on the election board.
Garden Plot - The garden plot at the Community Garden at Brightside Farm (see yesterday's posting) has been taken.
Election Results - Approximately 20% of Charlestown Township's registered voters turned out to vote yesterday. Election results for both Charlestown Township only as well as county-wide results are available from the county's web site.
Garden Plot Available - One of our returning gardeners from last year is unable to use his plot this year, so we have one plot available. If you would like a fenced 20x19' garden plot with water and hay ground-cover available, please go to the Garden page on this site and review the information there. If you would like to join us by taking over plot #10, please contact me asap.
Reminder - Tomorrow is Election Day. Polls at Charlestown Elementary School are open from 7 AM to 8 PM. We will be voting with new ballot apparatus, mark-sense paper ballots for most of us and an electronic device for those with disabilities.
Charlestown Township Newsletter Posted - The Spring 2006 Township Newsletter recently mailed to all residents is available on-line. The only difference from your printed copy is that the photos are in color, and if you lose your printed copy, it's always available here. The Township Map portion of the Newsletter showing the development activities and status is included as a separate file. Both documents are in PDF format and are linked from our Index to Gov't Info page under "Newsletters".
Ballot Information - The Philadelphia Inquirer has posted an online database of races in the upcoming May primary on May 16. An index to the races on Charlestown Township's ballot is available here. The page lists the races our residents can vote on, and includes links to profiles of the candidates. To select a different township or race, click here.
The Preliminary Agenda for the May 15 meeting of the Board of Supervisors has been posted.
"Farmers' market will open at new site on Sat." by Karin Williams in today's The Phoenix reports on the new location and facilities for the Phoenixville Farmers' Market, started five years ago by Charlestown residents Liz and Bill Andersen. The article is available on-line from the paper's web site by clicking here.
Peafowl Update (from Michael Bowell regarding the "capture" of Phil) -
It was quite the adventure. He showed up at a friend's garden on Sunday eve, but I just missed the grab by 2 ft... He then showed in a clients garden on Monday and I showed up with a posse... Just as we were to call off the search, Phil was flushed out of the woods. I got pretty scratched up and certainly did not smell attractive after our brief tussle, but he is back and seems quite amorous towards Phyllis... updates to follow, M.
Voting System Update (from Sarah Peck) -
Attention all Voters! In the May 16th primary election, voters will be offered the choice between two new voting systems: paper ballots that will be electronically counted (like standardized tests) and new electronic touchscreen machines. The Chester County Coalition for Voting Integrity, a non partisan organization, has done a great deal of research on these new electronic machines and their many glitches and shortcomings. The biggest one is that with the touchscreen there is no audit trail or record of your actual vote in the event of a recount. Only the paper ballots can provide this record of the voter's intention. Not only will there be no guarantee that your vote will be recorded accurately or at all, there will be only one electronic machine per precinct so long lines should be expected. To learn more about all this, visit .
On March 21, the County Board of Elections decided that paper ballots should be the default method of voting in the County. The touch screen machine is supposed to be reserved for disabled voters and was acquired to comply with federal law. Yet, somehow Voter Services is training poll workers to offer both options to all voters. Therefore it's imperative to get the word out that voters should request the use of the paper ballot in the May 16th primary election.
Peafowl Update (from Michael Bowell) -
Hey All, Peafowl are back at the run. Phyllis and Phillip seem to be resting from their travels. Thanks to all of you who had a role in their return. We shall see if they mate in this 'arranged marriage'....Cheers, Michael
"Pa. turnpike expansion planned in Chester County" by John Rossomando in today's Daily Local News reports on plans for the expansion of the turnpike from four to six lanes in the stretch from Valley Forge to the planned Rt. 29 Slip Ramp in Devault. After that is completed in 2008, a second phase will expand from four to six lanes through Charlestown Twp. and other areas to the Downingtown interchange. The article is available on-line from the paper's web site by clicking here.
"Electronic voting machines ready for May 16 primary" by Adam Cirucci in today's Daily Local News reports on the new optical-scan paper card ballots most of us will use in the upcoming May 16 primary election, and the single electronic voting machine that will also be available for disabled voters. The article is available on-line from the paper's web site by clicking here.
Rapp House Spring Work-Party - Tomorrow at 10 AM the Charlestown Historical Society will be doing it annual spring clean-up at the Wisner Rapp House on Yellow Springs Road bordering Brightside Farm. Activities include some lawn cleanup, removal of plastic insulation from windows, and generally sprucing up the historic building for the spring-summer-fall activities. According to past volunteers, it is more "party" than "work", especially if enough folks are there to share the tasks. A light lunch and drinks will be provided for those who come.
Yesterday I posted a link to an article about Charlestown resident and author Lisa Scottoline's appearance at the Chester County Library. The Philadelphia Inquirer had a second article on Lisa yesterday, "'Professor Lisa' and the law students" by Martha Woodall, reporting on her class at the UofP Law School. The article is available on-line from the paper's web site by clicking here.
The Preliminary Agenda for the May 9 meeting of the Planning Commission has been posted.
"Mystery author gets boost from Chesco library" by Nancy Petersen in today's Philadelphia Inquirer reports on Charlestown resident and author Lisa Scottoline's appearance at the Chester County Library in Exton where she spoke to 80 readers and where her 13 novels were named for this year's books for Chester County Reads program. Lisa also comments on the need for Charlestown Township to make an annual contribution to the Chester County Library. The article is available on-line from the paper's web site by clicking here.
Reminder - The Charlestown Historical Society will hold its second spring meeting tonight at 8:00 PM at Charlestown Elementary School. A presentation on Etruscan Majolica will be featured.
Peacock Update - The wandering peacock and peahen that residents have been reporting on are owned by Michael Bowell, who lives on Bodine Road. Hopefully, both birds will be home soon.
Two articles in local newspapers report on the $2.5 million in Growing Greener II grants received by Chester County for the acquisition of open space.
  • "Wide open spaces" by Anne Pickering in today's Daily Local News is available on-line from the paper's web site by clicking here.
  • "Grants will aid Chesco efforts to save land" by Nancy Petersen in today's Philadelphia Inquirer is available on-line from the paper's web site by clicking here.
The Official Minutes of the April 17, 2006 meeting of the Board of Supervisors have been posted.
Peacock Update (from Paul Stevens) -
Alas, Phillip the Peacock is no more. He has disappeared. He had become a fixture on the property, and we were feeding him every day. Then, a week ago, when the heavy rains hit, Phillip stopped coming around. We think the inclement weather sent him back to his home. Or perhaps he found shelter on a nearby property. In any event, he has gone. We do not think there was any foul play here; we would have seen some evidence, like feathers strewn about. We do know that Linda Novick still has her peahen, who has made herself quite at home on Linda's porch. And we know Linda could do without the accompanying mess. But, for us, it seems to be the end of Phillip's short saga.

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