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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

Website of the Week
Daily Local News
August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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Archived Home Pages - March 1998

Yesterday's article on the Ice Dam Bridge on Route 29 is now posted on the Philadelphia Inquirer's web site. In addition to the photo on the first page of the article, the printed version also shows a 1930 photo of the dam with a great deal of water passing over it. The history of the dam is fascinating. You may read the article (without photos) at the paper's web site by clicking here.
Susan Weidener wrote an article "In a fix over bridge repeair" which appears on the front page of today's Philadelphia Inquirer's Chester County (Neighbors) section. The article is subtitled "PennDot plans to use unspoiled Charlestown land for its project". A large color photo of Janet Baldwin at the bridge on Route 29 heads the article. Unfortunately, the weekend editions of the paper do not have these articles available on the paper's web site, so you must have access to the printed version to see it. If I later find a link to the article I will post it, otherwise, when time permits, I will post it's key points.
Links to two articles in today's Philadelphia Inquirer have been added to the Neighborhood Issues page, one concerning Ground Water and the other Open Space.
Today's Philadelphia Inquirer has an article by Lubna Khan in the Chester County section on the restoration issues facing the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville. This theater was built in 1903 as an opera house and retains many of its original features. The theater is owned by a non-profit group that hopes to restore it.
I have added five listings to the Historical and Preservation links on our Neighborhood Links page. The additions range from a site that locates graves of famous Americans buried in our state to the American Helicopter Museum located in West Chester.
I have added another article from today's Philadelphia Inquirer to the Neighborhood Issues page's Open Space section.
Notice the additional row of links across the top of this page. To simplify your access to some popular pages in the "current events" category, I have added direct links to the Neighborhood Issues, Special Event Calendar and Meeting Calendar pages. The "Bulletin Board" option is not yet available.
Snow and Daffodils - 03/22/98We awoke this morning to a strange sight -
S N O W !

Our daffodils and other flowers that had already blossomed or were preparing to were blanketed and probably doomed for the season.
Click on either image to see a larger image (< 50K).

Snow and Daffodils 03/22/98We are beginning to realize that our extremely mild winter, which many of us have enjoyed, may have a price in terms of a less than colorful spring. Last night's thin blanket of snow won't help matters.

Today's Suburban Advertiser has an article by Stephanie L. Baum titled "Great Valley schools adopt new strategy to fight drugs". The article describes a new strategy to curb drug and alcohol abuse among students. If you do not have access to the paper, the article is available on line from the paper's web site for the next week. You can read the article now by clicking here.
(Evening) I have updated the Charlestown Government page in the General Info section to reflect the 1998 appointments. Only the Animal Control appointment remains to be made. The Township provides this same list with addresses for each official, and we will provide addresses at some point in the future.
We have posted information on various funds set up for the families of the dead and injured firemen and ambulance workers of the Lionville Fire Co. and the Uwchlan Ambulance who were assisting at the tragic PA Turnpike accident last week.
(Morning) Last week, Linda Csete, Township Secretary, provided me with a table of all 146 roads and road segments in our Township, for each of which the Street Name, House Number Range, Servicing Post Office, Maintenance Responsibility, Development of which it is a part (if any), and nearest or main Intersecting Road are identified. The original document prints as nine horizontal 8.5 x 11 inch pages. I have done some abbreviating and "scrunching" and have posted this information as three web pages. These are linked from our General Info page, and you can also check them out by clicking here. The data tabulated on these new pages are not searchable (the tables are actually "images"), but the information is listed alphabetically by street name. Many thanks to Linda Csete for providing this information.
I have posted Kevin Kuhn's report on last night's meeting of the Board of Supervisors. It's in the Neighborhood News section.
I have also posted a new link in the Open Space section of the Issues page to an article in today's Philadelphia Inquirer regarding the latest census data and the story they tell about growth in Chester County
We have posted the official minutes of the February meeting of the Planning Commission. We have also posted the preliminary agenda for the March 16 meeting of the Board of Supervisors.
An article by Evan Brandt appears in today's Mercury titled "Philly-to-Reading rails could cost $720 million". If the railroad is ever built, there will again be a commuter train running from Phoenixville. A public forum on the proposed railroad will be held Thursday, March 26 at the Phoenixville Borough Hall, 140 Church St. If you do not have access to the Mercury, you may read the article (for a while) by clicking here.
A new article on ground water has been added to the Issues page today.
Susan Weidener has an article in the Chester County section of today's Philadelphia Inquirer on the Great Valley School District reaching an agreement with Malvern for handling the sewerage from the new Middle School to be built on the property along Phoenixville Pike. The opening of the new school is now slated for 2000. If you do not have access to the paper, you can read the article by clicking here.
We have posted information on PennDOT's Road Maintenance Hotline in our General Info section. Thanks to Linda Csete at the Township office for bringing this to our attention.
We have posted additional information and links on our State and US Representatives page (under General Info).
(4:30 pm) I have added a section on Road Improvements to the Issues page.
(Morning) Last Friday I received email from Hugh Willig, one of our frequent visitors and a subscriber to our notification list. Hugh's mail read, in part -

Recently I had heard some information about a report prepared by the American Farmlands Trust concerning "scattered site developments" and their impact on the rural areas and townships in which they were built. In general terms the report concluded that this type of development ends up having a negative impact on township tax revenues and services rather than positive as they are often presented. I have been trying to find it or references to it on the Internet without luck. I am bringing it to your attention because I think many residents of our township may be interested in it and I thought you may have better resources than I to use in locating this report.
I did some searching on my own, using my favorite internet search engines, and came up with some information, but nothing specifically focusing on the report Hugh mentions. I had an update notice going out Saturday anyway, so in that update I asked the 40+ subscribers to the notification list if any of them had any further information.
Dave Hewlings responded Saturday night with the following -
If you have Real Audio on your machine, you can listen to the NPR story on Scattered Site Development at ... look for the story titled "The Price of Sprawl." It was originally broadcast on Wednesday morning, 3/4.
I forwarded Dave's mail to Hugh, and then listened to that broadcast, which lasts less than five minutes, and it is indeed a "tape" of a broadcast on Scattered Site Development.
Monday morning I received more mail from Hugh Willig, who by then had found the actual document on the web -
The report I've been seeking is called Living on the Edge. It is available through the American Farmlands Trust website - or directly at
I have read the report (if you print it out, it's 14 pages including cover page and table of contents), and it will definitely be of interest to anyone concerned with open space issues in Charlestown. At the minimum, it may raise issues about which you have not given any thought.
I have posted the above links and other related links in the Open Space section of our Issues page. I include the abstract of the American Farmlands Trust's report on that page.
Those people who have little use for email or feel it is a waste of time should consider the above scenario. I have never met Hugh Willig or David Hewlings, and they probably have never met each other. However, the three of us have easily helped one another and interested residents of our Township without leaving our homes and at whatever timing was suitable to ourselves. In addition to being a source of a wide variety of information, this web site is sort of a "silent meeting place" for residents interested in the goings on in Charlestown as well as those interested in its heritage and beauty.
Anyway, this experience has convinced me that I should create some kind of "bulletin board" on this site. I've never set one up before, so it will take a while to implement. I will probably set it up with several pre-defined topics, such as those on the Issues page, plus a "Miscellaneous" section. My only rule will be to keep it clean, polite, and relevant to Charlestown, and I'll monitor it and remove any postings that violate the rules. Political campaigning will be strictly off limits. Anyone with suggestions is encouraged to send them to me.
For those of you who have never dabbled in "e-commerce", let me relate that Sunday evening I ordered some software for my web server over the internet. I immediately received an order acknowledgement, and Monday I received email from the vendor with the name and serial number I should enter when I receive the software, and the internet address from which I could download it. I downloaded the software and printed the manual. The interesting.???ect of all this is that the vendor is in Australia, and he might as well have been in Paoli.
An article by Stephanie L. Baum in last week's Suburban Advertiser discusses delays in the construction of the new Middle School on the grounds near the Great Valley High School due to the lack of an agreement over how to connect the entire complex of schools on Phoenixville Pike to the sewer.
We have started a Neighbors of Note page on Michael Bowell, winner of many flower show awards over they years, as well as a photo essay on his Best of Show exhibit at this years Philadelphia Flower Show. We hope to add more details to these postings soon.
I have posted the official minutes of the two February meetings of the Board of Supervisors. I have added a link to another Philadelphia Inquirer article to the Open Space section of our new Neighborhood Issues page. There has also been an addition to the preliminary agenda for the next meeting of the Planning Commission.
CHS Mtg 03/04/98Henrietta Bumeder speaking about Arnold Bartschi to the Charlestown Historical Society last evening. This photo is courtesy of Kevin Kuhn and Charlestown Green.
We have posted a report by Kevin Kuhn on last Monday's meeting of the Board of Supervisors.
Today's The Phoenix has an article titled "Charlestown supervisors prepare for a long war". It is available on-line (today only) and you can read it by clicking here.
PA Destination of the Day LogoOn March 16, 1998, this site was honored as the Pennsylvania Destination of the Day, with the description "A nice homey website for a beautiful part of Southeastern Pennsylvania." Click the logo or here to see the citation and to check out previous awards.

The ban on container burning in the Township has (finally) been lifted. Residents are still required to contact the Fire Marshal prior to any open burning.
We have posted the Preliminary Agenda for the March 10 meeting of the Planning Commission.
Farm Signs (thumbnail)We have updated our collage of farm signs (shown in miniature at the right) by adding 8 more signs, bringing the total to 29. Click here to see a larger image of the collage, which is also accessible from our Photo Albums section. If you know of signs that we have missed, please let us know.
The Board of Supervisors meet at 7:30 this evening at the Charlestown Elementary School. Click here for the agenda.
The Charlestown Historical Society has its first spring meeting at 7:30 Wednesday evening at the Charlestown Playhouse. Click here for the program.
Michael Bowell's Flora Design Gallery's exhibit at the Philadelphia Flower Show, created with the assistance of the Central Ohio unit of the Herb Society of America, won Best of Show in the Display, Non-Profit division, and also won the Emile H. Geshick Memorial Award (as he did last year, see Neighbors of Note).
Michael's exhibit is described by the Philadelphia Inquirer as

Herbs and orchids, food and folly, control and exuberance: the spellbinding combinations of the usual and the unusual romantics. An inviting belvedere awaits you within the sound of water among garden fragrances and a ravishing repast.
The show continues at the Philadelphia Convention Center through next Sunday, March 8th.

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