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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

Website of the Week
Daily Local News
August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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Archived Home Pages - February 1998

Michael Bowell, a Township resident on Bodine Road, has been highlighted before on this web site. He is the subject of a front page article in today's The Phoenix titled "Kimberton orchid specialist enjoys sweet smell of success" focusing on Michael's exhibit at the upcoming Philadelphia Flower Show. If you don't have access to today's Phoenix, check it out at the paper's web site by clicking here. Note that this link will likely be good only for today, February 26th.
We have opened a new category on our "Issues" page, which now has links to articles relating to "Five vs Three Supervisors" as well as to articles relating to "Open Space" issues. We have posted reprints of a February 4 editorial in The Phoenix on Five vs Three Supervisors as well as a response from John Sauser printed by the paper on February 14. We have also added a link to another article on Open Space.
Our Issues page can always be accessed from a link on the Neighborhood News page.
We have added information on the 9-1-1 Emergency Hotline service to our General Information page.
I have posted the Preliminary Agenda for the March 2 regular business meeting of the Board of Supervisors. As always, when an agenda is available, it can be accessed from a link on the Official Minutes page.
Phoenixville Pike has been reopened in front of the Great Valley High School.
The first spring meeting of the Charlestown Historical Society will be Wednesday, March 4th at 7:30 pm at the Charlestown Playhouse on Charlestown Road. Henrietta Bumeder will be speaking on Arnold Bartschi's many contributions to our Township, especially the Great Valley Nature Center and Swiss Pines.
The Phoenix, published by Phoenixville Newspapers, a Journal Register company, now has its own web site. The Phoenix frequently publishes articles, editorials and letters from readers about matters of interest to our Township's residents. The web site features the top stories of the day as well as the top sports stories and includes a "Classifieds" section. Note that the top articles of the day are only available for the day of issue. At this time, there are no archives on-line of articles from past issues.
We have posted a report by Kevin Kuhn on last evening's meeting of the fully staffed Board of Supervisors. That is followed by a report by Ellen Behrle on the brief meeting of the Vacancy Board last Sunday afternoon in which Robert Wert was selected to fill the seat on the Board of Supervisors vacated by Robin Kohn.
At a brief meeting of the Township's Vacancy Board yesterday, Robert Wert was selected to fill the third seat on the Board of Supervisors. Susan Weidener has an article on the selection in the Chester County section of today's Philadelphia Inquirer.
Reminder: Tonight's meeting of the Board of Supervisors is at the Great Valley Nature Center.
We have posted the official minutes of the January 13 meeting of the Planning Commission.
We had our 2,000th visitor to this Home Page this morning!
It took 151 days to accumulate the first 1,000 visits, and only 104 additional days to accumulate the next 1,000 visits, helped no doubt by interest in our reports and other information on the situation with our Board of Supervisors and open space issues. (If your interested, the visitor counter is always displayed at the bottom of this page.)
The number of visitors to the Home Page understates the total number of visitors to the site, since we are finding more and more visitors coming in via search engines (Yahoo, AltaVista, AOL Search, etc.) to specific pages, bypassing the Home Page. They come from all over the world, and often move right on as soon as they see the searched material on our site. For example, if you enter "Charles Wheatley", "Butterfly Weed", or "Vacancy Board" in Yahoo's search field (in quotes), several pages on this site are listed. In the case of Charles Wheatley, one of the pages in our Early Days section is currently listed first by Yahoo.
We again want to thank all who have helped and encouraged us to continue the development of this web site and all who have "subscribed" to our notification list. We currently have 36 residents (we assume they are residents) whom we notify by email when we update the site, with a brief description of what was posted. We welcome your suggestions for ways to improve this site and your corrections when we make mistakes.
Finally, we want to apologize for not posting more neighbor, historical and photographic information in the past few months. It is still our goal to develop the Early Days and Photo Albums and Neighbors of Note sections into major, permanent resources of this site.
What's Coming - Before we reach the 3,000th visit, I expect to implement a web site within our web site for the Eagle Scouts of Charlestown, who have been working on their pages for several months and hope to "go live" soon. I also plan to create a "Neighborhood Bulletin Board" on which visitors may post their comments about specific topics related to Charlestown, such as "Open Space" and the issue of "Five vs Three Supervisors".

We have posted a report by Ellen Behrle on last Monday's meeting of the Planning Commission.
We have also upgraded our server software this morning and anticipate improved performance for most visitors.
The Vacancy Board will hold its meeting to (hopefully) select a third member for the Board of Supervisors this coming Sunday, February 15th, at 3:30 pm at the Great Valley Nature Center. Everyone attending is encouraged to park in the lower lot and walk up to the barn, as parking is very restricted at the top of the driveway.
We have posted the preliminary agenda for the next regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors, Monday February 16th, which will be held at the Nature Center.
We have posted the official minutes of the three January meetings of the Board of Supervisors. Note that while you can access the minutes of each meeting individually, they are, in fact, all on the same page, which is quite long and will take a few extra seconds to load into your browser. If you start with the reorganization meeting, you can read the three meetings' minutes in order on the one page.
Since I have been somewhat confused as to how the Vacancy Board is defined and it's exact function, I have posted the section from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's "Second Class Township Code" which specifies how the Vacancy Board is defined and when and how it works. This posting is linked from our General Information page (under About Charlestown, in the left menu column).
The Chester County Section of today's Philadelphia Inquirer has another article by Susan Weidener, this one titled "Developer's plan could change Charlestown zoning". The article addresses issues associated with the development of the Pyle/Coryell property southeast of the corner of Yellow Springs and Valley Hill Roads. You may read the article on-line from the paper's web site by clicking here.
The Chester County Section of today's Philadelphia Inquirer has an article by Susan Weidener titled "2 supervisors at loggerheads in choosing a 3d". You may read the article on-line from the paper's web site by clicking here.
We have posted a comprehensive report by kevin Kun on last night's meeting of the Board of Supervisors. In addition to nominations for the vacant position on the Board (none were seconded), the meeting included discussion of the development of several properties in the township.
The Daily Local News article sited below (01/29/98 entry) is no longer available on line, since the paper maintains only its most recent issue's top news stories on their web site.
We have posted the second in our series of "Then and Now" photos. This set shows photos of the farm at the end of Mine road, some dating back to 1914. The Then and Now photos can be accessed from either the Photo Albums or Early Days sections of this site.
Today's Daily Local News has an article by Tina Bushnell titled "Petition: Bypass Charlestown gridlock by expanding board". The article is available on-line at the paper's website by clicking here. (No longer available.) The article indicates the petition to expand the board from 3 to 5 supervisors already has the minimum required (5% of the electorate) signatures. The article also indicates that if the referendum passes, two more supervisors would be elected in the November 1999 election.

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