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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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Archived Home Pages - January 1998

We have posted the preliminary (draft) agenda for next Monday's meeting (February 2, 1998) of the Board of Supervisors, which is at its normal location at Charlestown Elementary School, at 7:30 PM.
Several "broken links" on the Neighborhood Links page have been fixed. The corrected links are for sites that have either moved or are no longer published. If you ever run into a broken link at this site (i.e., you click on a link and get an error message or the desired page never appears), then please contact us and tell us what link is broken.
We have posted a report on last evening's interviews for the vacant supervisor position. Our report on the first set of interviews was posted on January 13 and also appears in Neighborhood News.
Since posting the report on last night's Board of Supervisor's meeting (see below), I have seen today's The Phoenix. There are two front page articles on Charlestown. One, titled "Kohn: 'No pressure' applied to resign post" by Daniel Griffin, deals with some speculation that Robin Kohn was pressured by two of his business partners, who are also Republican committee members, to resign from the Board. The speculated reason was the considerable extent to which Mr. Kohn sided with Mrs. Ewald on development and land issues. Mr. Kohn as well as his business partners are quoted as denying any such pressure.
The second front page article, "Charlestown supervisors clash again at meeting", also by Daniel Griffin, reports on last night's Board meeting, including some apparently loud arguments involving Vincent Kling, Sr. who supports Mr. Sauser's selection of Robert Wert as our third supervisor. Several residents are quoted as being disturbed about the way the current Board is handling the selection of its third member.
We have posted a report by Kevin Kuhn on last evening's meeting of our two-member Board of Supervisors. Today's The Phoenix also has an article on the meeting.
I want to again express my appreciation to Kevin Kuhn and Ellen Behrle for providing us with reports on meetings of the Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission. Many of us who do not often attend these meetings are very grateful for the opportunity to read these reports, and not have to rely entirely on the newspapers or wait a month for the official minutes to be posted. (The number of "hits" on this web site always increases significantly on the days that we post these reports.) Please note that we welcome reports from any residents on any meetings that take place regarding our Township.
The Board of Supervisors continues to be "front page material" for the Chester County section of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Susan Weidener has an article titled "Political squabbling grows in Charlestown" which describes the sorry state of our highest governing body. If you do not have the Inquirer handy, you can read the article from the paper's web site by clicking here.
We have begun a new "feature" which is a photo album titled Then and Now. The idea is to present two or more photos of the same scene in Charlestown, but taken over a span of many years. This allows us to see how various parts of the Township looked many years ago and to see the changes that have taken place (even though some are not to our liking). We start with some photos of our own showing a small section of Merlin Road and an adjacent farm, formerly owned by the Merriwethers. Four sets of three photos are posted, with each set consisting of a photo taken in 1944, 1968, and 1998. We hope that you, our visitors, will contact us with offers to loan us old photos that we may scan and immediately return to you, and then incorporate those photos in the Then and Now album. The Then and Now album may always be accessed via either the Early Days and the Photo Albums selections on the left column menu.
We have also added a new page addressing Issues of Interest to Township Residents. This page can be accessed from a new link at the top of the Neighborhood News page. It is basically a list of links to other pages (other sites as well as ours) where there is an article or discussion pertaining to an issue that is of importance to some of our residents. We start with a single category of Open Space, but plan to add other catagories soon. Your suggestions of categories as well as links would be appreciated.
We have posted the Preliminary Agenda for the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors this coming Monday, January 19th. Note that this meeting is at the Barn of the Great Valley Nature Center. Included in the posting are directions to the Nature Center as well as a request that those who can walk up from the road to park in the Lower Lot on Hollow Road.
The state Supreme Court appears to have sided with Charlestown in regard to the petition by developer Leon Altemose regarding the development of low and middle income housing on his property in Charlestown. Susan Weidener has an article in the Neighbors section of today's Philadelphia Inquirer. You can read the article by clicking here.
We have posted the Official Minutes of the December 9 meeting of the Planning Commission. Also note that in the future, the Planning Commission will meet at 7:30 pm instead of 8:00 pm, still on the second Tuesday of each month, with a second meeting on the fourth Tuesday as needed.
Last week, an invitation was extended by the Board of Supervisors (via a post card mailed to all residents) for residents to apply for the position of Township Supervisor and to attend Public Interviews to be held last night at Charlestown School. We are grateful to Ellen Behrle, who attended the interviews, for providing us with a report on the evening's events.
We have updated the Preliminary Agenda of the January 13 meeting of the Planning Commission.
Susan Weidener has another article in today's Philadelphia Inquirer on the sorry state of affairs with our Board of Supervisors. The article is available on the paper's web site. You can go directly to the article by clicking here.
We have posted the official minutes of the two December 1997 meetings of the Board of Supervisors.
(Noon) We have posted reports on last evening's Reorganization Meeting and the Regular Meeting of the Board of Supervisors in Neighborhood News. These reports contain details on the matters associated with Robin Kohn's resignation that are not included in the Philadelphia Inquirer article cited below.
(8:30 am) Susan Weidener reports in the Philadelphia Inquirer this morning that before officially resigning from the Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Robin Kohn voted with Board Chairman John Sauser to appoint Gia Farra to serve on the Vacancy Board. If Mr. Sauser and Mrs. Ewald cannot agree upon a replacement for Mr. Kohn on the Board within 30 days, Gia Farra can provide a tie-breaker vote. Click here to read Susan Weidener's article, which is available at the paper's web site. If we receive other reports on last night's reorganization meeting, we will post them immediately.
Susan Weidener reports today in the Chester County section of the Philadelphia Inquirer that Supevisor Robin Kohn has resigned from the Board of Supervisors, leaving it to Supervisors Ewald and Sauser to appoint a replacement. The Inquirer article by Susan Weidener is available on-line at the paper's web site.

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