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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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Charlestown Republican Committee
P.O. Box 427
Devault, PA 19432
Sue Staas
Charlie Philips

Charlestown voters, with 58% of the vote, set a new course for our township by voting to increase the number of Township Supervisors from 3 to 5 at the next general election. This means that the primary election in May 1999 will be VERY IMPORTANT. This will be your opportunity to have a major impact on the direction of our township. You will elect 4 people to run in the general election. Yes, there will be 4 openings to fill. It is not too early to begin finding qualified candidates to run for office. Encourage your neighbors to get involved in township affairs. Make your voice heard.
Following are the specifics of the primary election. The 4 openings are: Current supervisor John Sauser's 6 year term is up for election for 6 years Current appointed supervisor Bob Wert's position is up for election for a 2 year term to complete the unexpired term vacated by Robin Kohn. A new position is up for election for a full 6-year term. A new position is up for election for a 4-year term.
Candidates will specify for which opening they are running when they submit their petitions to run for office. Critical Dates for getting names on the May 1999 ballot are as follows. ┤February 16: - Petitions available to circulate for signatures ┤March 9: - Petitions due to Voter's Services in West Chester
Your Republican Committee will be conducting open interviews with potential candidates in January and February. Please contact us if you are interested so we can include you in the interviews.
┤Because of the efforts of Sally Willig and Louise Cantrell-Kehoe and the bipartisan effort of the Democratic and Republican Committees, on Election Day more than 700 voters signed petitions expressing opposition to the proposed slip ramps. The petitions will be presented to our supervisors at their December 7 meeting, 7:30 PM at the Charlestown Elementary meeting. At that time we are expecting to hear how our elected officials will support this effort to stop the unwanted incursion into Charlestown. IF THIS ISSUE IS IMPORTANT TO YOU, YOUR PRESENCE AT THE DECEMBER 7TH SUPERVISORS' MEETING WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
Those wanting to help in this grass roots effort should contact Sally or Louise as soon as possible. The Turnpike Commission states that they want to have these ramps operational by the year 2001. Public meetings will be scheduled early in 1999. LATE NOTICE: THE SUPERVISORS WERE UNABLE TO DRAFT A RESOLUTION SUPPORTING RESIDENTS' CONCERNS ABOUT THE SLIP RAMP AT THE DECEMBER 7 MEETING. THIS MATTER WILL BE ADDRESSED AGAIN AT THEIR MEETING ON DECEMBER 21 AT THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND!!
Don't forget to visit our new Township offices at the Devault Post Office Building. The space is needed and well placed for easy access. Good job!
Ordinance review is in process in order to ensure that Charlestown is in alignment with current trends especially as it relates to preserving open space. There will be public meetings soon to discuss a proposed open space option for our ordinances. Your opinions are welcome as we try to stop "suburban sprawl" and keep as much of Charlestown green as is possible by law.
To keep these newsletters coming takes funds as there are printing costs and mailing costs. Please help us as we try to keep you informed. Send donations to: Republican Committee PO BOX 427 Devault, PA 19432. Thank you to those of you who have already helped with stamps or dollars.
Thank you for your terrific support as we learn how to do this job. This is a great and wonderful township!

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