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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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Charlestown Republican Committee
P.O. Box 427
Devault, PA 19432
Sue Staas
Charlie Philips

January 15, 1999
Click here for the newest information regarding the slip ramp.


On May 18, you will select 4 Republican candidates for the office of Township Supervisor. The search for quality candidates is on and we want your help to identify them. Are YOU interested? Do you know someone who is interested? Charlestown needs good, qualified candidates. Your committee, with your input is seeking candidates who:

  • Will cooperate freely with each member of the Board
  • Will support open communication between residents, the Board, and with each other
  • Will believe in and support a parliamentary procedure for conducting meetings
  • Will listen to you, respect your right to comment and disagree, and treat you and everyone with respect.
  • Has past experience and membership in volunteer organizations and/or professional experience such as financial, legal, land planning, management.
  • Will find time (about 10 hours a week) to attend meetings, and learn about the issues facing the township
Four(4) Township Supervisor positions will be elected. Candidates must file for a specific term when they submit their petition. The four positions are:
  • Two (2) supervisors to be elected for six (6) year terms
  • One (1) supervisor to be elected for a four (4) year term
  • One (1) supervisor to fill the remaining two (2) years of former Supervisor Kohn’s term.
  • Feb 16  Petitions available from your committee or Voter Services
  • Mar 9   Signed and notarized petitions due to Voter Services
  • Mar 29  First day to submit request for absentee ballot
  • April 19  Last day to register to vote Republican. NB: Independent voters will not have a vote in the primary election for supervisor!

When we asked you to elect us as Republican Committee people, we stood on a platform of openness and communication. So far you we have sent you regular newsletters. Now we invite you to identify candidates and to attend open meetings to meet potential candidates and to hear their views about key issues. Today, with the critical issues facing our township, no one can afford to be uninvolved. Please come out and support your fellow citizens as they seek to work for Charlestown - and for you.
We will hold interview sessions with potential candidates on February 2 and 4, 9, and 14, at the United Methodist Church on Church Road beginning at 7:30 PM. A cross-section of residents and your committee people will conduct open interviews which will focus on issues which many of you have told us are important. At these meetings, we will also review procedures for becoming a candidate, and will offer our assistance.
We ask all potential candidates to submit a short resume stating their background and qualifications as well as a short statement about why they want to be supervisor. Please send us these as well as your preferred dates for the interviews, as soon as possible (by January 31) so we can schedule the interviews. Send resumes to Sue Staas PO Box 427, Devault, Pa. 19432, or email
Note: To be eligible to receive the Republican Party endorsement, potential candidates must participate in the above process.

CITIZENS of Charlestown! Please plan to attend these interviews! To be sure that the interviews are taking place as scheduled, and to learn who will be interviewed, please call 359-5057 between 6 PM and 8 AM for a recorded announcement - beginning February 1 or check the Charlestown Website;

Charlestown also needs candidates for Township Auditor and for the School Board. The timeline for these offices is the same as listed above as far as submitting petitions is concerned. Interviews for these positions will take place on the dates specified. Potential candidates will be interviewed and are requested to send resumes and a statement to Sue Staas, PO Box 427, Devault, PA 19432.


Many of you have offered your help on the Slip Ramp issue. Your voice is being heard and your supervisors are working hard for you. A citizens committee has formed to address this critical issue. Chair is Sally Willig, Ph 933-3539, email The committee is organizing a letter-writing campaign to Governor Ridge, elected state officials: Carole Rubley, Senators Jim Gerlach and Bob Thompson; our Chester County Commissioners, and the Turnpike Commission. The committee has been told by the Chester County Planning Commission that citizens’ letters are powerful! In addition, the slip ramp committee is investigating data about traffic patterns, environmental and historical preservation concerns that have been collected by the Turnpike Commission and by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. In February, the Turnpike Commission will conduct a public meeting (date, time and place to be announced.). Interested citizens MUST ATTEND. The committee will work hard to be prepared. Keep in touch. Call Sally to help!

On January 18 there will be a public meeting at 7:30 PM at the Nature Center to discuss the proposed Open Space Option for our ordinances. This is your opportunity to express your views on this important issue.

THANKYOU to all of you who have helped us by donating stamps and money toward printing costs, and to all who deliver these newsletters to save postage. This newsletter will cost $50 to print, $75 postage, and $$ for labels and envelopes for those letters that cannot be delivered. (About $0.85 per household. - 1525 households).

Please send contributions to The Republican Committee, c/o Sue Staas, PO Box 427, Devault, PA 19432.

MOST IMPORTANT!  Please attend an interview meeting. (Quiet) kids are welcome! Give them the opportunity to learn to be involved citizens by watching you.

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