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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
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Turnpike Slip Ramp

Questions to Ask at the Feb. 25 "Open House"

The following is a list of appropriate questions to ask the PA Turnpike Representatives at the February 25 "Open House".

For such an important change in the traffic load on rural roads and the impact it will have on the quality of life in surrounding communities, why have you side stepped the public hearing request?
How will this interchange reduce current traffic congestion at 8:00am on Whitehorse Road?
How will this interchange reduce current traffic congestion at 8:00am on Charlestown Road?
How will this interchange reduce current traffic congestion at 8:00am on Pikeland Road?
How will this interchange reduce current traffic congestion at 8:00am on Rt 29 South?
How much additional time will be required for school busses to travel in the morning in order to pick up children and get them to school in time? Will they need to start 15, 30 or 45 minutes earlier?
Have you accounted for the "turnpike effect" in your studies on traffic as a result of this interchange? Will you share that information with us?
Your charter is to be a long haul road, not a commuter road. How can you arbitrarily change the charter without the approval of the legislature?
Has PennDOT coordinated their 10 year plans with yours? Will you share with us the coordinated plan?
Have you done any regional planning with PennDOT on this proposal?
Why didn't you come back to the Charlestown Planning Commission with your traffic studies as requested at the ONLY meeting you held, as you assured us you would?
What plans are there to improve the infrastructure around the interchange and when would that be completed?
Since there are major improvements about to start to improve the connection of 202, 76, and 422 as well as the widening of 202, why don't you wait to see how these changes improve traffic flow rather than trying "quick fixes"?
Show us the studies of the impact of making improvements at the Valley Forge interchange. What are the changes you are going to make there?
Why are you assuming that an interchange at 29 will reduce traffic at Valley Forge? Show us the studies to support this. Your engineers have stated that the interchange will actually increase traffic at the existing interchanges within two years.
After the 422, 202, and 76 improvements are complete, why not put slip ramps directly from the turnpike onto 422 east and west? This will put traffic onto already existing infrastructure and do less harm to the rural county side.
Why haven't you shared your traffic studies with us which show where the current traffic in Charlestown is coming from and going to? Do you have any idea or are you guessing?
Since the traffic north on 29 at 5:00 pm is already backed up over a mile and there is no interchange there, why would you conclude that this interchange will reduce this clogged situation? Won't the interchange add to the backup? Prove to us that it won't create more.
Have you considered the impact of this interchange on the land use of the surrounding areas? Would you share those studies with us?
This area is geologically sensitive according to all reports. What is your plan to mitigate future problems?
What employers have you received concrete data from as to where their employees are coming from? What percent of them use the turnpike today? Is this enough to justify ravaging the rural countryside around the interchange?
Have you the data on the safety record of the surrounding intersections, and how will this interchange impact it?
There is a lot that can be done at Valley Forge to fix the problem before you dump traffic on to rural roads. What are your plans to add more gates, put EZ Pass lanes in etc.? Why not do everything you can there before doing this?
What is your experience with EZ Pass and its impact on traffic flow? What is your data to support its effect?
Why don't you put EZ Pass directly onto 202 either at Valley Forge or at another location? This will take advantage of existing infrastructure.
If the problem you are trying to solve is to get Corporate Center traffic onto the turnpike, why don't you put the EZ Pass ramp directly into the Corporate Center? Put the solution where the problem is and let the companies fund it.
How do you reconcile this plan with the Chester County Landscapes plan?
Will you guarantee that this will not become a full interchange in the future?
Will trucks use this?
What are your traffic projects for the next 10 years in this area?
Since every recent new road has exceeded traffic projections the year they are completed, are you assuming the same will happen here? If so how can you create more problems in a rural area?
Why have you consistently refused to hold meetings with local residents and township officials to discuss your plans?
What will be the impact of this interchange on Yellow Springs north of Phoenixville Pike, Hollow Road, Rees Road, and Yellow Springs east of 29?

Source: Philips, Chairman, Charlestown Township Planning Commission

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