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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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Turnpike Slip Ramp


Land Use
  • What is the goal of installing an interchange/ramp?
  • How will the slip ramp/interchange improve the turnpike beyond reducing congestion at the Valley Forge Interchange?
  • Has the Turnpike Commission studied exactly how many cars will be diverted from the Valley Forge Interchange to the proposed slip ramp/interchange?
  • Has a study been done to show how many new cars (cars not currently using the Valley Forge Interchange) would use this slip ramp/interchange?
  • If the actual use exceeds the estimated number of cars anticipated, does the Turnpike Commission plan to expand the slip ramp/interchange?
  • What will be the impact of the increased traffic on smaller roads surrounding Routes 29, 23, 113, and 401 ?
  • Many of these roads (Routes 29, 23, 113, and 401) have high accident rates. Has a study been done to evaluate how the slip ramp/interchange will affect the safety of these roads?
  • What will be the impact of the increased traffic on Yellow Springs Road, Charlestown Road, Pikeland Road, Hollow Road and Whitehorse Road?
  • Will the ramps have a positive result for the surrounding region that will offset the effect of the significant increase in local traffic?
  • Will the slip ramp/interchange reduce traffic on 202?
  • If so, how much?
  • If the turnpike is used more as a commuter road, will this negatively affect interstate traffic?
  • Will the slip ramp/interchange be open to truck traffic?
  • Route 202 will be widened to increase capacity and a light rail system is being installed. Will this reduce the need for a slip ramp/interchange?
  • The E-Z Pass system is due to be installed at the Valley Forge Interchange, will this reduce the volume of traffic at that exit?
  • Have the effects of these ramps been included in long range planning for Route 202?
  • Does the Turnpike Commission plan to widen the turnpike in this area?
  • Do the proposed designs of the slip ramp/interchange take that into account?
  • Would the ramps connect Route 202 and the turnpike forming a "beltway"?
  • Will the Turnpike Commission agree to perform traffic impact studies after a period of operation to see if improvements are necessary to the Penn DOT and municipal roads?
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Land Use
  • Does the slip ramp/interchange respect Chester County's Landscapes plan?
  • Does the slip ramp/interchange respect the land use guidelines established by Charlestown Township's Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission?
  • Does it respect the land use guidelines of East Whiteland and Tredyffrin Townships?
  • If not, how does the Turnpike Commission propose to bring the slip ramp/interchange in compliance with these land use guidelines?
  • Has a similar slip ramp/interchange been built in a township similar to Charlestown?
  • If so, how did the pattern of land use change?
  • Would the Turnpike Commission respond to the need to control development and traffic near the slip ramp/interchange through access easements or other types of easements?
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  • Has the Turnpike Commission studied the impact of the proposed slip ramp/interchange on local archeological and historical sites?
  • Has the Turnpike Commission studied the impact of the proposed slip ramp/interchange on air quality in the surrounding area?
  • Has the Turnpike Commission considered the impact of runoff on local streams and general water quality?
  • Has the Turnpike Commission studied the impact of additional runoff on the already fragile Valley Creek watershed?
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  • If the Turnpike Commission decides not to pursue a slip ramp/interchange at Route 29, what is an alternative location under consideration?
  • Are there other slip ramp/interchanges proposed for the Philadelphia area?
  • If so, where and at what point are they in the planning process?
  • Is the Turnpike Commission working with PennDOT to improve the design of where the turnpike and 76 and Route 202 intersect?
  • Can the Turnpike Commission limit the number of cars using the proposed slip ramp/interchange at Route 29 in order to limit the impact on local roads?
  • If the impact were found to be minimal, would additional users be allowed?
  • Will this slip ramp/interchange ever potentially expand to both manned booths and electronic service?
  • If so, would this expansion be triggered by increased demand?
  • How much demand?
  • If changes to the currently proposed plan were necessary, would local townships and municipalities be included in evaluating the additional impact on local roads, environment and land use?
  • Does the Turnpike Commission plan to install E-Z pass systems for the westbound on-ramp or the eastbound off-ramp?
  • Have there been studies done that show the E-Z pass system will significantly improve congestion?
  • How does the proposed E-Z pass system compare to equivalent systems in other states?
  • Will it be clear to cars from other areas that the proposed slip ramp/interchange at Rt. 29 requires compliance with the electronic fare system?
  • Could this cause additional safety problems?
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Source: Charlestown Citizens Opposed to the Turnpike Slip Ramp

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