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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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Turnpike Slip Ramp
Opposition Center

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These are copies of letters written to various officials.
  • Township Solicitor James E. McErlane, Esq to the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. This is the Township's petition to the Court to require the Turnpike Commission obtain legislative approval before building the Rt. 29 Slip Ramp.
  • Paul Stevens to Senator Gerlach in response to the reply from Senator Gerlach to Paul's earlier letter, a response similar to that received by many of us who wrote to the Senator.
  • John Martin to Editor, Daily Local, published on the 03/27/99 Opinion page.
  • Sally Willig to Editor, Daily Local
  • J. Donald Reimenschneider, Township Manager, East Whiteland Township to James F. Malone, III, Chair, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.
  • Schuylkill Township Board of Supervisors to James F. Malone, III, Chair, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.
  • State Senator James W. Gerlach to Bradley Mallory, Secretary, PennDOT.
  • Betty Stonorov, Director, Charlestown Play House, Inc. to Governor Ridge.
  • The same day Janet Baldwin was writing Kurt W. Carr of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (see following entry), Mr. Carr was himself writing Barry Troup of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. Although Mr. Carr had not yet received Janet's letter, he obviously sees eye-to-eye with Janet's assessment of the Turnpike's view of the impact of such a slip ramp on historical sites. Mr. Carr's letter is available by clicking here.
  • Janet M. Baldwin, Chairwoman, Charlestown Historical Commission to Kurt W. Carr, Bureau of Historic Preservation, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC)
  • Janet M. Baldwin, Chairwoman, Charlestown Historical Commission to Governor Ridge
  • Kelley H. Kelly, Director - Charlestown Hunt Community Association
    To whom it may concern
  • Kevin Kuhn (Charlestown Green) to Governor Ridge
  • Kevin Kuhn (Charlestown Green) to County Commissioners
  • Paul Stevens to Governor Ridge

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