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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
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Slip Ramp Committee
04/26/99 Meeting Report
(2nd Report)

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Slip Ramp Committee Meeting
Charlestown Elementary School
Monday April 26, 1999
The following report was written by Ellen Behrle, President, Charlestown Green Inc. Photos by Al VanBrunt.
Supervisor EwaldShortly after 7:00PM Committee Chair, Sally Willig, called the meeting to order. Township Supervisor Irene Ewald (right) reported that the township filed a Petition with the Courts for Declaratory Judgment against the PA Turnpike Commission (PATC). The Petition states that, based on the common practices over the last several decades the PATC does need legislative approval to install the proposed slip ramp. She also announced that the County Commissioners had indicated that they might join in the suit. This is a real plus for us. Andy Dinniman, one of our county commissioners, verified later in the meeting, that this was, in fact, being discussed and a favorable outcome looked good.
Awards PresentationCharlestown Green presented Community Service awards (left) to 3 high school students and a 5th grader for outstanding service to the opposition movement in February at the peaceful protest outside the high school. Awards were also presented to Sally Willig and the Chester County Citizens Opposed to the Slip Ramp on behalf of the residents of Charlestown Township for their tireless efforts with this issue.
Janet Baldwin provided many interesting historical facts and discussion from a different perspective.
State Representative Carol Rubley discussed some of the things she personally was doing in an effort to oppose this project, also provided some background and information concerning the Turnpike Commission and was happy to answer any questions from the attendees.
Commissioner Andy DinnimanAndy Dinniman (right) discussed the issues from the County's perspective and different strategies and additional things we could be doing as individuals.
Louise Cantrell-Kehoe discussed the legislative committee.
See the Charlestown Historical Society's report on this meeting with additional photos by clicking here.

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