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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
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PA. Turnpike Commission Slip Ramp
DVRPC Traffic Simulations

(February 25, 1999 Open House)
The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission had a representative at the slip ramp open house with four diagrams depicting the estimated traffic volumes in the slip ramp area as well as the adjacent turnpike exchanges and other local roads. These are estimates based on traffic simulations done by the DVRPC.
Despite the fact that the Turnpike Commission's representatives were saying the slip ramp would not be constructed before 2002, the DVRPC's diagrams imply a year 2000 build. The asterisk at the bottom left of each diagram for alternatives 1-3 referred to the following notation -
* Year 2000 Build shown for analysis purposes only.
   US 202 volumes reflect consultant interpolation of DVRPC forecasts.
Four diagrams are provided here. They are offered as images only, and are not "framed" within our usual web page header and menus. When you click on one of the selections below, you will see a blank screen which will (eventually) contain an image up to 10 inches wide (depending on your computer screen resolution). You can look at this image on the screen (you may have to use your scroll bars to examine the entire image), save it to your hard drive (it is in "jpeg" format), or print it to your printer (in "Landscape" mode). I have printed these images from Netscape on a Macintosh to a laser printer and from Internet Explorer on a PC to a color ink jet printer, and all printed images are quite readable. (Your mileage may vary.) Before printing, be sure to set your printer set-up to "landscape" mode.
The numbers in black are daily traffic counts estimated for the year 2000. The numbers in red are daily traffic counts estimated for the year 2010. When you are done looking at one of these images on your web browser, click the "Back" button to return to this page. They are fairly large images and will take longer to load than most other images on our web site.
    No Slip Ramp Estimated Traffic Counts  (55 kb)
    Alternative 1 Estimated Traffic Counts  (51 kb)
    Alternative 2 Estimated Traffic Counts  (47 kb)
    Alternative 3 Estimated Traffic Counts  (55 kb)

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