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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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PA. Turnpike Commission Slip Ramp
Alternative 2

(February 25, 1999 Open House)
Legend (Color Key)   Alternative 1   Alternative 3   Open House
PA Tpk Slip Ramp Opt 2
Summary:  Off & On Ramps connect to RT 29,
intersect with light at Yellow Springs Rd.
Alternative 2 Changes
  1. Charlestown Rd./ Pikeland Rd.
       - Remains as stop-controlled intersection
       - No change in LOS
  2. PA 29 / Phoenixville Pk./ Charlestown Rd.
       - Modify signal equipment
       - Add southbound through lane on Charlestown Road
       - Add westbound left-turn lane on PA 29
       - Add northbound right-turn lane and
          left-turn lane on RT 29
       - Add eastbound right-turn lane on Phoenixville Pike
       - No build LOS F(F) / Build with improvements LOS B(B)
  3. PA 29 / Whitehorse Rd.
       - Install signal equipment
       - Add southbound left-turn lane and through lane on PA 29
       - Add westbound right-turn lane on Whitehorse Rd.
       - Add northbound through lane on PA 29
       - No Build LOS F(B) / Build with improvements LOS B(A)
  4. PA Turnpike Bridge Over PA Route 29
       - Construct new bridge
       - Provide width on PA 29 for 2 lanes directional
  5. PA 29 / Warner Lane
       - Warner Lane remains stop-controlled
       - Yellow Springs Rd. traffic diverted to connector roadway
       - Add northbound through lane on PA 29
       - Add southbound through lane on PA 29
       - No build LOS F(C) / Build with improvements A(A)
  6. PA 29 / General Warren Blvd / Slip Ramp Connector Rd.
       - Modify signal equipment
       - Construct connector road
       - Add southbound left-turn lane on PA 29
       - Add northbound through lane on PA 29
       - No build LOS F(F) / Build with improvements D(D)
  7. Yellow Springs Rd./ Slip Ramp / Connector Rd
       - Construct slip ramp and at-grade connector road
       - Install signal equipment
       - Build LOS B(B)

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