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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
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11/02-03/99 Electric Outages Reported

This page contains excerpts from the reports of power outages. I and I am sure many of our visitors appreciate the extra time spent on the survey by the authors of these comments.

Our lights flickered for a while on Tues. 11/2/99 and we lost power at approx. 6:00 pm Our power was restored between 7:00 and 8:00 pm on Wed. 11/3/99. We were not home when the power was restored so cannot give an exact time, but we had been calling home to see whether our answering machine was picking up. Our live on Dobs Lane. We think our service comes up Blackberry Lane to Oak Lane to Dobs. Often, our power outages are not quite the same as neighbors who live above Oak Lane on Blackberry Lane. There were two residents in our household at the time of the most recent outage.
On a side note, I have never been impressed with the.???lunh crews I have seen doing treework in our neighborhood from time to time. Summertime crews have been among the laziest bunch of workers imaginable. They seem to major in standing around, make no effort to direct traffic around them, and take an inordinate amount of time to do a small section of a street. I think PECO is getting hosed and of course, we as consumers are getting hosed because this expense is ultimately coming out of our pockets.

Our power was out between 26 to 28 hours. both of us were out when it was restored so not sure of exact time. Location is Howell Road - halfway between Clothier Springs and Rees Rds. Two persons in the house. .???hundh(?) - PECO's tree contractor spent half the past summer cutting and trimming trees on Rees, Howell and Clothier Springs Rds so I can't blame inadequate maintenance. What I don't understand is why power restoration takes 25 or so hours in excellent weather.

My power went off for the 8th time this year. This is outrageous. I have fish tanks and the fish die without heated water. If there is anything that I can do to further this cause, do not hesitate to contact me.

I welcome this opportunity to express my dissatisfaction with Peco's service.
I have lived on Charlestown Road between Hollow and Church rds. for 25 years. Outages have become more frequent, and of longer duration over the years. Peco is not maintaining their equipment, and protecting their wires and poles from overgrowth.
Our service this time was interrupted for 28 hours. Our water and phones are also affected.
We are a household of four people, one of them being my 95 year old mother, who become very disoriented from the darkness, and the loss of the television, which is her only source of stimulation.

We experienced the power outage on Tuesday for a period of 16 hours. The first problem was getting through to PECO. They set up automated phone service and even played music while they accessed the account confirmation. That was annoying. Being without lights was one thing but being without running water because the well is off is another. The whole thing is primitive. The next day I actually got a human on the phone who predicted the exact time when the power would resume. She was right. Then the cable went out and trying to get through was another headache. I suggested to all that there be an automated message to update people on the status of the problem every thirty minutes. After all, we really only want to know how long it will last. These outages are awful and quite dangerous in the cold weather. I have talked with PECO myself over the years complaining about how it seems over a simple gust of wind an entire community can shut down. I have heard every conceivable reason like small animals that actually burrow inside cables which cause weakening , etc. Who are they kidding when you're up against nature. Everything should be underground. Instead we have to install alternate generators (at what cost??)to offset PECO's problems. I live in Three Ponds. I understand someone living on Church never lost power.

Thanks for doing this. We're getting pretty fed up with PECO's inability to keep our power on almost any time the wind blows! (Ok, I'm exaggerating... but we lose power entirely too often.)
We, too were without power for about 27 hours. Wednesday evening we finally gave up on the kerosene lamps and portable radio and went to a bad movie. The power was back on to stay when we returned. It had gone on-and-off several times during the last few hours.
I had called PECO immediately after it went out to report the outage. Then I called again about 2 hours later to report a wire down across our street (Blackberry Lane).
It was still down until mid afternoon Wednesday. (I had called about it, and to ask when power might be restored, twice more before that.)
Oh. There were 4 of us at home when the lights went out. No water, no lights, a couple of hours left on my laptop's battery, and fortunately enough kerosene lamps to light the house.

We are writing to the Public Utilities Commission to draw there attention to the issue. Power losses are becoming too frequent and long since the 'deregulation' of local power. We encourage others to do the same.

(These comments are from Supervisor Bob Wert)
As I indicated in my e-mail to you & as you noted on the posting to the web site, I think perhaps cost & competition may be at work here; not only with respect to tree trimming as I said, but also with respect to the repair sources available & the willingness to pay over time wages to restore service. There may also be some "population density" decisions folded into this as well. I can explain more if you wish.
At any rate in this last storm we were out for about 23 hours. Thank You for doing the survey. I think this should be an ongoing thing & you may want to sends the results to the electric company in some form & if they don't respond on to the PUC.

We were out for 27 hours. When I spoke to PECO, they told me that there were 412 customers affected. I live on Wells road, and there were 3 of us here during the outage.
I say we organize at let PECO know we not pleased with their poor service.

(This last one is from Fire Marshal, Fred Alston)
We too did without power election night etc. We lost power at 6:15 pm and it was restored at 5:15 pm the next day - only 23 hours. There were only 3 houses affected on our street (Bell Circle) out of 4. The house on the corner is on a circuit that includes a lot of 401 and they weren't affected.
Apparently, a main line (33 kv) on the right-of-way in front of our house was hit by a tree and lay on the ground, hot, until Wednesday afternoon. As that line came down, it hit a lower voltage (8 kv) line that serves the transformer that handles our 3 housed and blew that fuse.
We have a generator (4 kw) and used that all evening and again the next day. I backfeed the panel with the generator through a separate breaker (a lot less expensive but harder to operate) and it handles the well pump, furnace, range, freezer, electric water heater, fireplace insert, refrigerators, lights and during 'Floyd', kept a sump pump, wet-dry vac and a computer running as well. Like your operation, not everything will run at once but 4,000 watts go a long way - freezer, refrigerators (2), furnace, well, two burners on the range, lights and more.
Fortunately, we don't have to use auxiliary power that often, but it sure is nice to have it when needed!


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