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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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Brightside Farm Cleanup Day 09/22/01
Photo Essay

Paul Hogan at workOn Saturday, September 22, 2001, a number of residents turned out for cleanup day at Brightside Farm. While the farm has an infinite number of tasks, small and large, that would improve its appearance, maintainability and usability, we did manage to make a difference. We gathered a lot of trash, cut down brush, low limbs and vines, and swept/raked to improved the appearance of several areas.
I took several photos of our workgroup and some "after" shots for a "quick and dirty" posting to this web site. Then I got caught up in the wildflowers near a swail in the field east of the house, so I took some quick photos of them, too. As often happens, the quick and dirty posting became considerably more involved than originally planned.
The links below show the workers, some "before and after" photos, the collected trash, and some of the flora visible from the trail near the house.
Note: A single "Next Page" link at the top of each page of photos takes you directly to the following page. The first page has four photos and will take a while to load in comparison to the rest.

The Work Crew Page 1
Some workers had already left (specifically Doug Leland) by the time I got my camera out for some snapshots, but here is the first of three pages of our workgroup, specifically Paul Hogan, Hugh Willig, Kevin Kuhn and Andy Motel.

The Work Crew Page 2, Page 2
Here are Sue Staas and Margy Crawford at work.

The Work Crew Page 3, Page 2
This is a photo of those of us still there at 1:00 when we broke up and went home.

Before and After - Part 1, The House
This is the first of our before and after pages. The "Before" photos were taken in June of 2001. This page shows the exterior of the house before and after "de-vining".

Before and After - Part 2, The Milk Barn
This page shows two interior sections of the milk barn.

Before and After - Part 3, One of the chicken coops
This page shows one of the many chicken coops.

Leftovers - Trash
We collected trash ranging from refrigerators to woven wire fence.

Nature Scenes - Vistas
When I was returning on the trail from photographing the rocks we had placed in one of the two swails, I photographed several beautiful scenes from the trail. Two are shown on this page.

Within a few feet of the trail at the first swail east of the house, all of these wildflowers were just a few feet from the trail.

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