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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
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(The following information was obtained from an April 1, 1998 Press Release by the Chester County Health Department.)

SPRING...Time to test the Water!

Spring has finally arrived and the Chester County Health Department is urging residents of Chester County to have their private wells tested for bacteriological contamination. Mother Nature hit Chester County hard this year with heavy rains which could led to contamination of wells. While public water supplies are routinely checked by both water treatment plant operators and the Chester County Health Department, individual homeowners must take the initiative to have their private home wells tested.
Contaminated wells are usually the result of improper location or construction problems with the well itself, but well water can also become contaminated from repair work or flooding. While water conditioners and softeners will correct for hardness and acidity, they do not purify water contaminated by harmful bacteria.
Nanette Morrone, Laboratory Chief for the County Health Department, stated that "Should the initial bacteriological water test indicate contamination of the water supply, the Health Department will contact the resident immediately by telephone informing them of the problem and what health precautions to take. The findings will also be noted on the Water Sampling Report which will be mailed back to the resident. Procedures for disinfection of the well will also be enclosed along with the name and telephone number of a Health Department Environmental Health Specialist who can provide additional technical advice.
The Chester County Health Department recommends that private water supplies be tested at least once per year. Testing of your private well can be performed either by the Health Department or at any State-approved private testing laboratory. If there is a change in color, odor or taste, or if an illness is presumed to be caused by impure water, testing should be performed immediately. If you rent your home, contact your landlord to see if you have a private well and if it has been tested recently.
Sterile collection bottles with directions and forms may be picked up at the Health Department laboratory located in Suite 090 of the Government Services Center at 601 Westtown Road in West Goshen Township. Collection bottles are also available at the Department's Environmental Branch Office in Kelton or at several municipal office locations. For more information on pick-up sites, contact the Chester County Health Department Laboratory at 344-6249.
Any individual desiring to have a private water supply tested at the Chester County Health Department must call the Health Department to arrange an appointment for the sample to be submitted. A fee of ten dollars will be charged when the sample is submitted to test for bacteria (Total Coliform) in your water. To submit your water sample, follow this simple procedures:
  1. Determine the closest pick-up point for a sample collection bottle.
  2. Call and make an appointment with the Laboratory by calling 344-6249.
  3. Use only the Health Department's sterile collection bottle to collect your sample.
  4. Collect your sample, fill out the forms provided and deliver the sample to the Laboratory.
Results will be returned by mail to you within a one week period.
Testing your water is very simple, inexpensive and important process to the prevention of health problems, so take the appropriate steps to insure your water's quality by calling the Health Department or a private laboratory of your choice.
For more information regarding water testing, contact Nanette Morrone, Laboratory Chief for the Chester County Health Department, at 344-6249.

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