Dear Charlestown Township Residents,
The Charlestown Township Historical Commission is an appointed advisory commission to the Board of Supervisors. We have been working to preserve as much of the township's historic fabric as possible. We have been researching the deeds of the most significant sites and structures, which is a very slow process. We have also been working on a historic overlay ordinance that will help the Township protect 100 historically valuable structures. Many other Chester County municipalities have such ordinances, most notably East Bradford, Warwick and West Whiteland (In the face of intense development, think what West Whiteland has been able to accomplish with "Churchill", the Jefferson Bank, the Sheraton and most of all, the Zook House.)
With the Turnpike slip-ramp threatening the township, it is time that we move forward with every protection possible. We therefore would like to understand your feelings about preserving Charlestown's history. Please help us by PROMPTLY filling out and returning the survey on the bottom of this letter. Please feel free to add comments or to call me with your ideas and concerns. The Commission, the Supervisors - and future generations - will be very grateful!
Janet Baldwin, Historical Commission Chairwoman
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1. Charlestown Village, located in the heart of our Township has several historic structures that are on the National Register, and are currently protected under our Zoning Ordinance. Alterations that affect their historic character are subject to review by the Charlestown Township Historical & Architectural Review Board (H.A.R.B.) Would you like other significant structures in the remainder of the township also preserved and protected? Two examples include: the 1790 house at the comer of Yellow Springs and Phoenixville Pike and the Devault Beaver House behind the Charlestown Saloon.
    [   ]  Yes   [   ]  No
2. If yes, would you like these historic structures protected by a Historical Commission/H.A.R.B. review process?
    [   ]  Yes   [   ]  No
3. Which changes in an historically significant building should be subject to a Commission review?
     [   ]  Additions & exterior alterations
     [   ]  AdditionsAll exterior Work, including paint color
     [   ]  AdditionsDemolition only
     [   ]  AdditionsDemolition by neglect
     [   ]  AdditionsNone
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4. How close to an historic structure should new housing or other development be allowed?
     [   ]  100 feet
     [   ]  200 feet
     [   ]  300 feet
     [   ]  500 feet
     [   ]  1,000 feet
5. How old is your dwelling?      [   ]  0 - 50 years
     [   ]  50 - 100 years
     [   ]  more than 100 years
     [   ]  don't know
6. If your dwelling qualifies as an historic structure, would you be willing to have it protected by a township ordinance?
    [   ]  Yes   [   ]  No
Please return this self-mailing survey form by 3/5/99. Mail to: P.O. Box 507, Devault, PA 19432 or fax to (610) 240-0328