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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
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Charlestown Democratic
Committee Newsletter

February 1999

Michael Churchill,   Louise Cantrell-Kehoe,   Committee persons

Time To Oppose Turnpike Charlestown Democrats have been working on a non-partisan basis with township republicans to oppose the slip ramp proposed by the Turnpike Authority at Route 29. Unfortunately, the Republican party controls the Turnpike Authority and while it has been unresponsive to the Township's pleas the Authority is highly responsive to the Governor and the Republican controlled legislature. Every voter is urged to contact the public officials listed below and to attend the informational meeting at the Great Valley High School cafeteria, Thursday, February 25th which will be open from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.
To date, the Township Supervisors, the Great Valley School Board (unanimously), and the County Commissioners, Andy Dinniman (D.) and Karen Martynick (R.), have announced their opposition as has Schulkyll Township. As you know, much of this is as a result of the petition signed by 700 voters on election day which was organized by the Democratic and Republican committee people.
The Authority proposes a slip ramp which means an interchange open only to vehicles which have a pre-paid electronic toll card. Current proposals call for entrances and exits for traffic to and from the east or Valley Forge side. The principal purpose is to relieve traffic now getting off at King of Prussia and using 202 to get to the Great Valley Corporate Center and to service a new center being planned by Trammel-Crow at the Warner Company property off Rte. 29.
The effect on the Township and its neighbors will be overwhelming:
  • Instead of easing congestion, it will increase it, as cars flood the already inadequate roads north of the turnpike to get to the new entrance.
  • Development activity will increase in an area designated by the County Landscapes Plan as rural.
  • Two schools are in close proximity (and the new middle school will be) to the increased traffic which will be generated by the interchange, including the High School with its young drivers.
The proposal is being pushed by the Authority without waiting to see what will be the impact of the Route 202 widening project which is just getting underway and without trying other improvements, including use of electronic toll booths, at King of Prussia. Alternative projects such as a connection between the Turnpike and Route 202 have not been studied. And there is no way, or course, to assure that the Authority won't later expand the interchange to include traffic coming from and going to the west and to handle other kinds of traffic.
Similar proposed ramps in Treddyfrn were abandoned because of public opposition there. So please write or contact the following public officials:
Governor Thomas J. Ridge
225 Main Capitol Bldg
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Mr. John T. Durbin
Executive Director
PA Turnpike Commission
P.O.Box 67676
Harrisburg, PA 17106
Senator James Gerlach
1230 Pottstown Pike
Suite 4
Glenmoore, PA 19343
Senator Robert Thompson
15 W. Gay St.
West Chester, PA 19380
Carole Rubley
Suite E-2A (Lower Level)
500 Chesterbrook Blvd.
Wayne, PA 19087
Township Supervisor and School Board Elections
This May voters in each party will have the opportunity to select candidates for four supervisors who will be elected in November because of the expansion of the Board to five members and the need to fill a vacancy. Only the Supervisor position held by Irene Ewald is not up for election this year. The open seats are:
  • A six year seat, now held by John Sauser.
  • A six year seat, new.
  • A four year seat, new.
  • A two year vacancy, now filled by Bob Wert by appointment.
The Charlestown seat on the Great Valley School Board is also up for election. The seat is currently held by Patricia Lang, a former Republican committee woman. Candidates may cross file for the school board in both parties.
Any registered Democrat interest in running for any of these seats should contact either Michael Churchill (935-7652) or Louise Cantrell-Kehoe (917-1103). The last day for filing nominating petitions is March 11th.
Spring Get Together
Paul Hogan has offered to host a Spring get together for township Democrats at his Buckwalter barn, off the end of Sycamore Lane. Persons willing to help arrange for this event in early May should contact Louise Cantrell-Kehoe (917-1103).
Voter Registration New voters may register and current voters may change their party affiliation until April 21st. Louise will have registration forms available.
National trends show the republican party more and more under the control of its hard core religious right wing. This should work to the advantage of the Democratic party in the next congressional elections and it may lead many moderate Republicans to change their registration.

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