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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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Charlestown United Methodist Church

CUMC ChurchCome worship with us
As a member of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church, Charlestown United Methodist Church embraces the individuality of its members beliefs while maintaining their focus on the worship of God and on living Christian lives. We join together to worship on Sunday, knowing that God created us with striking individuality. We know He expects us to view Him through our own eyes, based on our own experiences, the evolving traditions of generations of individuals, the broad teachings of the Bible, and our personal ways of reasoning. We each have a unique kinship with God.
We recognize that while our personal beliefs vary throughout our congregation, collectively we share a belief in Christian principals, in living Christian lives, and in the value of worshiping Him. While we are a congregation of individuals, we share a concern for our community, our country and all people of the world. We value our beliefs and wish to strengthen them and to use them to benefit ourselves and those around us.
We are a family
Our community and our church are small, as is our congregation, yet our services are filled with the love and friendship that comes from being with friends and family. We gather to worship in a beautiful, quiet place. Like an extended family, we share concerns for those outside of our community and for the welfare of each member. We pray for and serve one another when we are in need.
As with any family, we respond to the misfortunes of our fellow parishioners. We help each other through any appropriate means, as well as through our collective prayers and our prayer chain. No one is alone. No one is without caring friends and family.
Our children of all ages participate in the first half of every service, before the younger among them are excused to the nursery. During the service they gather briefly with our pastor, Dr. Woodworth, to help develop the focus of the day. On special occasions, individual children participate in the delivery of the days message, and it is not uncommon for children to take up the collection.
We welcome newcomers. Many like our easygoing, friendly style and our desire to include all of Gods people, rather than exclude those who may not share a particular belief. Three and four generations of the same family attend services, a testimony to the breadth of interest encompassed by our church and the enduring nature of its message.
Join in our activities
As individuals, we bring a variety of skills, talents and interests to our church. In keeping with our individuality, no one is pressured to enroll in any activity, although many derive a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure from participation in one or more activities of the church. Many of the musically talented among us enhance our services in a number of ways. In addition to our fine choir, our services generally include some form of special music performed by individual members of our congregation.
Our United Methodist Women meet monthly and conduct activities that benefit the women of the church as well as provide services and functions that enhance the lives of the entire congregation. Our Outreach Committee channels resources toward helping those outside the community. The Nurture, Membership and Care Committee focuses on the physical and spiritual welfare within the congregation. Other committees focus on Evangelism, Family Ministries, Staff-Parish Relations, Administration, Music, and Worship. Opportunities abound for anyone interested in helping.
Services, Events and Facilities
We have a single Sunday worship service starting at 9:30 during the summer months and at 10:30 the rest of the year. Holy Communion is celebrated several times each year. We sing both traditional hymns and contemporary scripture songs and have special services to celebrate the major events of the Christian calendar.
Church School classes for young children, our adolescent youths, and adults are scheduled before the services. Periodically we have confirmation classes and special courses for prospective members and for existing members who seek a refresher course on the history and essential beliefs of the United Methodist Church.
Social events are arranged by the United Methodist Women and other groups within the church. Often delegations attend conferences, seminars and special events sponsored by other churches and organizations in the Delaware Valley.

We are a fellowship, not a building or structure. Our congregation was established in 1830, and we are proud of our historic church building, portions of which date back to 1840. One cannot help but feel the presence of the century and a half of worshippers who sat and prayed where we pray.
Charlestown United Methodist Church.
Since 1830.
Come See Why.

Worship Services
September through May 10:30 am
June through Labor Day  9:30 am
Church School
Mid-September through May  9:30 am

Pastor:  The Reverend Dr. Eric H. Woodworth

Charlestown United Methodist Church
650 Church Road
Malvern, PA 19355
(610) 933-6083

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