Charlestown Township, Chester County, PA

Scenes of Charlestown Art Show
June 8, 2008 at Charlestown Elementary School

Promotional CardCharlestown Elementary School on Sunday June 8, 2008 was the venue for a very unusual art exhibition. Instead of a large group of artists selling their paintings of a variety of unrelated subjects, the paintings in this show were literally taken from their permanent homes on the walls of area residents and loaned to the Charlestown Historical Society to be shared with everyone for a day. The paintings had one thing in common (with a few exceptions), they were all depictions of scenes within Charlestown Township.
The Art Show featured 125 paintings, including three created just for the show by students of Charlestown Elementary School. Thirty-nine artists were represented (not counting the students) and the paintings were shared with us by 28 owners. The show was very well attended by visitors from a wide area including some distance from Charlestown.
Ready for visitorsHere is a view of the show just before the doors opened to the public. Each painting had a label describing the subject and identifying the artist and owner.
The first painting to greet visitors as they entered the gymnasium was the Historical Society's pride and joy, John Peirce's painting of the woolen mill that normally hangs in the Township Office.
Ready for visitorsEach painting also had a location code identifying the location of the subject of the painting or the location of the artist when painting the scene, including the direction the artist was facing. Three large maps of the township were placed among the paintings so visitors could easily determine the location of any scene they wished.
Visitors were welcomed by Historical Society members and were asked to sign the guest book. On their way out, they were offered a comment sheet. The Historical Society had a table of literature, refreshments were served in the cafeteria adjacent to the show, and many chairs were available for visitors to sit and relax. Biographies of several of the artists were also displayed at the show.
(Photo by Alix Coleman)
Visitors at showVisitor comments included: "What a wonderful way to remind us what a beautiful place we live"; "Thank you for treasuring Charlestown Township in all its beauty. This exhibit is breathtaking"; "Excellent Show! Please do this again next year! We loved it!"; "Wonderful - Makes me realize how lucky we are to live here!"; "Great idea; surprising and terrific turnout. This is what we need more of in Charlestown. Thanks for all the hard work"; "What a wonderful show! To see all of Charlestown in artists pictures".
Student Artists  (Photos by Alix Coleman)


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