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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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Charlestown Civic Association

Thank you for making our 25th Anniversary a Silver Event!

It was the biggest - and the best - annual meeting we've ever had. Almost 300 people came to Vincent Kling's house on Sunday, September 20 to help us celebrate our 25th year. There was great food. Plenty to drink. Live music. A chance to ride in a helicopter. And lots of fun.
But mostly, it gave you the opportunity to see your friends and neighbors. Talk to our township officials. Hear about some of the critical issues facing our township. And discover some ways to deal with them.
Carole Rubley, our State Representative, talked to us about the proposed Turnpike slip-ramp. She suggested that, if anyone wanted to know more, the person to contact is State Senator Jim Gerlach. Ms. Rubley then presented the CCA with a Citation from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, citing us as having "...enhanced the quality of life of the community."
Karen Martynick, one of our Chester County Commissioners, congratulated us on our anniversary, and praised us for our continuing efforts to maintain and preserve open spaces. Then she presented us with a Citation from Chester County in appreciation of our commitment " establishing a strong community and promoting good will in Charlestown Township."
It was, indeed, a great day!  

November 3 is Election Day
Charlestown residents always turn out and vote. Our sense of civic duty is legendary. So let's keep it going, especially this year, with several important township issues on the ballot.
The most critical is the referendum to increase the Board of Supervisors from three to five. We spent a lot of time studying the issue, and have already published a paper giving our views. For the record, we stand with all three of our current Supervisors in opposition to the increase. We think three is just fine, and our three are particularly good at what they do. As the saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
See you at the polls!  

Meet Our New Members
We've got a lot of first-time members - in fact, over 30 families joined our association at the annual meeting. So take a look at our new people ‹ maybe they're your neighbors!
Robert and Nancy Auwaeter
Thomas and Nancy Balogh
Leena Barshay
John and Carole Bartholdson
Donald Bauman and Ruth Van Tassel
Donald and Jane Beever
Pam and Mike Benton
Charles and Tina Bernard
Ann and Robert Breiling
Terry Bush
Johanna Gorman-Catton
Alicia Coleman
Charles Conwell
Jay and Sylvia Cooperman
H. Dickson and Adele Corbett
Kathy and Frank Corcoran
Robert and Pat Cottone
Aylene and Russell Dalby
Marie DiLillo
Victoria Duckworth
Helen Dunn
Francis and Joanne Dziedzic
George and Susan Falconero
Thomas and Joanne Fillipo
Mark Fishstein and Linda Novack
Peg and James Gallagher
Gayland and Marlys Gee
Gunter Geiger
John Gilligan
W.E. and Judith Goodman
Mark and Teresa Hassenplug
William and Barbara Hochwind
Mary K. Holman
Jae and Minja Hyun
Louise Cantrell-Kehoe
Mary D. King
Kevin and Debbie Kuhn
Charles and Caroline Law
Jerre and Ruth Lieberman
Patricia Lipari
Maryann C. Loose
Kathleeen Magnus
Russel and Sally McNeil
Jacob and Linda Merriwether
J. and C. Miller
Alfred and Susan Muench
Paul and Mary Myers
Dr. Mathew and Susan Naegle
Harry and Anneliese Nagel
William and Evelyn Nissle
Richard and Mary Osting
Charles and Rosemary Philips
Betty Scott Porter
Vasanth Prabhu
Clarence Rittenbaugh Jr.
Chris and Rita Salmon
Donald and Carol Schmidt
Betty A. Scott
J. and L. Shackelton
Mariann Shumbo
Andrew Shyshak
Paul and Patricia Stevens
Peter Tobey
Martin and Martine Tranie
Michael and Joanne Vogt
Dr. Sue Waddell
William and R. Ellen Stratton Westhafer
Aileen and Jules Whitman
Chris and Elizabeth Zubuyk
(If you don't see your name ... or if we spelled it wrong ... please let us know. And accept our apologies.)

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