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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
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Ginny Miles - All American Lacrosse Player

Doug Miles, a resident of Chesterfield Lane and a proud father, submitted the following article about his daughter, Ginny, definitely a Charlestown Neighbor of Note.
Ginny Miles is a '98 graduate of Great Valley High School. She was a three year member of The National Honor Society, and is currently a Junior at Cornell University. She was a two time High School All-American Lacrosse Attacker, (that´s the offensive position that does most of the scoring).
Ginny Miles at GVHSIn her junior year in High School she set the Great Valley HS scoring record with 92 goals, (30 more than the previous record). Also as a junior she made first team all-league, and all district teams, not to mention making High School All-American. This All-American honor is usually only reserved for HS Seniors.
As a HS Senior she broke her own record for scoring goals when she totaled 106 goals, giving her a career total of 281 goals. This total set the --- League, State, AND NATIONAL --- scoring records for Girls High School Lacrosse.
This total was astounding, to say the least. It´s an average of over 70 goals a season for 4 years. She started all four years in H.S. --- and was the top scorer all four years -- even as a 15 year old freshmen. Her total of 281 goals for her career is more than twice what the previous record was. Most top HS girls lacrosse attackers are doing very well to get 70 goals in their senior year, let alone average that number for 4 years. To give you a comparative reference --- the sports writers at the time likened it to a Boys HS Basketball player scoring 2000 points in their career, when a 1000 point career achievement is considered phenomenal. One of the problems here is that Girls HS Lacrosse is still somewhat of an 'obscure' sport.
After here senior year season Ginny made first team, all league, all district, and all-state. She was Named "Player of the year" by --- The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Daily Local News, The Phoenix, The Suburban Advertiser, (In other words --- all the papers). She was also (for the second time) Named as a HS All-American. I believe she is the only Great Valley High School Female Athlete to ever make All-American in a major sport both Jr. & Sr. years. After HS she had to pick from dozens of Scholarship offers, but finally picked Cornell for the academic, and the Lacrosse challenge.
Ginny Miles at CornellShe is now matriculating at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. As a freshmen she was the leading scorer, and made All-Ivy (First Team), and she made regional All-American as a freshmen. In fact she was the first Women Athlete in Cornell History to make All-Ivy --- First team, as a freshmen.
In her sophomore year she again was the team´s leading scorer and again she made First Team All-Ivy, and again she was named regional All-American. At the end of her Sophomore year she further received the honor of being voted the Team Captain for her Jr. & Sr. years.

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