Steel  House Needs a New Home!
Just after World War II, Philadelphia modernist architect Oskar Stonorov designed and built two steel houses on his property in Charlestown Township, Chester County. They were prototypes for what was intended to be mass-produced, inexpensive housing for a new generation of post-war families. Although some of Stonorov's manufactured houses were sold, the business soon folded. (See related Inquirer newspaper article, related "The Phoenix" newspaper article.)
The Stonorov property is now being developed, and the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia is carefully dismantling one of the steel houses (shown) so that it can reconstructed at another location.
Do you, or someone you know, want to be the new owner of an authentic steel house designed by one of the leaders of the modern architectural movement?
If so, you will have to commit to rebuild the house using the carefully dismantled and labeled steel components of the original (which are stored in a protected space in Chester County, PA). All other conditions for taking ownership are open to negotiation with the Preservation Alliance.
Want to know more? Contact Randy Cotton at the Preservation Alliance at 215.546.1146 x 2 or
 floor plan