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June 28, 2006

Flooded Private Water Supply Wells

As a result of the heavy rains that have soaked Chester County over the past several days, many properties situated in low-lying areas have become seriously flooded. For those properties served by private water supply wells, many of these wells have been submerged below the floodwaters. This condition poses a serious public health threat. Wells that have been inundated by floodwater should not be used until they have been checked! All wells that have become submerged may be seriously contaminated.

If your water supply well has been submerged by floodwaters you are advised by the Chester County Health Department to take the following steps:

1.) Do not drink the water from your well at this time. Begin consuming bottled water immediately.

2.) Boil all water that you must come in contact with. Allow the water to cool sufficiently before use to avoid the possibility of scalding.

3.) Once the floodwaters have receded, inspect your well to ensure that it has not been damaged. If there is damage, contact a well drilling contractor and continue to drink bottled water until the well is repaired.

4.) If the well is not damaged, run the water from an outside garden hose spigot until the water is clear and free of mud and sediments.

5.) Contact a professional well driller or plumbing contractor and have your well disinfected by chlorination. The well must stand, unused for 8 to 24 hours once this has been done. After that time, run the water until the chlorine is out of the system.

6.) Wait several days after chlorination and have the water tested.


For those wells that have been submerged due to this flooding condition, the Chester County Health Department Environmental Laboratory will offer a free water test for bacteria. Please contact the lab at 610-344-6249 to make arrangements to get a sample bottle.

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