Charlestown Township, Chester County, PA

Direct from China

Hua Hua Zhang
Will perform her own composition: "East meets West" at the Hogan Barn on Saturday, October 22nd at 2 and 7 PM. At this writing she is still in China visiting her family and catching up on the latest developments in her art. She has performed in rural schools in China and concert halls in China, Europe and the United States.
Hua Hua Zhang graduated from the Beijing Performing Arts Academy where she was trained as a performer in the ancient art of Puppetry. From 1974 to 1995 she toured nationally and internationally with the China Puppets Arts Troupe of Beijing. She has received many awards for excellence in performance and direction.
In the mid-90s Ms. Zhang worked on a US/China joint venture television production, "The Adventures of Hua Hua and Morley." In 1996 she joined the international gathering of Puppet Artists UNIMA (Union Internationale de la Marionette) in Budapest, Hungry. Through her research and contacts she has helped China to become a member of this international organization. Ms Zhang has formed her own production company "Visual Expressions".
For more information call - 935-7004 or
A donation to cover Hua Hua's expenses would be appreciated.

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