Charlestown Township, Chester County, PA
Charlestown Village

Woolen Mill
Store & PO

Village Store and Post Office

Store and PO - R. MacNamee
This photo appears in Richard MacNamee's Pictures from Memory's Wall. In addition to viewing the upper end of the store, this image provides a look down Charlestown Road towards the bridge over the Pickering Creek. I can't tell for sure, but it appears the bridge might have been the covered bridge at the time of this photo. The covered bridge and its replacement steel bridge are also shown in our Village section.
There appears to be a water pump or perhaps a hitching post off the near corner of the porch. I'm guessing that this photo was taken some years after the Peirce Store photo shown in previous pages of this series. Note that the trees appear to be bigger, and the fence is no longer on the porch.
Direction for MacNamee photo of storeOur direction map shows approximately where the photographer stood for this photo.

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