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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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Charlestown Village

Woolen Mill
Store & PO

The Village Store and Post Office

I hope to expand this section considerably with more historical information on what I always called "Baughman's Store" in the Village, opposite the intersection with Pickering Dam Road. A carved stone on the building indicates it was constructed in 1868. Our Witmer Map indicates the store and Pickering Post Office were owned in 1874 by Moses Ring. The Breou Map indicates it was owned by John R. Peirce in 1883. I own an interesting photo taken when the store and Pickering Post Office were owned by John R. Peirce, whom I believe was the grandfather of the John R. Peirce (of Kimerton, PA) who painted many area landscapes. (The photo came from a collection of John R. Peirce (of Kimberton) photos and papers I purchased at Renningers.)
Note: At the bottom of each page listed below, there is a link to the next page in this series. The green links for this entire Charlestown Village section appear at the top of each of the following pages as well, allowing you to jump back to this page at any point.
John R. Peirce Store and Pickering Office
This is the entire photo. I do not know the date of this photo, but am guessing that it was taken before Richard MacNamee's photo of the store. Any experts who know otherwise are welcome to send me a correction.
John R. Peirce Store Close Up #1
This is a close up of the front entrance to the store/PO with a man, a boy and a girl and merchandise clearly visible, as well as the signs over the door.
John R. Peirce Store Close Up #2
This is a bigger image of the closeup shown at the top of this page of a boy and a carriage parked to the left in the main photo.
John R. Peirce Store Close Up #3
This is a small portion of the large image that indicates the building is the "Town Hall", built in 1868.
Richard MacNamee Photo
This image of the Store is in Richard MacNamee's poem Pictures from Memory's Wall. I am guessing it was taken after the photo featured above, but I welcome a correction to that assumption.


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