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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
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Charlestown Village

Woolen Mill
Stabilization Photos
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The Woolen Mill

Mill race and mill circa 1969Constructed circa 1740 with upgrades circa 1840 and 1902, the old Woolen Mill adjacent to Charlestown Road in Charlestown Village has been a land mark for many years and is clearly marked on the 1874 Witmer map, along with the mill race (shown in this circa 1969 photo by John Peirce) and mill pond.
This Woolen Mill section is devoted to the history, photos and paintings of the mill. This structure has been in the "news" lately (2003/2004) since Charlestown Township purchased the property a few years ago and has started a multi-year project to first stabilize the structure and eventually restore it. (Stabilization/Restoration Photos are here.) Discussions regarding the purchase and planned renovation of the mill are found in the Official Minutes of the Board of Supervisors. The Winter 2004 Charlestown Township Newsletter (mailed to all residents) featured a cover article on the plans for the Woolen Mill.
Initially, (03/12/04) I have little written history of the mill, but do have photos of the mill as well as photos of several paintings of the mill. A magnificent 1969 painting of the mill by John R. Peirce is hanging in the Township Office, on loan from the Charlestown Historical Society. That is the first image shown in the series linked below. I will also be posting photos of the mill in its pre-restored state, taken by Paul Hogan, not without some risk to himself as the interior of the structure is very unsafe.
Note: At the bottom of each page listed below, there is a link to the next page in this series. The green links for this entire Charlestown Village section appear at the top of each of the following pages as well, allowing you to jump back to this page at any point.
John R. Peirce 1969 Painting
The photo of this painting does not do it justice. If you have not seen the painting in person, you owe it to yourself to visit the Township Office and see it in person.
John R. Peirce Photo of the Mill Race and Mill circa 1969
This photo was taken by John R. Peirce, both a professional photographer and painter, and probably about the time of his 1969 painting of the mill (above).
Milo Winter, Jr. Painting
This painting by Milo Winter, Jr. shows the Woolen Mill from Charlestown Road when the road still passed on the farmhouse side of the mill. Milo included the Methodist Church in the painting, but not the farmhouse.
Jane Ritchie Painting
This 1989 painting by Jane Ritchie shows the Woolen Mill from the pasture in front of the Methodist Church.


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