Charlestown Township, Chester County, PA
Charlestown Village

Woolen Mill
Store & PO

Early Maps and Photos of Charlestown Village
Richard MacNamee's "The Village"

R. MacNamee "the village"
This photo appears in Richard MacNamee's 1905 poem Pictures from Memory's Wall. The barn in the foreground is no longer there. The store and Post Office building is at the right edge of the photo. The small white building near the center of the photo is the "Smithy" shop shown elsewhere in this section. Pickering Dam Road passes in front of the Smithy shop. I assume (see directional map below) that the photographer was standing on the village side of the creek, but it is possible he was taking the photo across the creek, but using a longer lens so the creek did not appear in the foreground.
Direction for R. MacNamee's The VillageOur direction map shows approximately where the photographer stood for this photo of "The Village".

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