Charlestown Township, Chester County, PA
Charlestown Village

Woolen Mill
Store & PO

Early Maps and Photos of Charlestown Village
Jane Ritchie Painting - circa 1990

Jane Richie Painting
This charming depiction of the village reflects the current bridge and Charlestown Road passing on the north side of the mill, as it does today. Many residents can remember the holstein cows grazing in the pasture around the creek, which used to run through a pasture kept "cut" by the cows. The large Sycamore tree across from the Charlestown United Methodist Church still stands majestically today. The sheep on the hill above Church Road were actually there years ago and kept the grass "mowed" above Henry Soulen's art studio. The farmhouse next to the mill burned down many years ago.
Viewpoint for Richie01 paintingOur direction map shows the approximate vantage point of Jane Ritchie when she painted this picture.

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