Charlestown Township, Chester County, PA
Charlestown Village

Woolen Mill
Store & PO

Early Maps and Photos of Charlestown Village
Franklin Map - 1933

1933 Franklin Map
This colorful 1933 map shows considerable detail similar to the 1874 Witmer map. The mill property is identified as that of J. H. Baughman, the name many of our older residents still associate with both the mill and the store.
Note that as in the Witmer Map, this one shows Charlestown Rd. passing between the mill and the farmhouse and barn, not to the right of the mill as it does today.
SmithyThis map also identifies the "Pickering Forge", which is referred to by Richard MacNamee in his 1905 poem Pictures from Memory's Wall as "The Smithy" and which is still standing at the corner of Pickering Dam and Charlestown Roads. The poem's photo of the Smithy's shop is shown at the right.

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