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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
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Charlestown Township Girl Scout Troop 1773's
Longwood School Project

Troop 1773 Longwood Project Surveying Lesson
Three Essays Photo Album The Early Days
Junior Girl Scout Troop 1773
Troop 1773 at Longwood siteJunior Girl Scout Troop 1773 is lead by Betsy Wilson and Wendy Leland from Charlestown. These fifth and sixth graders (in 2004) have been working for several months on their Bronze Award, the highest award a Girl Scout can earn.
The Longwood School Project
Presentation to HARBThe scouts have "adopted" the Longwood School on Valley Hill Road as their service project for their Bronze Award.
Troop 1773 has been waiting (patiently!) for Charlestown Township to aquire ownership of the historical site so that they can begin cleaning the former school for future generations to appreciate its history. The girls have studied its history and have made numerous visits to the school site, and have even received a class in surveying techniques by Surrender Kholi's engineering company. Our scouts have made a formal presentation to the Historical & Architecture Review Board regarding their understanding of the importance of the site. Models, photo collages and essays were created for this presentation.
Junior Girl Scout Troop 1773 is proud to have their essays "published" on our Township web site and is excited to share our knowledge of this treasure in our community! In the future, the scouts wish to assist in the purchase of a plaque for the site with proceeds from many years of cookie sales.
A Lesson in Surveying
Surveying lessonJunior Girl Scout Troop 1773 hiked to the Longwood School from their leader's home on Valley Hill Road on Tuesday 24 February 2004 in a mid winter snow storm! There they met Surrender Kholi and his team of surveyors who gave instruction to the girl scouts on their equipment and techniques of locating property boundaries. The girls and surveyors located two pins and even a benchmark alongside the road. And although the weather did not cooperate with the sensitivities of the equipment, the girl scouts learned quite a bit from the crew.
Three Essays
Each scout's project consisted of some combination of an essay, diorama, model or poster. Our projectd Photo Album shows most of the projects. Three of the essays are posted on our web site.

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