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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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Daily Local News
August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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Our Purpose

(This page is unchanged from our first day on line, June 3, 1997.)

This web site is a way for its publishers to have some fun showing many aspects of Charlestown Township to the citizens of our township and visitors from all over the world who happen to stop by.  We have ambitious plans that will take a long time to completely implement, but it is the growth of a web site that brings people back to see what's new.
We have already learned much about our community just getting the site ready for its maiden voyage, and we know we will learn a great deal more as we fill in all of the blanks. 
The world wide web is largely a visual medium, and we hope current residents will enjoy seeing the township and the surrounding community through our eyes as depicted in a growing library of digitized images.  In addition, we hope to have some fun and we hope some of our visitors will enjoy simple games we will create in which, for example, the viewer is asked to guess where a particular photo was taken or which wild flower in a group of photos is not from Charlestown.
We plan to branch out in a limited way to highlight some of the more interesting and charming areas that, while not within Charlestown, are within a short drive and about which some visitors may not be aware.
Charlestown has many talented residents, and we hope over time to entice a few to contribute some of their special skills to the site.  We have in mind things such as hints on growing flowers in our area, what unusual birds are seen in Charlestown and where to look for them, tips on fishing the township's streams, and other topics.
From a different angle, we hope to provide useful information to Charlestown residents who stop by, or for those contemplating moving to Charlestown.  This will include pages on where to find specific services in the county, (for example, where to register to vote) as well as names, addresses, phone numbers and other information pertaining to various government offices, schools and other neighborhood organizations. While not as much fun to prepare and maintain, this information may bring visitors to our site for the first time, and we hope they will find some of the other elements of enough interest to bring them back.
At some point we may open up a forum whereby visitors may post their comments on topics of interest to other residents, with their comments available to all subsequent visitors.  Our primary concern would be to keep such a forum non-political and we would probably feel compelled to screen all submittals and omit those that we felt were promoting political candidates.
Finally, if you haven't checked the Site Overview section we encourage you to do that soon. That section describes the scope and level of detail that we hope to eventually achieve.

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