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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
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Seeking Images for Future Charlestown Calendars
Since 2008, Charlestown Historical Society has been publishing calendars featuring paintings and old photographs depicting scenes of our township, each accompanied by historical background and other information pertaining to the scene and the artist. These calendars feature a map of our township on the back with the location indicated for each month's primary image. Primarily intended as an outreach program by the society, these calendars have been a big success and are saved by many residents as keepsakes.
The society's inventory of appropriate paintings and old photographs is dwindling, and the organization is now soliciting suitable images for publication in future calendars. Artists, photographers and contributors do not have to be residents of Charlestown Township. Only the subject matter must be Charlestown related. Three types of images are sought -
  1. Paintings - New and old paintings of scenes of Charlestown Twp.

  2. Old Photographs - Images of scenes or activities from times past in Charlestown Twp.

  3. Current Photographs - This is a new category that we hope will provide fresh images of Charlestown Twp. in recent years.
In the case of the first two types of images, the society will arrange to photograph paintings and copy photographs and return them to the owner in the same day. In the case of more recent photographs, the images may be submitted via the Internet, cd-rom, 35mm slides, or as prints. In the case of slides and prints, the media will be scanned and returned promptly to the owner.
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Types of Images How Images will be used Info to include with Images How to submit Images The selection process
Types of images most likely to be selected for future calendars
  1. Old paintings and old photographs are prized if they depict scenes of our township (landscapes, buildings, activities) that either no longer exist or are substantially different today than when the image was created.

  2. Recent photographs and paintings that reflect the beauty of our township or an interesting perspective on old objects and structures are good candidates.

  3. The calendar committee tries to match the appropriate season when selecting images for each month. Images reflecting specific seasons are helpful to the committee.

  4. Subjects with historical significance are especially welcome. However, beautiful scenes with no particular historical importance represent an important part of the calendars.

  5. Image size and quality is important to the extent that the image can be enlarged by the committee to 8.5x11 without losing its appeal. (Images that cannot be enlarged but have considerable historical significance are still candidates for the grid page for a given month.)
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How the images may be used in future society publications
All submitted images with associated information provided by the owner are archived by the Charlestown Historical Society.
  1. Images are solicited for inclusion in future calendars and promotional materials for future calendars only.

  2. If at some point in the future the society publishes illustrated materials (pamphlets or books), images may be selected from those submitted for calendar illustrations for inclusion in those publications. Such alternative use of submitted calendar images will only take place with the approval of the owner or creator of the original image.

  3. Images that are used on the web site to promote the sale of calendars or other society activities will be rendered too small and of such high compression as to make them unsuitable for reproduction at full size.

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Information to be included with the images
The following information should be submitted with each image.
  1. Name, address, phone# and email address of the submitter.

  2. Type of image - Painting, old photograph, recent photograph

  3. Subject matter - Description of the subject

  4. Name and address, if known, of the artist/photographer who created the image.

  5. Date or year, if known, when the image was created.

  6. The location of the scene depicted in the image.

  7. Historical significance or any background information associated with the image that may be useful in preparing descriptive material for the calendar.
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How to submit images
Paintings and photographs can be submitted in several ways.
  1. Paintings will be photographed by a member of the calendar committee. This can be scheduled at the home of the owner, or the photographer can pick up the painting at a convenient time, photograph the painting, and return it to the owner, generally the same day. Paintings are generally photographed outside under open sky using "neutral gray cards" to help in matching correct colors in the reproduced images. Obviously the weather will affect the suitability of a given date for photographing paintings.

  2. Old photographs, or printed recent photographs will be scanned by a member of the committee using a large-bed, high quality scanner. 35mm slides will be scanned by a member of the committee. Such photographs will be returned to the owner within a day or two of the photographs being submitted.

  3. More recent photographs that exist in digital form may be submitted by email or on a cd-rom. For digital photograph submittals, please comply with the following -

    1. Original full-size image files as created by the camera are preferred.

    2. The committee has the software and the experience to resize, crop and color balance as necessary to prepare a photograph for printing in the calendar.

    3. Ideally, digital cameras are set to "finest quality" when taking photographs, thus ensuring that minimum compression is used by the camera in creating the image's file.

    4. JPEG (minimal compression), TIFF and RAW images are welcome.

    5. If the photographer has already manipulated a photo by cropping or balancing color, the image should be saved and submitted at maximum resolution, preferably as a TIFF image.

    6. Images are sent to the printer using the Adobe RGB (1998) color space. If images were photographed with the camera already set to Adobe RGB color space, please do not convert the image to sRGB color space. Photos contributed in sRGB color space will be converted to Adobe RGB when laid out in the calendar.

    7. Quantity Limitations - This is the first time the committee has solicited recent photographs for the society's calendars. We do not know what to expect in response to this request. For this first call for photos, we ask that no more than 4 photographs be submitted by any individual owner/photographer. Depending on the response, we may ask for additional submittals prior to working on the 2012 calendar.

  4. Submitting Images

  5. Any of the following contacts may be used to submit images.
    1. Email Jacob Merriwether at and either include digitized images (recent photographs), or explain what paintings or old photographs you would like to submit. Since Jacob will do the scanning of print photographs and photographing of paintings, he will get back to you to arrange those activities.
    2. Call Jacob (610-827-9313), John Pittock (610) 827-1486 or Barbara DeWilde (610) 827-7530 with any questions or to arrange for submittal.
    3. To submit images via US Mail (prints, slides, cd-roms), please mail them to Jacob Merriwether
      3142 Yellow Springs Rd.
      Malvern, PA 19355-9316

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    An overview of the selection process
    The calendar committee meets several times in the process of determining the final selections of the primary (large) image for each month. Where appropriate material is available, small images are included on the calendar grid page along with the descriptive text. No consideration is given as to who submitted images or who created the images. The committee is only concerned with making the most appealing calendar tailored to the residents of Charlestown Township.
    1. A member of the committee makes a "first pass" at selecting 13 images, one for each month from January though January of the following year. Consideration is given to the season within which each month falls, prior use of similar images in previous calendars, the historical significance of the scene depicted (especially the case for old photographs or paintings created in times past), geographical distribution within the township (a given calendar will ideally span a large portion of the township), and the beauty of the image or the uniqueness of the perspective (especially true for recently created images).

    2. The committee meets with each of the "first pass" selections laid out in order on a large table, and with all other candidate images available on proof sheets as well as on a laptop screen.

    3. The committee discusses each month, makes substitutions of images for some of those in the first pass, reassigns some images to different months, and finally comes to agreement as to which image will be used for which month.

    4. The committee also looks for unused images that might be suitable in reduced size as part of the descriptive material above the grid for selected months. Selection of these images is based on how they contribute to the description of the corresponding month's primary image. These secondary images are often of the same basic subject as the primary image, but from a different time period or different perspective.

    5. Selected members of the committee are asked to work on providing descriptive material to accompany the primary image for each month. This material is printed at the top of the month's grid, under the primary image. Therefore, if available, historical background of the depicted scene is of great importance.

    6. Submittals not used in the 2012 calendar will be held for future calendars.

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